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Moment Of Truth-21

Saddams Pov

“Well it’s a little late for explanations isn’t it”? I said after what felt like 20 minutes of the most uncomfortable silence in the world.

“Excuse me I didn’t know I was required to give you one”, she responded.

“What do you mean you didn’t know you were required to give me one, actually you have three damn reasons to give me one eight years ago?

“What makes you even think that they’re yours”? She responded.

“Woman don’t test the limited patience that I already have for you are you fucking kidding me”.

“Anyone with eyes can see they’re mines, but it’s now eight years later and I’m only finding out because of the fact that my father is laying on a hospital bed, In the very same hospital that you just so happen to work in and yet here you are riddling of the most dumbest shit I’ve heard in my life”, I replied.

“Saddam watch your language in front of my grandkids before I get off this bed and kick your ass” my father said,

“James language”, my mother said while covering her face with her hands.

“Well grandfather seems our dad is not only dull-witted now does it”, said Kyle.

“No brother seems he also has a very limited vocabulary Tssssk Tssssk we’re going to have to work on that now won’t we father,”? Replied Kayden

“Boys now is not the time for your games”, Mr. and Mrs. Smith I’m so sorry we had to meet under such circumstances moreover I’m sorry that you had to find out about my peanuts this way”.

It’s okay dear my mother replied I’m sure I know who’s at fault here”.

Faith then tore off a piece of paper from her clip board scrabbled something on it and handed it to my mother and continued “these are my numbers home and cell you can call me when ever your ready so that I can properly introduce you to your grandkids, I’d love for them to have a relationship with their grandparents”, she said.

“Of course darling right away we’ve missed eight years of their lives we don’t intend to miss another minute”, responded my father.

Kyle, Kelly, Kayden lets go time to let your grandfather rest”, she said.

The triplets then turned to my mother and father kissing them both goodbye, as they walked towards their mother my daughter turns to look at me with pitiful eyes but nonetheless took her mother extended hands and started for the door.

Is this woman really fucking serious I said thinking to myself she really thinks she about to walk out of this room with my kids and ignore me.

Hell no

“Wait so we really aren’t going to have a conversation about this man to woman,”? I said trying to mask my anger as best I could.

At that moment I heard the most ice cold laughter echo throughout my father’s hospital room.

Stopping dead in her tracks without turning around she replied saying, “You’ve lost every right to have a conversation with me like a man the very moment you left that note on the bedside table like the coward that you are”.

“As a matter of fact here is all you’re ever going to getting from me”, scribbling something again on her note pad she then tore it off and handed it to me saying “GO TO HELL”. Took the kids hands once again and left the room.

I looked at my father and mother who looked as if they were dying to speak, and then opened the half crumpled note in my hand to read it.

Thank you for last night I had fun but that’s all it will ever be. The room is paid for until 12noon but if you’re not gone by then the front desk will throw you out. So you can order room service on me.

Ps. I left some money on the dresser just a little something extra because I enjoyed your body so much last night.

Shocked I just stood there not realizing my mother took the note from my hands and read it but it all came back to me when I felt the sting of her hands on my cheek and my face twisted left.

“You arrogant Jackass she said your worse than your father ever was I don’t care what you have to do jump off the building for all I know but you will fix this or I’ll kill you myself”.

With that she walked back over to my father and handed the note to him, reading the note he just shook his head and said “son you have four reasons to fix this I want her as my daughter in law get this done before it’s too late”.

In that moment I felt the way she must have felt that morning the hurt, pain and anger and I knew I had to do everything in my power to not only win my kids back but their mother the only woman I ever want to hold again until I die.

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