Suddenly A Fool

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A love story between two people who are way different from each other. One is a junior high school student who's got lucky to pursue his studies at a prestigious school due to the exclusive scholarship that was given to him while having no parents to take care of him forcing him to be more independent and live with his kind-hearted Aunt despite them being financially challenged; one is a widower wealthy rich 31 years old man who's a CEO of a famous manufacturing business company.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


As I lied down on the floor beside my locker at the school hallways, I rocked my head and bent my body forward with my legs slightly bent and my knees pressed to each other. I winced from the stinging pain on my stomach while hugging myself with both of my arms to ease the pain and to protect it from the consecutive strong kicks from my bullies throughout my body, it didn’t work, unfortunately. Despite the pain that I have felt from all over my torso and my lower half, the tallest guy among all of them bent down and hoist my head by pulling my hair and spat on my face.

“DON’T EVER TALK TO MY GIRLFRIEND EVER AGAIN!” He warned. Harold let my hair go and commanded his friends to halt and leave.

I was left there sobbing on the ground with tears on my eyes. The bell rang indicating that classes are over and students started to leave their classrooms and the hallways were quickly filled with students. I reacted quickly by wiping off the spit on my face with my handkerchief and rubbed the tears off of my eyes to stop my self from crying before anyone could notice. I quickly stood up on the floor with my bruised and wobbling legs. I opened my locker and grab a couple of books for studying later at my home for the upcoming midterm exams.

After grabbing some things from my locker, I walked through the hallways trying hard to endure the pain from all of my body and tried to walk normally keeping myself from limping to avoid the students from noticing.

As I walked through the hallways I encountered a lot of students and a few of my classmates when suddenly I felt a hand grabbed me by my shoulder. I startled from its action and I quickly spun myself to my rear to look who was grabbing my shoulder as I saw that it was just my best friend. I sighed from relief that it was just her and not Harold or any of his cruel friends.

“Hey, are you okay? You seemed nervous,” She asked, seemingly concerned expression on her face.

“Oh, I-I’m fine, just a little nauseous that’s all,” I replied to her with a fake smile just to convince her that everything’s alright. I hope she buys it though and not ask me anymore ’cause I’m really bad at faking what I truly feel, well at least from her because she’s my best friend. I don’t want to worry her, either to tell her that his boyfriend -the richest student in school- and his friends were bullying me again out of jealousy of me hanging out with her often. I mean she’s my best friend. Can’t he realize that I’m not going to steal her from him?

I mean she’s pretty and all, with her large, rounded, chestnut-colored eyes, silky black hair, smooth rosy-pale skin, average height, and a relatively narrow waist with some curves, of course, boys would fall for her why wouldn’t they but I can’t fall for her since she has a boyfriend. I really should keep my distance from her a little if I don’t want to be covered in bruises or even get a severe injury one day.

“Dude, what happened to your arms, they have bruises all over? Did Harold bullied you again?” She asked me again looking more troubled than before.

“N-no, he didn’t. This is just uh, a minor allergy that I got from last night. It’s-it’s not really a big of a deal. This happens a lot” I answered energetically thinking that she wouldn’t see it through.

“FUCK! that’s it, I’m gonna break up with him. I hate it when he does this to you” She snarled.

“Please don’t. I’m fine really. Let’s not make a big deal out of this.” I insisted but she still seemed not convinced.

“Aiden, why are you so scared of him? So what if he’s a filthy rich bastard? This doesn’t give him the right to bully you. He’s done nothing but tormented you this past few months after he and I got back together again. This has to stop. I’m gonna report this to principal Harris now.” with that, she quickly stormed out of my reach and left me.

‘Please don’t go to Mr. Harris’ office ′ I thought to myself staring at her body disappearing from the crowd.


I quickly walked away from him feeling pissed of the idea that he still hasn’t stopped bullying to Aiden. I’ve had it and I’m sick of it. I knew that he wasn’t good for me. I’m so stupid. Why did I let myself get back with him in the first place? He has done nothing but to hurt him just because he’s my best friend.

As I walk through the hallways, I finally saw the principal’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” he said.

As I gently opened the door in front of me, I saw Mr. Harris behind his desk working on something with his laptop.

“Good Afternoon Principal Harris” I greeted as I sat on one of the chairs placed in front of his desk.

“Good Afternoon Ms. Sterling. What can I do for you?” He offered me as he stopped on whatever he was doing with his laptop and stares at me waiting for what I had to tell him.

“Mr. Harris, about Mr. Aerymore - the kid who got transferred here because of the full scholarship?” I replied. His eyes lit up from the name that I have said.

“Oh! the smart kid from Grade 10 Diamond! You know, his a very talented kid that’s why I made a special offer with his guardian just to have him here study at St. Evergreen Academy.” He replied, seemingly having an enthusiastic tone on his voice. “Now, what seems to be the problem Ms. Emma Sterling regarding Mr. Aiden Aerymore?” He asked.

“Well, Harold and his friends just bullied him a few minutes ago. I don’t know how but I saw bruises from Aiden’s arms when we saw each other on the hallways after the dismissal bell rang.” I responded. He frowns at me with a seemingly concerned look etched from his face after hearing of what I had reported to him.

“Is he okay? Did you take him to the nurses’ office?” He asked.

“Well no, I quickly rushed my self here to report to you what happened since I was so upset about what happened to him,” I answered sounding a bit apologetic. Gosh, what’s wrong with me? Why didn’t I think of that? It might be because I was so sick of them bullying him again that I completely forgot that he’s hurt and bruised.

“Ms. Sterling can I ask you to take Mr. Aerymore to the nurses’ office and after that, could you also bring Mr. Thithen here at my office, I want to talk to him?” He asked. “And can you keep this as a secret? I don’t want to turn this into a huge scene and let anyone in school gets involved especially regarding the son of one of the richest family on our country” He added sounding a bit stressed.

Harold will finally learn his lesson not to torment people especially if it’s a close friend of mine. Though I hope that Aiden is alright. I should have taken him to the nurse’s office right from the bat before I came here.


N/A: So, Hi guys. This is the very first novel that I have ever written. I wrote this novel because some elements I want in a bxb novel aren’t mostly present in any of the books that I had seen on Wattpad and Inkit. I thought that those elements are pretty rare and I thought that maybe I could also write a novel with those elements on it and so I did. I hope you guys enjoy this book, pls. vote, comment, and share it with your friends that you think that’ll definitely like this book.

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