My Billionaires Secret Babies

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Morning After 9


I feel so guilty about what's about to happen to Fai but I know that she'll be okay.

A few years ago I fell sick throwing up until sometimes blood came up, however I couldn't afford to go to a doctor until

6 months ago and then i got the worse news of my life.

I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer it had progressed so far that there was nothing that the doctors could do for me and in turn they gave me 4 months to live but I couldn't allow my self to gave up even though I know that my body is at its end I pushed and held on just to watch her graduate and I hid my sickness for as long as I could.

After leaving the graduation I went home and got ready for work however I didn't make it an hour into my shift because I started feeling weak and began to throw up but the only thing that came up was blood and It was black and thick. My supervisor found me and called for an ambulance immediately now here I am about to leave my baby alone.

I'm trying to hold on until morning so that I can at least say good bye but my body can no long put up a fight. I wrote Fai three letters one she'll received today if I go before she gets here, the second she'll receive on her wedding day and the last when she has her first child.

My eyes are so heavy I know I won't be able to hold on any longer so as I struggle to take my last breath, a stray tear falls from my eyes and my doctor wipes it away I take one last fated glance upwards to see my doctor looking at me with pity in her eyes and that's the last thing I saw before I felt a cold air eloping my body and darkness surrounding me as I embraced and welcome death.

I whispered one last time I Love you Fai forever and a day.

Faith's POV

I wake up slowly as the sun shines in the room, as my eyes struggle to adjust to the lighting I have no idea where I am.

As I try and move out the bed I felt sore between my legs and immediately it all comes back to me and I start to smile.

Saddam I call out but got no response so I get up thinking he probably went to get us breakfast and go into the bathroom to do my morning routine 30 mins later I exit the bathroom thinking that he would be back already but to my disappointment he wasn't.

I go to the side table to grab my phone and that's when I see it a note and i get an uneasiness in the pit of my gut, I picked the letter up and it reads

Good morning beautiful

Thank you for last night I had fun but that's all it will ever be. The room is paid for until 12noon but if your not gone by then the front desk will throw you out. so you can order room service on me.

Ps I left some money on the dresser just a lil something extra because I enjoy your body so much.

The hot tears sting the side of my eyes I felt my heart shattered into a million pieces as they come streaming down my face that fucking sick dog I will kill him. I can't believe i give him my all and my most precious possession. How could I've been so stupid. Now the water works are pouring full force.

I open my phone and go to call Hope but as if she sensed me my phone rang the same time, I answered it but before I could even say hello her voice sounds panicked and like shes been crying.

Fai you need to come to the hospital right away she says,

Drying my tears i say why what's happened ?

Fai you just need to get here now I can't tell you over the phone she said right before I heard the click and the line went dead.

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