Our dainty paths led to our scared love.

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A book about two wounded souls who used love to colluded their souls together and heal their wounds.

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Our dainty paths led to our scared love.



Good morning class my name is my name doesn't even matter we are not here for names but for learning so i am going to recite my poem titled


"::They've distorted our path it is no longer what our fore parents wrote about in the rocks.

These are not the stories we listened to at night while our grandparents narrated about peace, hope and mostly Love.

We are now living in their mistakes and regrets it is not what we were suppose to go through .

All we see now in our mothers is pain of unrequited love and regrets and our fathers eyes forever depicts lies, pain and somby thoughts of their blasphemous deeds.

They distorted our path. "

that a triggering poem miss" said the lecture Mr Rapsy that was the most serious man I've ever seen he was so rude even the troubling knew not to mess with the bitter old man.

"Objection Sir Iam against her poem it is contradictory and conclusive our backgrounds has nothing to do with what we are"

objected Andrews that was the most problematic popular boy in the whole school ...every girl wanted him called the destruction boy

"Raise the objection for yourself this is not a courtroom save it to yourself " Navaro answered . "Don't be rude here I didn't take you as someone who fear challenges" andrew standing up " no dont stand I'm not here to fear your silly challenges so I mean it when I say we are what our parents are take it or leave it " Andrew drawing himself closer to Navato and he whispered " Explain missy cause me is not letting this go".

"Stop it !"Mr Rapsy that time they knew they were in a trouble "step forward to my desk and gather your staff with you because you are suspended from my class for the whole week we will meet next week Monday" they stepped forward Navaro pushed Andrew and he fell "another reason to create your own class you too you cannot be controlled " Mr Rapsy said politely "but she's the one who provoked me she should have retaken my objection peacefully and explain so suspend her not me " Navaro was so stress free she said "give me the letter and let be go sir "the lecture handed them letter and they took off

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