Twistted Love Romantic Story

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Twisted Love Romantic Story. chapter 7

It was a fine day in April when this all started I love her very much Was Sashs telling me

everything about her self 1or was she hiding something from me maybe already married or had

a boy friend she ready to marry it a bit twisted to me Sasha said she love me forever but took

I'am all twisted and confused but she was telling me tell the truth. But playing hard to get I

enjoy being with Sasha much of the time. Our love affair seem to get better. That what Sasha

wanted, spring was a time for love and romance. Hugging and kissing making out as teenagers

would say our love is near the point of no return. We grown together as bees to honeycomb we

love each other to a I gave Sasha all the love I could knowing she be the one in my life forever.

Than that was about the time she become my partner when I started up researching Sasquatches

Sasha was a great camera video photographer help with me research equipment, I enjoy

having her as my friend by my side enjoying each other company even when we were doing

research. We stuck together like the birds of a feather, some things got better and some got

worse. But our love relationship wasn't affected by the research, we understood what it was all

about. We still were making love to each other, We both like the camping in tent until the the

Sasquatch show up in camp the second time Sasha wasn't with me on the first time with my two

friends ended up on the worse side of that story . We had times we went skinny dipping in

the lakes times we shower together slept together.that was a old story she wanted to have

children we decided to wait till my research was finish but that fell through we were going to

have our first child belive going to be a girl. But we still have time to do a couple more research

trips deciding where to go next so we went to Glacier National Park in Montana got married when

we return Honeymoon in Europe Sweden. Beautiful country came home in a week found out

Sasha was 6 months pregnant we decided on one more short trip to Arkansas foulk monster.

Took a week in a camper trailer, row boating down the swamp .Came back home and rested

It was time take one more trip to Colorado for a month, came home and stay till the baby was

born it was a girl we name her Rebecca. We love her very much too She look like her mother.

The. End !

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