Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 6


“Mr. Aerymore, I apologize for my son’s behavior towards you.” I started as I drove the car away from the school on the way home.

“Mr. Thithen, I-I really shouldn’t be troubling you right now but I-I really appreciate your apology and I’m really thankful for that.” He stuttered as I noticed him beside me on the passenger’s seat giving few glances at me then back to the road in front of us. “It’s more than enough for me to hear you apologize Mr. Thithen.” He added. I’m growing tired of this kid’s bullshit.

“Can’t you understand kid that I’m only doing this to make it up to you,” I said now sounding a bit annoyed as I focus my gaze on the road. “Look, kid, all you have to do now is just accept my way of apology and not act like a little bitch about it,” I said as I still fought the urge to be annoyed with him. He’s like my nephew but the opposite of him. He’s honestly good looking but he just acts too timid. It just makes him look pathetic.

With that, he finally stopped bickering with me and just remained seated beside me quietly. I gave him a few glances noticing him slightly slouching on his seat with his eyes tiredly staring at the road in front of us. I ignored him as I drove the car finally seeing the private road that leads to my estate.

As I drove the car on the driveway, I noticed him again but eyes widen and mouth slightly open from the sight of my mansion. I raised an I eyebrow wondering why does it seem that this is his first time seeing an extravagant house. Isn’t his family rich too since he goes to St. Evergreen Academy?

I then stopped the car at the driveway in front of the mansion after we passed the main gates. I stepped out of the car first as I walked to the other side and opened the door for him. He stepped out of the car with his bag on his back while still staring at the sight before him, before quickly bowing his head to me.

“Thank you, Mr. Thithen.” He said now sounding a bit loud then back to giving glances to his surroundings.

I closed the door behind him as I noticed two of my servants walking towards us.

“Good evening Master Weston. Please, allow me to help you with your car.” One of them offered as I realized that their eyes are laid upon the boy who’s now watching them as well, seemingly amused, with a small smile on his face as he gave them back a nod.

It somehow irritated me. I quickly hand him my keys averting his gaze and turning them to me.

“Sir, may I help you with your backpack.” I heard my other servant said as he bent forward and lend his arm to him making me look up to the boy.

“W-why thank you, mister.” the boy replied as he takes off his bag to hand it to him who’s now wearing a grin on his face. My eyebrows slightly knitted and jaw tightened at my servant’s gesture.

He took the bag from the boy and nod. Both of them took off, one with my car to park it on the garage leaving me still bothered on the way they interacted and their gestures towards him.

“Wow, the people here are so nice, too bad I forgot to introduce my self to them though. Well, I hope I could see them again later after dinner.” He said making my lips twitch.

“No, you are not allowed to talk to them, you could only talk to them if you need something.” I snapped. “And you’re not here to befriend with my servants. You’re here to have dinner with me and my son.” I reminded sounding a bit abrasive as I started to walk him on the main door.

I noticed Ms. Marryanne outside as she noticed us and quickly opened the door for us before I opened it myself.

“Good evening master Weston.” She said before taking a notice at the boy behind me. She greeted him with a small smile before averting her attention to me. It seems that my servants are fond of him. It’s really not surprising since he looks a bit charming, well aside from his bruises on his arms and legs.

“Is Harold home yet? I asked as we took small steps to go inside.

“Yes, master Weston. He just got here before you sir,” she replied. “He’s now in his room.” She added.

At last, he’s now here. That son of mine will surely be scolded later after dinner. I might forgive him if he will apologize to Eiden later or else that action of his will surely be rewarded. Why did he turn out to be such a disrespectful and arrogant child and not like Aiden?

“I’ll leave this boy with you Ms. Marryanne for a moment. I’ll just take a shower before dinner.” I said as I pat the boy’s head before leaving him with her.


“Hi, my name’s Marryanne but you can call me Ms. Marry for short.” She said as I turned my attention to her as Mr. Thithen walks away from us. “Can I ask your name, young man?”

“Aiden, my name’s Aiden Aerymore,” I replied as I finished on what she was saying. Am I really going to have dinner with them in this fancy huge house? If I had known that these things will happen, then I could’ve definitely worn more suitable clothes and not this slightly oversized white T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. I looked such a pity compare to those two who will I have dinner with. This is ridiculous. Harold will surely be annoyed, probably be mad when he sees me eating with them on their dinner.

“So, sir Aiden. Since master Weston is still having a shower, you can have a seat and wait for him in the living area.” She suggested. I nod to her and let her lead me to the living area.

I really hope that Harold won’t see me until the dinner cause he’ll definitely kill me when he sees me here in his house. He might even be got extra mad at me because his girlfriend has just broke up with him. I hope he wouldn’t dare hit me at the dinner especially because his father is also around having dinner with us.

As we walked to the living area, my jaw almost dropped as I explore more of their humongous mansion. I would literally get lost if I were here without Ms. Marryanne. This place is so big. I guess the Thithens really are a filthy rich family. I also saw some women who wear the same outfit as Ms. Marryanne with a typical black and white color maid dress with the skirt almost all the way to their feet. I also spotted some men wearing black coats, white bow tie, matching with black trousers. I guess Mr. Thithen is also a strict guy when it comes to his servants’ attire.

We stopped at the living area with a set of seemingly expensive sofas around and a wooden coffee table at the center. I carefully sat on one of the seats as Ms. Marryanne told me to.

“Ms. Marryanne, a-aren’t you having a sit?” I asked still worrying that Harold might saw me sitting around comfortably on their expensive sofas. Also, she seems to be a very good person. I’m glad I will be to be accompanied by her since It felt like I’m all alone in this place with no people I knew.

“Thanks for asking but I’ll get you some refreshments first. What drink would you want me to bring you, sir Eiden? We have orange juice, pink lemonade, mango milkshake, Oreo milkshake, smoothies, and more.” She offered as she stares at me optimistically.

Wow, that’s a lot of tasty drinks. I rarely drink any of those since it’s costly and my money is only suited to be spent on things that I really need. Which one should I pick? Or Harold might also saw me being comfortable drinking one of their delicious drinks, but it’s too painful to reject any of those.

“I-I’ll just take some water Ms. Marryanne.” I replied as I returned a smile to her.

“Really? But you were really seemed excited when I offered you those refreshments. C’mon, don’t be shy. It’s ok, you can ask me what you really want.” she urged as she was not convinced that I only wanted water.

“A-alright, I’ll take the Mango milkshake, please.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” She said as she walked away, leaving me alone sitting on the sofa. Maybe I won’t feel alone being here after all since it seems that I befriended with her. I hope all things would go smoothly though with the dinner later with Harold and his father.


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