Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 7


The shake’s taste is so captivating as it clung to my tongue sending coldness into my mouth making my jaws and cheeks slightly numb. I’ve never tasted something like this before. So this is what shake tasted like. It’s so sweet and creamy and it really tasted like mango. And the mango was blended so well with the milk. I bet this won’t be cheap if it were sold to the public. Why didn’t they think of that? Something like this should be shared with everyone.

“Hmm, Ms. Marryanne this shake is so good. I haven’t tasted anything like this before. Thank you Ms. Marryanne.” I said as I am having my shake in bliss.

She returned a smile as she sat beside me making my face red. This is so embarrassing. ‘Cursed this delicious sweet beverage for making me act stupid in front of her, but I can’t help it. This Mango milkshake tastes heavenly as if I wish I could literally die at this moment’.

“Well, I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it.” She said breaking my thoughts and averting my attention to her. “I hope you’re still set for the dinner later though.” She added, keeping her smile and gaze at me.

My eyes widen from recalling the dinner later with the Thithens. I was so engulfed with this refreshment that I completely forgot about that. I hope those two aren’t famished so that Mr. Thithen could just let me go home. This delicious shake is all I need and the dinner later surely isn’t that necessary. Maybe I could ask Mr. Thithen that I’m not hungry anymore and if he could just let me go home. ‘As if that would work, stupid’ I thought.

“Can I ask what’s bothering you, sir Aiden?” She asked, once again halting my thoughts and averting my attention to her only to see her still gazing at me seemingly worried.

“N-nothing Ms. Marryanne” I replied as I gave her my fake smile. “You can just call me Aiden Ms. Marryanne. I-I’m not that important here. I’m just here because Mr. Thithen wants me to join them with their dinner.” I added making her eyebrows raised from that then sigh.

“That is exactly why I am showing you respect sir Aiden. You must be an important person because master Weston invited you himself to their dinner which is why all the servants here should pay you deep respect, sir. Aiden.” she stated making me lightly lower my head from embarrassment. They must be got the wrong idea about this.

“You see sir Aiden, master Weston never really invites anyone personally himself. And they hardly invite anyone that’s not a relative to visit them here at the mansion,” she said making my mouth open a little from surprised.

They rarely invite anyone to this castle-like house? That can’t be true. If I were them, I would occasionally invite my friends to come over and hang out. If what Ms. Marryanne said is true, then I might be one of those few people who have been invited to come here. They must be mistaken. I’m not that important. My business here is not that important, in fact, I didn’t want it to.

The more I thought about what Ms. Marryanne have said, the more I thought of getting myself out of here. That’s so strange. There should be a reason why they do that and it’s honestly making me uneasy.

I then go back to my drink, taking the straw with my other hand and holding the glass upwards directly to my mouth as I drank the last bit of it. ‘hmm, I hope I’ll drink something like this in the future again’ I thought.

“Thank you again Ms. Marryanne for this mango milkshake. It really tastes wonderful.” I said

I put the empty cylinder glass carefully on the coffee table in front of the couch, feeling satisfied with drinking the whole delicious thing.

“I’m really glad that you liked it, sir Aiden. If you would excuse me, I’ll just take care of this and leave you alone for a bit.” She said, standing up from her seat and taking the empty glass with her.

I returned a smile and thanked her as she leaves, leaving me alone again by myself in the lounge area.

‘I hope the dinner later will do well if somehow I don’t avoid it. At least I got to meet a new friend here.’ I thought as I sat there watching the beautiful landscape outside from a big window near in front of me. For a bit, the view caught me contemplating about some things that I will do later when I got home. I began to relax, despite feeling my body in distress from the bruises but somehow getting better. I guess the drugs that Ms. Kelly has given me is now doing its magic.

The Thithens must be very wealthy having this kind of lifestyle. Huge house, beautiful landscape to stare at, nice servants, and delicious refreshments. Although the fact that they rarely invite people here besides their relatives is really bugging me out. I hope they won’t turn up to be some sort of family of ghouls that ate their visitors or some stuff.

As I was pondering on the couch, I noticed a guy walking towards me. From the looks of it, his face was not pleased nor sulky but rather vague. I can tell that he’s also a servant here, wearing almost the same clothing as the two guys earlier at the gates. Maybe his job here is different from them.

He stopped alongside the couch that I was sitting on and stared down at me. I reacted quickly as I stood up from my seat, went in front of him, and bowed at him.

“M-Master Weston and master Harold are now waiting for your presence, sir Aiden. They are now in the dining room waiting for you.” He said as I noticed his dull-looking eyes now seemed to have a reaction.

“Thank you, mister, but can I just wait for Ms. Marryanne before I go. If she sees that I’m not here, she’ll worry.” I asked.

“Master Weston strictly ordered that you must be there immediately and not keep them waiting.” He replied as he goes back to that stoic expression of his.

Did he really order that? Can’t they just wait for a bit? I really need to stay here and wait for her. She might get worried and think that I wander off without telling her as she has been ordered by their boss to accompany me.

“Sir Aiden, you must come with me now. Master Weston is not a patient person.” He said as he averted his gaze away from me.

“C-can you at least escort me to her after the dinner?” I asked, defeated by his reasoning.

“My apologize sir Aiden, but I can’t allow myself to make promises as the master also ordered that much of interacting with the servants is off-limits and that your only mean here is to accompany them with their supper.” He informed still focusing gaze off of me” But I could lend her your message later when I see her.” He added, giving me a quick glance then back to averting his eyes again.

“Alright, then can you please tell her that thanks for accompanying me and I hope I could see her sometime again?” I replied.

“Your message will surely reach to her, now if you would excuse me I should bring you to the dining room now sir Aiden.” He said as I finally go with him having thoughts on whether I could see her again later or not and at the same time nervous, because of the damn dinner.

I really hope that he won’t freak out too much as I’m cornered here in their territory. And if he did, I hope the people here including Mr. Thithen halt him from beating the hell out of me.


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