Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 4


The man came inside and closed the door behind him. He somehow looks familiar. Maybe I’ve seen him somewhere or had seen a picture of him. He looks like a rich man honestly, with his white long sleeve polo shirt on and slocks and with his expensive-looking black shoes. Of course, it’s not new to me anymore seeing rich looking people every day since this school is pretty much exclusive among rich people only, but from the looks of it, this man really looks something else. Like he’s loaded of wealth.

The man just stood there for a few seconds before he sees me and just stares at me with his dark brown eyes. Emma stood from her seat and came to the man and bows her head to him.

“Good evening Mr. Thithen. What makes you brought yourself here in school, particularly, here in the school’s clinic?” She suddenly asked the man making me widen my eyes from shock.

He’s Harold’s father? No wonder his face looked familiar. So I guess that’s why Emma is showing her respect to him because he’s her boyfriend’s father. Wait, why is he here? Oh no, maybe he’s here because of me getting his son in trouble. I can’t deal with him now, not ever. He looks scary even though he looks so much older than me with his scrubby looking facial hair and with his slightly gray hair not only that, he’s also so much bigger than me with his tall height and large built. But honestly, I wish I could be as big as him when I grew up.

“Emma, this boy Aiden. He’s your best friend right?” He asked making my face look pale and hold my breath. I quickly turned my head to the other direction biting my lips hoping he wouldn’t know that I’m Aiden, the one who puts his son in trouble.

“That’s right Mr. Thithen.” I heard her as she replied to Harold’s father.

“Is that him, laying on the bed?” He asked making me shriek a little. What does he need from me? Does he want me to apologize to him and to his son? If that’s what he wants then I’ll definitely do it. I would literally do anything that I can to stay out in trouble just to keep my scholarship.

“Yes, Mr. Thithen. Do you need something from him? She asked.

“Could you leave us alone for a moment Emma. I just need to talk to him personally.” He asked making me move a little away from the spot that I was laying on.

“Sure Mr. Thithen. I’ll just go to his classroom and get his things for him.” She replied as I heard the door opened again and closed. What should I do, now that I’m completely alone with him in this room? God help me, get me away from this man, please I’m begging you.


This will all be done for after I make it up to that young man Aiden for being tormented by my idiotic nephew. Swear to God, after all this, I’ll go back home and scold the living shit out of Harold from embarrassing me and for committing such stupid acts. Maybe I should put a curfew on him, take his car keys, and forbid him on going outside at weekends.

I walked through the hallways trying to find the room that Mr. Harris had told where the boy named Eiden is. What could possibly the reason why Harold chose to do such a foolish act to his young fellow student?

As I walked through the hallways, I finally found the school’s Clinic. I quickly went to it and without any hesitation, I opened the door in front of me and went inside. I stood there for a moment trying to find the boy before my eyes met a gaze from a young lad laying down on one of the clinic’s beds along with my nephew’s girlfriend.

“Good evening Mr. Thithen. What makes you brought yourself here in school, particularly, here in the school’s clinic? I paid a little-noticed to Emma, abruptly went beside and greeted me whilst I’m still staring at the boy out of fascination. He was just so beautiful.

His feature was quite unique and somehow a bit of a mix of both masculinity and femineity with his fairly clear white skin but not too pale, with a slightly long darkest shade of red-colored almost scarlet hair but also not long enough to touch his lower nape and with his full natural-looking red lips. His bright eyes were mesmerizing to stare at due to its light green color. His parents must be good-looking as well. They must be glad that they had created such a fine-looking boy.

Earlier, Mr. Harris told me that this boy Aiden is a friend of Emma, my son’s girlfriend. I’ll just ask her about it.

“Emma, this boy Eiden. He’s your best friend right?” I asked her while still not breaking my gaze at the boy whose unfortunately quickly broke his right after I asked Emma about him.

“That’s right Mr. Thithen.” She responded as I turned my head to her breaking my gaze to the boy. Is he being shy because of me? Well, I’m not going to lie, it is quite pleasing to see people around me being wary and nervous.

“Is that him, laying on the bed?” I asked out of interest, that he might be the boy that I was talking about.

“Yes, Mr. Thithen. Do you need something from him? She asked.

“Could you leave us alone for a moment Emma. I just need to talk to him personally.” I asked her as a reply to her question as I saw the boy move a little while laying down on the mattress. Perhaps, I’m making him more uneasy than I thought.

“Sure Mr. Thithen. I’ll just go to his classroom and get his things for him.” She replied without hesitation as she quickly went outside the room and closed the door as she leaves. I’m not that surprised that she as well display such high respect to me since she’s a close acquaintance.

I just stood there for a moment after she left then sat on one of the sofas that are arranged on the opposite side where the boy is laying. I watched him laying down on the bed still look uneasy as I sat there surprisingly wondering if I would get a reaction from him if I talk to him. Damn, I should really start apologizing to him, now that I’m finally can discuss things with him alone but something inside me feels like I should tease him and make him more uncomfortable by holding this awkward atmosphere around us. Is he aware that the way he’s acting now is just entertaining for me? What a beautiful and fascinating child he is.


N/A: What a tease chapter right. I’m really sorry that this book seems to be slow. I just like it that way. Please don’t forget to vote, comment, and share this story with your friends.

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