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Sparks Fly 4

Saddam's POV

Sitting in the VIP section of the club it was as if I was drawn to her the minute she entered the door, in a sea of people she is all I could see it's as if no one else existed.

Damnnnn her body was smoking hot I could feel my member stand up on command as if she was the master and I the puppet, an as if on cue every son of a bitch in the club whether taken or not eyes were glued to her body and for some reason I felt my anger flare.

I have to have her was all I could think.

As if he sensed me tensed beside him I feel a jab from Roman.

Hey bro you good he says,

Yea I am. why do you ask I answer?

He smirked and said because the minute that nubian beauty walked through the door you looked as if you are ready to commit murder.

Dont be absurd I said I've seen better I lied she was the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.

So that means you wouldn't mind if she warms my bed tonight he says,

Before I knew what happen the words were already out my mouth, i will kill you if you dear approach her.

He laughs...and I know there is no way to explain this now.

Shit I groaned running my hand through my hair is it that obvious. Shes with some guy who's glued to her side but I don't care call me selfish bit that sweet thick curvy Goddess is mines I will engrave my name between those sweet thighs before the night is over.

Ro smirked bringing me back to earth and says I knew this day would come and God I'm glad I'm here to witness it.

Fuck you Ro this is nothing more than sexual attraction and before the end of the night I will have had my fill and be onto the next one.

This time he looks at me and shakes his head and says I have a feeling that your really going to regret this night but as you wish.

Now to put my plan in action I called the waiter over told him to bring her and her friends to me.

Faith's POV

As soon as we stepped inside I felt like my center froze it's as if the world stopped because all eyes were on me, but there was and uneasy feeling I got one pare of eyes I felt it on me but I couldn't find it and even when everyone else turned away I still felt them on me and it sent chills down my spin.

Nate ushered us to the bar and got us our drinks, this was my frist time in a club so I was amazed at it all.

The dance floor was packed and the music was so loud that you had to shout to be heard above it but It trilled me and somewhere between my first and third cup of long island ice tea I started feeling the music.

Two more cups later I still can't shake the feeling that someone's watching me I told Hope but she told me I'm just being paranoid and I looked smoking hot so who wouldn't want to watch me.

So I let go and got into the music and damn I had to admit I knew I look good but u felt even better.

Sometime later a waiter walked up to us and shouted you are requested in the VIP area by my boss pointing up to a top floor that was all glass but I couldn't see through as it is heavily tinted.

And at that moment I felt those eyes intensified on me and I knew damn well where they were coming from.

Nonetheless I look at him and said,

What am I a dog tell your boss that I am no one chew toy and he can't summons me cause I am no servant to come to his beacon call.

The waiter smirked and said as you wish.

But before he could leave Hope grabbed his hand and turned to me saying are you crazy bring that little ass of yours let's go this may be a once in a life time thing and there is no way we're passing this up.

I really wasn't feeling this and said are you sure?

She said yes and I look to Nate for help but I could see he was totally on board with this idea and I know from that moment on I was doomed the rest of the night.

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