The Lion & His Man

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Sergeant Leonardo is one for a treat when he met Doctor Aiden. Like in a Serengeti plains, the big lion gazes upon the beautiful stag. Does the lion eat the man or does the man tame the lion?

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The Lion & His Man

-Alexander DiLaurentis-

My name is Alexander DiLaurentis, -A.D-

This is a pen name I had chosen as my official writer's name. I had grown fond of it, and I take it as my natural name ever since.

The Lion & His Man, is a personal work. This book is very close to me. It is that first word I typed after I decided that I wanted to write a story. It is that big leap into the land of the unknown when I laid that very first sentence to start the book. It feels like Alice in Wonderland a bit. Finding strange things, both curious and interesting.

Along the way, I met wonderful people and found treasures. I learned a lot, gained a lot. The most precious treasure that I had acquired is, my readers. I can still feel that thrill when my read counts ticks up to one, to two, to three. Until it ticks up to the tens of thousands, and still counting. I personally feel grateful for the chance, given the ability to reach out to people, and made them happy by reading my stories. Because that is what I've always wanted, to share the things that I love with others, so they too can feel that love and affection that I feel in me.

The story of the Policeman, Leon, and the Doctor, Aiden, is partly the kind of story that I love. I wanted to see how two people can build love and affection between them. How two people share their wholeness to the other. A relationship, for me, is when two people understands another, accept their entirety without judgement. Cherish them as they cherish you. Sappy much? yeah.

I wish every readers that reads my story, wholesome happiness in your hearts.

Thank You



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