My Billionaires Secret Babies

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You again- 20

Faith’s Pov

“Ms. Prince your Patient Mr. Smith is awake now, he’s in with his family,” Nurse Collins said

“Excellent I’m on my way to see how he’s doing now, also nurse I need you to run these labs for me an get them back stat” I responded

As I headed for the elevators all I can think about is my babies.

A few more hours and I can get home to spend time with them.

Replaying I and Hope’s conversation this morning in my head as I entered the elevator and I hardly noticed it reached my designated floor.

As I neared the door to Mr. Smith’s room I paused outside the door because I could’ve sworn I heard the triplets voices,

but no that isn’t possible because from my rear collection they are at daycare but then again it won’t be the first time those three went rouge.

I’ll just have to check on them when I’m done with rounds.

Gathering my thoughts I pushed open the room door,

as I entered the room and the door closed behind me I go to speak but before I can the first voices I hear is that of my triplets saying


Ooooohhhhh no they are so dead I said to myself.

But just as am about to ask them what they’re doing here I look around the room and dread fills my heart as I take in the resemblance of the man laying on the bed the man whom I just operated on and my kids and then as if the universe wants to torture me as slowly as possible I see him.

As I froze in my spot its him, it’s really him Saddam Smith.

The man who I fell for in one night, gave my all to then he degraded me the next morning in the worst possible way, who brought me so much pain but gave me three reasons to never give up.

I can’t say that I ever officially thought of a moment where we would meet and he’d meet the triplets but now I can say that this is most definitely not it.

As our eyes meet I can see the hurt in his, which pulls at the deepest part of my heart but there is something else also anger, and it’s at hard to ignore.

I gather my nerves to speak but when I open my mouth to talk all that I can muster out in the mousiest tone possible is “I can explain”.

Looking from Saddam to his three rascals who by the way will be grounded until they graduate collage.

This really can't be happening.

Of all the possibilities in this world, how could this be happening to me now?

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