Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 3


“Ms. Marryanne” I called as I was filing some important documents on my desk.

“Yes, sir, I believe you called me?” She asked standing behind me by the open door.

“Have you prepared our meal for our dinner later? My nephew, we’ll be here anytime now.” I asked before I took a glance at my watch only to found out, his dismissal time at school was 40 mins ago. It’s almost 5 pm and he still not back yet. What’s taking him so long? Perhaps I should call him just to make sure he’s safe and not planning to go to parties again. I’m pretty sure that I’d clearly told him not to go to his friends’ parties anymore since they always serve beverages that are not suitable for kids like him. Geez. Kids these days are nothing but trouble. They thought that they can do whatever they want since their 18. Anything can happen to them while being drunk. What if they’re drunk and have come across a maniac on the streets. They might be got taken, raped, or even worse, get killed. ‘Wait, why am I overreacting’ as I thought to myself before hearing Ms. Marryanne’s response.

“Yes sir, we have already prepared all of it.” She answered. “Is there anything you need me to do Master Thithen? She offered before I signaled her that she can go. She closes the door behind me as she left the room leaving me alone sitting on my chair. I put the hard copy files on the envelope before I put it on my suitcase with my other documents before suddenly hearing a knock on my door.

“Sir, there is someone on the telephone who wants to talk to you. He says that he’s Mr. Harris, principal of St. Evergreen Academy” she said loudly behind the door for me to hear making my response to her to come in.

Ms. Hayworth came in with her hand covering the telephone’s receiver speaker avoiding the person from the other line to hear the noise before she hands me the phone and left the room.

“Hello, this is Weston Smith Thithen, Harold’s father. Can I help you, Principal Harris?” I offered as I stood up from my chair and left my office room heading to the lounge area.

“Hello, Mr. Thithen. Sorry for the sudden call but I need you to come here to school. It’s about your son’s behavior” He informed. My blood starts to boil from anger from what he had just informed.

What is it now? Is he really trying to test my patience? So this is what he does now to compensate for just not going to a few parties. Hell, that was just a month ago before I scolded him not to attend on such unnecessary events.

“Is there any problem with my son Mr. Harris? I asked as I tried not to sound mad on the telephone.

“Unfortunately, there is. We can discuss this certain matter if we could have your presence here in school. We’ll be waiting for you in the Principal’s office Mr. Thithen.” He replied.

“Alright. I’ll be there in 15 mins. Mr. Harris. Thank you for your patience, Principal Harris.” I said before hanging up and handing it back to the maid. Thank God the school’s not that far from here.

I went back and quickly went for my keys and grab it in my bedroom beside my office room, before looking at the mirror to see if I was still presentable enough. It’s a good thing that I still have my white long sleeve polo on and my black fitted slocks pairing with dark Louis Vitto Manhattan Richelieu shoes as well. It’s not that expensive but I hope it’ll do.

I walked through my hallways as I went to my garage to pick up my ride only to stop for a moment to pick which car should I use. I picked the Lexus LFA since I’m not on the mood on showing off my expensive ones to women and since I’m not going to a luxurious place anytime now at least at this time around.

I drove my car through the driveways as my gatekeepers opened the main gates. “I’ll be back in an hour,” I said to my butler standing steadily by the guardhouse.

“Have a safe drive master Weston.” He replied nodding before I drove the car on my way to my nephew’s school.

I shouldn’t be doing this myself. Didn’t he know that he had already embarrassed me enough from being wasted and drunk from drinking too much with his bad influence so-called friends? I didn’t give all the things that he wanted just to goof around and not act like a gentleman as he should be for being like a son of mine. Why can’t he just act like his cousins? Where did he even get this extreme attribute of his? It could be that he inherits this kind of manner from his ungrateful whore of a hell mother.

I swear if I had only had a son with my late wife, it would be a perfect one that won’t be definitely such an insolent child like him. If only my wife is still alive, she might know how to deal with Harold and helped me with him. Why did she have to die and leave me hanging?

Ever since she died from the car crash 2 years ago, I had been alone and has never been accompanied by any lover since then aside from hookups with a few women. Probably because I didn’t let any of them have their way and gone too far with me. I don’t like committing to such a new serious relationship at the moment. I guessed I still haven’t moved on yet, perhaps I should if I want to be happy again.

A few minutes later I’ve finally arrived at the St. Evergreen Academy. I stopped my car in front of the closed gates before the guards quickly took notice of whose inside of my expensive car. They quickly open the gates for me, bowing their heads as a sign for their pardon for I guess, for causing me inconvenience.

This school has a deep respect for me. I am not surprised by that because I am, for a fact, a well-known man. I mean I’m the CEO of one of the most successful companies across the Country. Of course, people would know me. It is just right for people to pay me with high respect.


“Your bruises should be healed for at least an about a week or two.” She informed as I laid on the clinic bed with the supposedly surrounding curtains around all crimp up to the side. “Can you do me a favor and avoid getting yourself into a fight to not get your bruises to worsen?” She asked. “And you must take a tablet of this medicine before you go to bed for at least three nights to ease the pain,” She suggested but more like an order out of concern.

Like everyone else here in school except Harold, Jackson, and Rob, Nurse Kelly’s also very kind towards me. I’m very blessed since I always have her to treat my wounds every time my bullies took a beating on me.

“I’m glad that I finally step in. Those guys won’t bother you any more since Mr. Harris seems to be serious about dealing with this.” Emma suddenly cut in sighing in relief making my face crack a smile from her showing how she’s really concerned about me. “And I’m also glad that I finally broke up with him.” She added.

“Y-you really broke up with him this time,” I replied sounding a bit sad because of the break-up. She didn’t really have to do that just for me. I know she’s attracted to him.

So this just means that she really does care for me as her best friend despite her being two years older than me.

“Aww, aren’t you two the cutest” Ms. Kelly uttered sitting on the bed next to me. “I should get back to my office now. Aiden, remember to do the things I told you. Okay, take care guys. I’ll see you on Monday.” She added as she stands up.

“Thank you, Ms. Kelly” We both replied to her as she walks out to go back to her office.

We stayed at the clinic for a few more minutes just chilling and chatting when we suddenly hear a knock from the door. Emma quickly stood up and went to open the door when suddenly, the door flew open as a tall man went inside. He looks like he’s in his mid-30s, I’m not quite sure.


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