My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Club Luna 3

Faith's POV

Fai let's go Nate is down stairs already Hope says,

I'm coming dont get your thong all wet I said,

Well i could have a sexy hunk dry it with his tongue in no time but at the rate your going I guess I'll be out of luck she shouts back.

Why do you have to always have to be such a horny dog I give her a disgusted look,

But she just throws her head back and laugh and says when you finally gets that little pussy of yours plucked you'll understand.

See I told you the mouth of a sailor.

As I step outside Nate says dammmmn Fai you look smoking. Thanks babe I said kissing him on his cheeks.

Nate is our other friend he is a greek Adonis every girl in our school wishes they could bed him but unfortunately for them Nate is how do you say into older women. He prefers experience and maturity in a woman something that most girls our age lacked.

Damn Fai he says again if I was into younger woman I would lick you all over right now both of you.

I laugh whiles Hope Snorts and says not with that old tounge of yours only God knows where it's been. This time we all laugh.

I really love my friends come in guys let's go before I change my mind i joked. Earning a stare from Hope.

I'm wearing a short gold spaghetti strap dress that cling to my body like a second skin that you can't help but stare with natural makeup highlights and matted red lipstick that makes my plump lips stand out and gold heels.

Hope has on an off the shoulder black dress that moves with her body as if it was made just for her, she also has on matted red lipstick and a pair of black high heels.

As we hope out of Nates car the line to get inside Luna was soooo long and as on cue every head in that line turned to stare at us, women gave me and hope a look as if they were ready to eat us alive and the men looked as if they saw heaven.

Nate I said how are we going to ever get inside this place is packed maybe we should just go back home I say, but as if some other force was at work here the bouncer called out to us and removed the red rope and let us through and I'm telling you now if looks could kill, us three would have been dead on arrival.

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