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Claws Against Petals

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Orchid’s POV:

“Son of a bitch!”

I heard him curse sounding surprised.

“Damien, are you okay?!”

I asked worriedly once I heard glass breaking from the distance. Hurrying downstairs, I looked down the hall and saw that my vanity mirror was shattered everywhere across the floor. There stood Damien as he went ahead to clean up the mess, looks like he dropped it when he was carrying it to the truck.

“Are you guys alright, what happened?

My father asked as he came rushing inside the house after hearing the loud crash.

“Be careful! I accidentally dropped the mirror when I was moving it, I didn’t see the boxes that were on the floor so I ended up tripping over it.”

Damien explained as he began to throw the broken fragments away, I then watched as my dad came to pick up the last few boxes that were in the hall. I’m still trying to process that we’re moving, it hasn’t even been a month since I graduated high school so it seems so sudden, at least I got the chance to say goodbye to my friends...

“Orchid, are you ready? Did you pack everything you need? It’s going to be a long drive, are you sure you and Damien want to take the motorcycle? There’s plenty of room in the truck-”

“It’ll be fine, besides, will probably get to the house before you. The moving truck doesn’t look roomy anyways. Don’t you agree, Orchid?”

Damien quickly said as he approached me halfway up the stairs, taking the backpack away from my hands he placed it over his shoulder while grabbing my hand and leading us downstairs. Following him outside, I looked over my shoulder and watched as my Dad began to lock the house. It’s a little bittersweet saying goodbye to the childhood home that I grew up in. I’m going to miss it...

“Alright, if that’s what you want. Just let me know when you want to do a pit stop on our way to the new place. Damien, you still have the address that I sent you, right?”

“Yeah, I have it on my phone. Will meet up later, alright Orchid, get on...”

Damien said, seeing my father get on the truck, I waited until he waved us goodbye and watched him leave before releasing a heavy sigh. This should be a new start, but I don’t feel happy or excited about the move. Especially when Damien is still acting the same way when we first met...

“Orchid, what’s wrong? Come on, put your helmet on-”

“You did it again.”

I said in annoyance as I snatched the helmet from him.

“What did I do? Just get on already-”

“You keep answering for me whenever someone speaks to me. I’ve told you many times to stop doing that, but you still haven’t. Look, I’m glad that you’re moving in with us. But if we’re going to make this work, you have to stop being so overprotective...and controlling. You and my Dad are almost the same when it comes to looking after me. I appreciate it, but it’s not necessary. I want my boyfriend to be-”

“It’s finance-”

“No, it’s boyfriend. I never gave you my answer when you proposed after I graduated-”

“Regardless of what answer you give me, you’re the only girl I see myself marrying. So I’ll wait as long as it takes, whether it’s a month from now or even a year. I’ll be here waiting for your answer. Orchid, I’m sorry, I know I could be stubborn. I just can’t help it...”

He explained as he grabbed the helmet back from my hands, placing it on my head. He pulled me close to him until I was leaning against his chest. As much as he annoys me, Damien was the only serious boyfriend I ever had. Although it wasn’t the best of terms on how we met, our age gaps never really bothered us. Though keeping our relationship a secret from everyone else, was something I wish I didn’t have to do. Not even my once close friends knew I was dating someone, it’s not something someone could easily accept. I’m still surprised my dad was so calm about me dating Damien, considering how older he is than me...

“Hey, look at me. I promise I’ll do my best to change. You and your dad are the only family I have...”

He said in a sorrowful smile before lifting my chin, leaning himself close, he pressed his warm lips on me before closing his eyes. His kiss was gentle as he wrapped his arms around my lower waist. Placing my hands against his chest, I felt trapped by his desires as he kept wanting more. The sweet kisses that once made me flush, have now grown hot and I’m losing myself in his touch.

“You’re always so cute when you grab onto me...”

He said with a playful smirk, the grip of his hand soon found its way on my ass! Gripping it tightly, he pulled me harder against him! He’s still rough as always, sometimes I wonder if he realizes just how strong he is.

“Alright, that’s enough. You know how I feel about you grabbing me like that out in public-”

“I know, but right now there’s no one around...”

He said with a chuckle as I felt his other hand grab my other cheek! With my face growing red, I tried to pull away from him. Though his firm hold didn’t let me go anywhere as he placed another kiss on me! I wasn’t expecting him to stick his hot tongue inside, it caused me to release a small moan...

“Now I’m eager to get to the new house, I’m curious to see what our room will look like?”

He teasingly said as he finally released me, I then watched as he got on his bike and waited for me to join him. Whenever I see him like this, it reminds me of the day we first met...

“Get on, it’s going to be a long drive.”

He said as he turned on the ignition, placing myself behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist as I got comfortable...

