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Night To Remember 8

Faith's POV

As We Exited the club I felt his hands on the hips, it felt so good that I couldn't push him off even if I wanted to.

When the valet handed him is car keys I looked up and could not believe it my mouth fell open at the sight of the all chrome Bugatti. Who in the hell was this man?

He must have sensed me tensed at his side because immediately he ushered us towards the car. He then opened the door for me to get inside then waited and closed it, as he made his way to the driver's side and slide in behind the wheel and we pull onto the road.

The car ride passed in comfortable silence, but what shocked me most Is that he held my hand from he entered the car using his thumb to rub small circular rings on the back of my hand up until we arrived at a five star hotel.

We came to a stop and I waited as he came around and opened the door for me to get out, he then passed his keys to a valet and said something that I didn't quite hear and we made our way inside. We headed straight to the elevators and and he pressed the button theb swiped a card for the penthouse and here I am yet again shocked to my core but this time before I could stop myself the words were already out.

Who in the hell are you I said,

He smirked and responded saying as if you don't know.

At that very moment my temperament spiked I was about to bring his egotistical ass down a notched but before I could get the words out his lips were on mine and every word that came to me was gone just like that.

I leaned forward and melted into the kiss as he picked my legs up just as the elevator came to a stop and wrapped them around his waist. He stepped into the penthouse house carrying me with ease never breaking away from our kiss we went straight to the bedroom, he placed me on the edge of the dresser and said,

I want you all of you I want to taste every inch of your body as you fall apart on my dick.

Will you let me have you?

Before my mind could catch up with my feelings the words have involuntarily left my mouth yes I said and he wasted no time.

His lips once again attacked mines at first forceful filled with need and lust then gentle begging for entry and I readily compiled, his hot wet tongue slipped inside my mouth claiming every part whiles his hands removed my dress, as his fingers grazed my nipples I let out a gasp and moaned his name as my back arched begging for more. He released my plump swollen lips and trailed kisses down my neck straight to my breasts as he grabs the right nipple with his left hand while using his mouth and swirls his tongue around the tip and using his right hand to lightly pinch the nipple one the left and then repeating the same care he gave to one to the other. It made me moaned all the louder as I used my hands and grabbed onto his hair running my fingers through it.

Before I knew it my thong was on the floor and i felt his mouth between my slick wet folds as he took hold of my nub and started to lap up my juices, Damn baby he moaned your pussy is the sweetest thing I've ever tasted as he speeded up I could feel the burning heat build inside of me ready to explode, cum for me baby he said and that's all it took as I felt my orgasm rippled through me in hot heavy waves I looked down to see him lick up the last of my juices.

Saddam's POV

Damn I've never tasted something so pure in all my life. I dont even know what came over me but what I do know is I can't stop myself.

Wrapping her legs around me once again I take her over to my bed and place her gently in the middle then I remove all of my clothes letting my erection spring fort.

I can't help but feel a sense of pride as she looks down and her eyes slightly widen at the size, let's just say I'm blessed.

As I position my self on top of her once again claiming her thick juicy swollen lips I take my finger and insert it into her core feeling her wet sweet juices while using my thumb to rub her nub and in that moment it all becomes as clear as day as her walls clenched around my finger and she hisses in pain and pleasure at my entry.

Baby are you a virgin I ask and she looks at me ever so slightly with tears running out the side of her eyes and nodded. I then kiss her tears away and told her I I'm honored that you choose me to be your first and I promise you won't regret it. After a while of sliding my fingers in and out getting her ready she calls out to me saying please saddam I need you and with that I hesitated no longer.

I placed my dick at the entrance of her core as she tensed underneath me.

Damn Baby your so tight I said dipping my head once again to claim her lips.

Faith's POV

As I feel his member begging entrance to my core I open my legs more to welcome him and as he enters my core a hot pain passed through he paused for a minute giving me time to adjust to his huge size and then he started moving.

That pain was quickly replaced by hot swelling pleasure as I felt my orgasm again building up in me as his strokes go from slow to fast and me begging for more,

not to soon it rips through me causing me to shatter around his member my walls clenching his member so that soon after he came apart coating my insides with his seed.

He collapsed on top of me kissing my head and whispers sweet nothings in my ears.

And soon we are back at it again making love into the early morning and then we both fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

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