Claws Against Petals (Hiatus)

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(Warning 18+) Orchid Evergarden has moved with her father and her long time boyfriend, Damien Stone to a small town after the tragic loss of her mother who passed away many years ago. Entering her freshman year in college, she comes across making new friends and meeting new people. However, this town is filled with many secrets along with her family that Orchid will soon come to find out. The truth of about her mother's death and the deep marking she left on Orchid will be unraveled once she meets Grayson Cohen, his grown interest to Orchid becomes more then he could bear as he faces the trauma of his past love. The claws that he no longer wishes to show soon start to ache and the sorrow that he holds within him will devour the very depths of Orchids innocence. "Lies were told to protect me, but it only ended up hurting everyone. But if this pain is what we needed in order to find each other, then I'll gladly go through it if it means loving you." ©️Copyright

Romance / Fantasy
T. M. Luna
Age Rating:

×Authors Note×

Warning: This story contains Sexual Content, Violence, Foul Language, Bestiality.

Before you read this book I just want to say that it's just a story! Everything here is completely fiction and should not be taken to heart. So please, if you are easily triggered I don't recommend you read any farther then this. Another thing, please leave the rude comments to yourself, any ignorant or offensive comments will be deleted. Also, expect some cringy moments and I apologize for any spelling errors or any plot errors you may see.

Both main characters will be going through a lot of emotional and life-changing events so do expect their characters to change drastically.

I also won't be showing you guys any of the character's faces since I think it'll be more fun to have you guys picture it yourselves.

Also, don't forget to leave a vote, and be sure to follow me as well and leave a honest review if you can!

One more thing, thank you guys for taking your time to read my book, It means so much to me🖤

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