My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Him 5

Saddam's POV

As I watched her move on that dance floor I had to admit it was as if she put me in a trance I wanted nothing more than to pin her against the wall and tear that little dress off of her.

At that moment the waiter approached her and I watched as they exchange words then the expression on her face changed to one of realization as he pointed to the top floor of the VIP section and they both looked up for a minute.

Then she turns to him with a challenging look in her eyes and says a few words.

I see him smirked to walk away but before he could her friend stops him and turns to address her and then they all turned to follow his lead as I can see a clear look of defeat on her face and I smirk to myself.

Good girl

Faith's POV

I can't wait to lay my eyes on the bastard that thinks he has the right to summons me, but the moment I enter the VIP room and we lock eyes all my anger melts in his gray eyes it's as if we're the only two left because at that point he was all I cared about.

There is was the most handsome Greek Adonis I've even laid eyes on and at that moment I lost all will power.

On cue he crosses the room in a flash and is in front of me in no time his hands go to my waist and I don't move to fight him.

His touch is so gentle yet rough with need and yet his eyes darken with lust and passion a sea of dark gray abyss that I would love to drown in.

I can feel my core saturates with moisture and my body tingles all over.

I mentally curse my traitorous body seems to responds to him and as if he knows what he's doing to me he flashes a devilishly handsome smile that makes me turn into goo in his grips.

A throat clears from behind him and says pleasure to meet you I'm Roman but you can call me Ro and this handsome demon that has your undivided attention is Saddam.

Okay now I'm the color of a ripe tomatoe because I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

I clear my throat and speak.

Hi I'm faith and these are my friends Hope and Nate. Nice to meet you both.

When he speaks he has a thick English accent that send trills down my spine and straight to my core and I cant help but swoon.

Can I have a dance he asks as he holds out his hands to me.

Without breaking eye contact I nod and we make are we to the middle of the room and everyone else dissolves.

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