Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 2


“Dude, I told you that I can’t go with you guys tonight. You know that Dad won’t allow me to go to those kinds of parties anymore” I replied to Jackson, a bit annoyed and pissed. It’s probably their fault that I got into this shitty situation. Ever since my uncle drove me home while I’m still drunk that night, he’d never let me go to those kinds of parties anymore, probably because it’ll always involve alcohol.

“C’mon Harold, Emma will be there. It’ll be fun” he coaxes me. “Don’t worry, we will not let you drink too much booze, plus, what can your father even do to you, you’re 18 and your old man is probably busy doing such heavy work. He’s like, the CEO of your family’s company right?” He added.

Perhaps he’s right. I have more freedom now, now that I’m 18. I’m practically an adult now right? He can do no shit to me anymore. He can finally lessen that fake fatherly act of his.

“I’ll go but only if you promised me not to let me get drunk too much,” I said. “Is Emma really going to come, I thought she doesn’t like going to parties?” I asked. Now that I think of it, I really thought that she didn’t like parties. I’m pretty sure that the last time we went to a party together, she’d told me that she’s not having fun anymore and if we could head home and bail. I’m surprised that she’s coming.

“Umm, s-sure.” he stuttered.

“WTF JACKSON! why did you lie to me? I barked at him beside me by the driver’s seat while grabbing his shirt up with my fist.

I had high hopes that she’d really come and probably hang out with me during the party. Fuck! we haven’t talked much since I started threatening his beloved best friend. Fuck that best friend of her. What could possibly that he has that I don’t. I’m rich, I’m good looking and tall fucking 6′1 and the best player and the captain ball of the football team. And I don’t mean to brag but I believe among my cousins, I’m the most attractive one.

“Dude I remember, that small guy that we just beat up earlier. That was fuckin’ hilarious.” Rob interrupted changing the topic. “That’s what he gets for acting pretty.” He added, chuckling on the back seat sitting in a weird position.

“He deserves that, for trying to steal my girl from me” I replied letting go of Jackson’s shirt. I bet he learned his lesson to not annoy me anymore.

“Hey, is that your girlfriend Emma?” Jackson suddenly asked. “Yow, she’s coming this way.” He added as he fixes his shirt up.

I turned my head to see if she really is and gladly I saw her getting near us, slightly upset as she walked faster and faster towards my car. Wonder why she’s in a hurry. Is she mad or something?

She finally came beside my car next to the driver’s seat and just stare at me for a moment before I broke the silence between us since my car is one of those fancy cars that are convertible that can either have ceilings or not which means that my car has its ceilings retracted so we can clearly hear anything from outside.

“Hi, Emma, did you heard about the party, later in Jackson’s place? Would you like to come over to the party with-”

“No” She cut in. “Mr. Harris wanted to talk to you in his office.” She added with a neutral tone on her voice, almost like emotionless.

“What? Why?” I asked. The principal can’t do this. Isn’t he afraid that Weston might get him fired because of this? I should be respected here.

“You’ll know when you get there.” She replied now sounding pissed.

“Okay, whatever” I replied wanting this to get over with. “Jackson, Rob, guard my car for me” I ordered as I get my self out of the car and went with her to the principal’s office.


“I’m breaking up with you,” I said to Harold as we walk through the hallways to Mr. Harris’ office.

“You’re kidding me right?” He asked while laughing as if I was joking. I gave him my stoic face not staring at him as we got near to Mr. Harris’ office. ” Are you serious Emma? Is it because of that righteous best friend of yours that you’re breaking up with me? He asked being annoyed.

“It’s not him.” I snapped at him. “Its because I’m sick of you and your friends always hurting him. He didn’t even do anything bad to you yet you treat him as your punching bag every time the other students and I aren’t around. You think I wouldn’t know?” I added.

“C’mon babe, we were just playing around with him. You can’t break up with me out of that.”

“Actually, I can, and that’s what I’m doing right now,” I replied. “Harold, he’s my best friend and he’s just a little boy. You shouldn’t had given him a hard time since he’s just a transferee.” I added as we walk through the hallways, passed a few students since classes are over.


We stopped at Mr. Harris’ office as she knocked on the door and stare at me with a stoic face. Why is she so mad at me?

“It’s me, Emma. Harold is now with me Mr. Harris.” she began. She opened the door as we went inside and see Mr. Harris glaring at me. I sigh as I’m getting more annoyed with the situation that this old man got me into. What does he need from me?

I sat down on one of the two chairs on both sides in front of Mr. Harris’ Desk. “What can I do for you Mr. Harris?” I offered sarcastically. I’m not really scared of him even though he’s a bit bigger than me despite me being a jock. Well, I’m not gonna lie, I noticed he does look a bit intimidating with his built but he won’t scare me. My uncle is a CEO from a famous company. If anyone that should be intimidated between the two of us, that should be him.

“Thank you, Ms. Sterling. You can go now. I need to discuss somethings with him alone.” He said.

“You’re welcome Mr. Harris” she replied as she steps out of the room and closed the door behind us. What?! She didn’t even say goodbye to me? Is it really over? Is she really breaking up with me while I’m in this odd situation? That fucking Aiden is dead. This is all his fault.

“Mr. Thithen” He interrupted my thoughts. I quickly snapped out of it as I stare at him crossing my arms on my chest leaning back on the chair.

“Mr. Thithen, Is it true that you commit physical abuse to this particular junior high student in school during class hours?” He questioned.

“What? Who told you that? I would never do such a thing.” I replied acting clueless. Hell, who told him that? I swear, we checked the surroundings if there’s someone around before we cornered him.

“I know you’re lying Mr. Thithen. I can see it in your eyes. You can’t fool me.” He objected.

“I’m gonna need to call your father to report this action of yours. This is bullying and I won’t tolerate it on any of the students here.” He growled as he picks his telephone up as he placed a piece of paper on his table that has numbers written on it. He began typing the numbers on the buttons as he stares at the piece of paper in front of him.

To my surprise, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t protest or complain or something. I just sat there staring at him calling my house’s telephone number. Maybe because I’m still focused on what had just Emma told me. It’s not over. She can’t be serious. I bet she’s just annoyed about what I did to her friend.


N/A: I know, It’s boring right. I wanted to take it slow and I don’t really want those kinds of rush chemistry to happen in this book as most of the books that I had seen. But I promised, there will be a development in the next chapter. Don’t forget to vote, comment, and share this with the people you know whose into this kind of stuff.

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