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to go with my dad in his truck.”

I responded while tugging on his body more, I’m still a little upset about it. Since it’s summer, it’s only getting hotter, and I would prefer being in a vehicle where there’s AC. Oh well, there’s nothing I could do about it now...

“I already said I’m sorry, besides, I thought you liked going on bike rides with me. Or is it that you prefer riding on me-”

“Shut up! We’re not talking about that, and I’m not doing that with you again. Doing it at a public park on your motorcycle at night was the stupidest thing you made me do-”

“I made you do? If I remember correctly, you were the one that told me to pull over so we could ‘talk’ at the park, but it was you who got my lap and wanted to-”

“Alright! Just forget it- just drive. I’m not having this conversation with you...”

I quickly cut him off as I buried my face against his back! Whenever I think back on how crazy my sex drive was when I met Damien, I just get so embarrassed! I had no shame when I was fourteen, but now that I’m older, I would like to ease down on my sexual urges. Though I don’t think Damien is going to let me with the way he is. Hearing him chuckle, he began to drive us off as I rested my head against his wide back, looking at the scenery, I felt relaxed as I snuggled myself closer to him...

To my surprise, the drive didn’t feel as long as I thought it would. Though my butt was starting to hurt from sitting for so many hours. Seeing my dad’s truck pulling up behind us, I began frantically looking around our new neighborhood to see what our new home looked like! This new town seems alot smaller than the old town we used to live in. Out of all the cities we could have lived in, why here?

“Okay, here’s the place...”

I heard Damien say as he pulled over to the side, parking the bike, I looked at the new house will be living in. Taking the helmet off, I got off the bike as I was in awe of how different it looked compared to my old house. This house seems a bit bigger than the old place, but before I could even approach the house, Damien quickly grabbed my hand!

“Let’s wait until your dad parks the truck, we have to unload just a few things. Though I’m sure will be very busy tomorrow with taking down the boxes. But for now, we should bring in the beds and just the main things that we need...”

He explained as we both watched my dad park his truck in the drive-in.

“Yeah, you’re right. I guess I got a little excited in wanting to check the new house-”

“Alright, kids, ready to unpack?”

I heard my father say as he began to walk towards the entrance of the house, pulling his keys out he opened the front door as Damien walked us towards the truck. But just as we were ready to unload a few things, I overheard my dad say something to me.

“Orchid, I need you to go to the store. I forgot to buy a box cutter. I thought I had one, but I think I misplaced it.”

He said as he came walking towards me with money at hand. But just as I was about to take the cash, Damien quickly grabbed the money from my reach!

“I could go get it, Orchid doesn’t know these roads. And it’ll be faster if I just go on my bike-”

“Damien, what did I just tell you? Stop answering for me, I’ll be fine going on my own. Just help my dad unload the truck-”

“I’m not gonna let you go alone, especially when this town is so new to you. What if you get lost, just let me go instead.”

Damien insisted as I watched him pull his bike keys out. Annoyed by his words, I swiped the cash out of his hands and shoved them in my pocket! Just what the hell is his problem, ever since we dated, he’s never liked me going anywhere alone! I’m not a fucking kid that needs to be looked after!

“My dad asked me if I could go, so I’m going. Dad, which way is the store?”

I bluntly said as I averted my gaze towards my father who looked troubled by the way he was looking at me and Damien. Sometimes I wish my dad could be a little more strict with the way Damien acts, but I don’t think he ever will...

“Orchid, it’s fine. Just let Damien go instead-”

“No, we’re not doing this again! Things are going to change, I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult. And I don’t need anyone to come with me to a store, just tell me where to go, and I’ll be back soon. You two act like I don’t have a phone, if I run into any trouble, I’ll call you guys, alright.”

I said to both of them in a serious matter, the expression on Damien’s face looked a bit frustrated as I ignored him. Listening to my dad’s direction, I was surprised he knew the area of this town so well, I wonder if he’s been here before? But I’m relieved to hear that there was a nearby store close to us, it will give me a reason to walk and clear my mind off...

“Just be careful, call me if you get lost, and don’t talk to any strangers. Don’t let anyone touch you and-”

“Oh my god, it’s like I have two dads. I’m leaving-”

Irritated with Damien’s strict voice, I was about ready to leave once my Dad began to unload the truck, but before I could take off. The feeling of someone’s hand, wrapped around my waist as they firmly turned me around and pulled me into them! It wasn’t until I saw his honey-brown eyes that I felt him place a deep kiss on my lips!

“I’m not your dad, I’m your love.”

