Suddenly A Fool

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Chapter 8


I gulp as I saw the two people whom I eating with, seating on both opposite sides of a big rectangular dining table. I move my eyes right away from them to the surroundings only to see Ms. Marryanne firmly standing on the side with both of her hands down, one’s holding the other as she’s also had her eyes fixed straight ahead in front of her, with some of the servants on the side with her doing the same thing as well.

“You may take your seat here Mr. Aiden.” the servant guy who escorted me here in the dining area offered as he pulled a fancy looking chair from the dining table.

“T-thank you, mister,” I said as I nod to him giving him a small smile right after I took my seat carefully. With that, he nodded, giving me a small smile as well. He then gave a bow too to both of his bosses before walking out of the room leaving me with these two seating silently on the table with gazes fixed on me as if I took a very long time to be in here.

A very awkward moment stayed for a few seconds as I noticed them just stares at me before I suddenly stand from my seat and took a small step away from my chair.

“G-good Afternoon S-sir. Thithen a-and Mr. Harold. T-thank you for inviting me to your dinner.” I greeted stuttering all over the place as I bowed 90° at them to at least lessen the level of embarrassment that I have put to myself.

Way to go Aiden. Why are you stuttering so much? Look at you, you’ve perfectly made yourself a fool in front of these people.

‘Relax Aiden. Just be cool. It’s just a dinner. This will be done in no time.’ I thought, feeling a droplet of sweat slowly falling from the side of my face as I still stand in front of them.

“You can take your seat now Mr. Aiden.” Mr. Thithen said making me snap out of my thoughts and stare at him. I took my seat once again as I noticed that Harold’s father is still staring at me making me avert my eyes from both of them to Ms. Marryanne who was now staring at me as well with a small smile on her face quickly making me calm a bit. Thank God Ms. Marryanne’s here. Maybe I could talk to her later.

Food lidded with silver food covers was served on the table by the people with matching white chef-like uniforms. They took all the silver covers at the same time making me instantly look at the food in front of me. My eyes widen and my mouth watered from the delicious sight before me, making me immediately regret what I’d thought before about not needing dinner.

Wow, all this dishes seems so delicious. Do the Thithens always get to eat something like this every day too? It’s like the ones that are served in restaurants except that this really looks good in reality. Is it my birthday or something? No, My birthday is still far ahead, and why the heck would they even celebrate it? They don’t even know when is it, or perhaps, they’re celebrating something.


Food was served by the servants as I gave a couple of glances at the guy that made my girlfriend want to break-up with me, act like a total idiot in front of us.

My jaw slowly tightens as I stare at the food thinking about him on how will I teach him later to mind his own business and stay out of mine. Him coming here was a big mistake and he shall pay the ultimate price later after he ate his fucking food.

Why the heck would Weston invite this little shit in our house? Did Uncle finally lost his mind and he let this piece of trash set foot here? Swear to god, I’ll get my way with him and I will beat the shit out of him later for having the guts for showing up in my face and for making my girlfriend want to break up with me.

“Well, Shall we ate now boys?” Uncle started.

“Yes, Mr. Thithen a-and thank you again for inviting me,” he replied making me rolled my eyes and grumble a little.

Uncle seemed to notice shotting me a stern glare making me avert my eyes and focused on my food. I quickly grabbed my fork and knife and cut the steak on my plate.

“Please try our Chef’s special cooked Sauerbraten, Mr. Aiden.” uncle offered.

Uncle is also making a big fuss about this. Does he know the obvious that he let a fucker get in here and eat with us? This is not like him suddenly letting strangers get in his property. That fucker must be having the time of his life, taking advantage of Uncle and his bullshit. Just wait till my Uncle gets away from his radar and I’ll practice my kicking skills and add more bruises on him later.


“Please try our chef’s special cooked Sauerbraten, Mr. Aiden.” I offered as I watched him take his first bite on his food.

His face turned to a light shade of red as he took his first bite of the steak. His eyes seemed to widen upon his first bite making me tilt my head slightly and cocked my eyebrows.

“Mr. Aiden, your face seemed a little red. Are you alright? Didn’t you like the dish?” I asked trying not to look intrigued in front of them especially Aiden. Just from the looks on his face, he must be in bliss now. My chefs have never failed me before and I’m glad that they put an effort into this one too.

“I’m fine sir. The food is very delicious, s-sir. And Thank you again f-for inviting me here. And thank you to all the people w-who took their time just to make all this delicious food.” he said bowing to us again making me laugh a bit inside because of how this child can be so fascinating. What a sweet good-mannered child. It makes me feel more grateful to his parents for raising him to be a respectful and good boy. Wait, about his parents. Should I ask him now about his parents?

“I believe that what we’re eating now is roasted beef, great served with dumplings, spaetzle, veggies, or a salad,” I said making him stare at me with a mouthful of food in his mouth. I don’t know why but these cute acts of his seems to catch my attention, neither I know why I find him quite entertaining.

I began to eat mine as well as thinking about his family, his parents.

“Have you tasted something like this before? I bet you have because you as well is a son of a wealthy family which I’m certainly not mistaken.” I said as I sliced my roasted beef on my plate. “Would you mind if we talk about them as we dine? Would you mind telling us what company are your parents into? I added trying to initiate him to tell us about his parents especially his mom. I hope she’s single though. I bet her son will be a very good extension of mine who’ll carry my name if I happened to marry her.

He suddenly became quieter as he swallowed the last food in his mouth, might be because of what I have said? Does he not want to talk about his family?

He fixed his posture and grab his glass of water near his plate then drink it, making me cocked my head upwards waiting for his response.

“M-my parents had already passed. They both die in a car crash accident. The one who’s only taking care of me now is my Aunt.”

I was stunned for a bit then quickly turned all my attention to him from concern.

“W-where are my manners? My deep apologies for making you speak about your parents’ deaths. I-I bet they’re in a good place now watching over your safety.” I replied as I felt the guilt coming over to me. My head became more heavy as I thought of him being upset more because of me.

“But this food is really delicious. I’ve never eaten something like this before. I’m very glad that I got the chance to eat a very tasty dish like this. It’s like I’m eating in a very luxurious restaurant.” he replied making my guilt inside lessen. I really need to stop asking him personal questions if I don’t want to upset him more.

‘Man, look at him. You made him tell lies in front of you just to make you feel less bad about yourself, pathetic’. I thought

“I’m glad that you liked it. Please don’t be afraid to ask for more. My servants will quickly make another plate for you.” I offered as I get back to mine.

I’m guessing that his Aunt is the one that’s supporting him financially or rather his parents left him their fortune. It’s a shame that he already lost his parents at a very young age. Kinda reminds me of Harold’s parents except that his mother is a whore that had the guts to have a relationship with my brother.

“T-thank you very much Mr. Thithen” He replied.

Now back to my nephew. He probably thought that I forgot that unacceptable behavior of his. I bet he thought that he will get away from this just by not saying anything. I’ll make sure that Harold apologizes to Aiden before he went home or else, I’ll beat the shit out of him if he did not makeup with Aiden.


N/A: I’m very sorry for the late update.

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