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Heart To Heart 7

Hope's POV

I see my girl on the dance floor doing her thing and I can't help but be proud of her, it's about time she let's loose and have some fun.

I can't believe shes letting him take her home but I'll be lying if I said I was disappointed that she is.

I know what your thinking I act a lil forward, but damn someone has to be enough for the both of us.

I've watched Fai been bullied through middle school because she didn't have as much as the rest of us, I swore one time I broke some girls nose because she was being a bitch and I won't hesitate to do it again when it comes to my bestie.

She deserves the best because shes been through so much I'm so glad life's starting to turn around for her.

Damnnnn Roman is so sexy. He's about 6'5ft with eyes as black as the night and hair to match them, his skin complexion is a smooth Carmel like mines and his breath smells minty fresh his, thick pink lips moves in sync with mines and I don't want this kiss to end.

I swear I could kiss him all damn night.

Roman I say as I pull away.

Yes baby he answers, with that thick English accent i just cant help but to blush he gets me wet just listening to his voice.

Hey baby are you okay he says pulling me out my thoughts. Shit I'm sooo swoon.

Yea I'm fine I answered, it's just well how do I put this...... Damn am just going to say it.. Your boy better not hurt my girl because I will kill him and cut off his dick.

I could swore the minute those words left my mouth I saw a quick hint of something that looks like guilt and regret but as fast as it came it was gone and replaced by amusement.

Baby shes In good hands he says, but some how I still felt uneasy. I didn't know why i felt that way but I just shrugged if of thinking I'm just being paranoid.

*PING I look down at my phone screen as it lights up and it's a message from Faith's mom.


Hey Hope I want you to take care of my baby, soon you'll be all she has, so just please when her days are going rough just hold her and remind her I love her. I love you girls have fun end of message.


Hey aunt Liz I say, yea shes not my real aunt but I've called her that from the time I could remember, is everything okay I mean with your message.


Nooo hunnie, everything is fine just meaning when you guys go off to school. I Just Can't Stop Thinking about it.


oohhh okay. Yes Aunty you know i will and i promise you i will never leave her side. I love you too.

Something sounds off but I just hope she's okay, I want to text Fai but I don't want to kill her fun so I'll wait until tomorrow.

Roman's POV

Damn I think I'm in love, just kissing her makes me fall apart.

Hope is so beautiful, I dont think I ever want this night to end. The things I want to do to this body of hers I sware shes going to spoil me for all woman.

Fuck I just hope Saddam Doesn't mess this up for me because if he breaks that girl's heart I know damn good and well that'll ruin any chance I have with hope.

Lord please make that ass behave tonight I said in a silent prayer.

I look at her face as she stares at her phone screen and she worry lines. Hey babe is everything okay I say.

She looks up and smile while locking the screen and say yea it is that's just my aunt saying goodnight.

I don't really believe it but I don't want to pry so I let it be.

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