Damien strictly said as he held me tightly before letting go. Giving off a smirk, he walked away from me as he went to help my father unpack. Flustered by his actions, I stick out my tongue in annoyance at Damien when he was no longer looking at me. Heading out, I wished that he wasn’t so complicated! Whenever we argue, we just end up having makeup sex right after, instead of just talking about our issues...

It sometimes makes me feel like he’s in charge of the relationship, and that’s not what I want! For once, I would like to be the dominant female! But I don’t see how that will be possible when Damien is so much bigger than me, and since he’s older I’m not sure if I could even take charge. But I do know one thing, I want to be able to control my own life, however, I still don’t know what I want to do with it. After graduating, I’m still uncertain about going to college, should I just start working instead?

Deep in thought, I continued to walk down the block until I finally approached the store. Though I wasn’t expecting there to be so many shops and little cafes around this street?! This is so cool, and it’s right near my new home. Entering the store, I decided to look around until I finally found a box cutter. As I paid, I decided that maybe I should walk around the area a bit. Living in a small town isn’t that bad when you get to know the locals more. This could be my chance to meet new people and perhaps make new friends.

It wasn’t until I turned a block, that I saw there was a park nearby! This is perfect, I could take my morning walks around here! I’m sure Damien would love to come here as well, I can’t wait to show him next time. But that’s if he starts behaving more- wait, why is that kid over there crying? I questioned once I saw a child from a far-off distance. As I approached him, I noticed that he was standing next to a big tree as he kept staring up at the branches...

“Are you okay? What happened, are you lost?”

I asked the little boy as he looked surprised that I approached him, wiping his tears away, he sniffled before pointing up at the tree.

“My favorite kite got stuck in the tree, it’s gone forever now...but Gray told me that he’ll get it. But I don’t see him, I think the tree got mad that he climbed it. What if the tree ate Gray?!”

Said the little boy as he began to cry once again, he looks so sad, almost like he felt that he was at fault for what was happening. I’m not sure who this gray person is, but as I look up at the tree, I was able to see the little boy’s kite. It was high up, though I couldn’t see anyone else in the tree.

“It’s okay, I’m sure your friend didn’t get eaten. Besides, trees don’t eat people, silly. Hey, how about I go and get it? I may not look it, but I’m fairly good at climbing trees, just wait here, okay.”

I said to the little boy as I began to climb up, I’ll have to be careful where I step and just hope these branches don’t break. But the more I climbed, the more I became infatuated with the beautiful flowers that were blooming in the tree, I wonder if this is an almond tree-

“What are you doing?”

“Huh!? Who said that?”

His sudden voice startled me as I frantically looked around! It wasn’t until I looked further up, that I saw his golden-like eyes staring down at me! He had the same color as Damien’s, I always thought his eye color was rare. But seeing someone else with the same eyes, had me mesmerized...

The silence between us broke the moment the branch I was holding snapped! I knew that the height I was at was going to cause serious injuries! Embracing for impact, I closed my eyes, however, my body had stopped falling!? What’s going on, as I reopened my eyes, I looked at his intense gaze as he held onto me! Did he just save me, but how did he reach me so quickly when he was so high up? The grip of his hand was tight as he carried me down, I didn’t even notice that he had the kite in his hands already! I’m impressed that he can balance himself so easily when climbing down while supporting me, he must be really strong...

His broad shoulders and big arms had me nervous, his hair was very bizarre to me, half of it was black while the other half was white, does he dye it? Though just by the sight of his body frame, I could easily tell that he’s alot taller than my father and Damien. As if being 4′11 wasn’t already bad enough for my height, I can’t deal with people who are six feet tall! How am I supposed to act like an adult when everyone sees me so small!? Should I just wear high heels from now on-

“Here you go Scott, try not to get it stuck in the tree again. And go home, you already know how your mother gets when you’re in town...”

Hearing his voice this close-up was very deep and it made my body tense! He sounds so mature...

“Oh! Thanks, gray! I thought I was never gonna play with it again, I promise I won’t fly it near the trees! And okay, I’ll see you later.”

I heard the boy respond as he took back the kite, so his name is Scott. But my attention was what he called the person who was still carrying me, this guy’s name is gray. It wasn’t until we saw the boy leave that the man finally set me down. Without even saying anything, he began to walk away...

“Wait! I need to thank you for helping me earlier. I thought I was going to die for sure from that fall-”

“Don’t let me see you around here again, your kind reeks of filth, I only saved you because Scott was around. The territory around these parts is off-limits to whatever pack you belong to, so get out of my sight.”

He said with such anger, the fierce look in his eyes made me freeze as I was too scared to even move! Even after watching him leave, my body couldn’t stop shaking! Just what the hell was that about? I’ve never seen anyone look so terrifying before, he seemed so nice earlier. But what the hell is he talking about a pack, and what does he mean by my kind?

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