Hate me, love me, kiss me

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"Why won't you just hate me already!" "Because no one deserves hate. Not even you." Alan, stetson, and carter are on a quest in the small town of mystic, Connecticut. looking for a blonde girl by the name of 'Serenity'. She has something they need, something their pack leader ordered them to find. If they don't, there marks are cut from there skin and they will be thrown out like 'dogs'. But they must keep there true selves a secret, this will be proven difficult since they have had no contact with actual humans. When they find the item they're looking for they must act quickly, but they start to get attached to the sweet girl they must bring in and start to stall. What happens when the pack leader finds this out? Or will he? Who is Serenity?

Romance / Fantasy
MaryJane Brown
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Shall we begin?

A few years ago she had seen what the world truly is, she knew they were there but she didn’t want to believe it. She knew what they were but covered her ears thinking that would help, ignoring the fact that she could still see them. They were hiding among society, among her high school, they were looking for something she had, a family heirloom that wasn’t really hers. It was stolen from the grasp of the lovers den and held as ransom so the thief’s secret would be kept. Once the thief was laid to rest the search began for the precious gem. You may think you know- but you truly don’t know the story of Serenity White. Now that we are all caught up with her shall we begin?

A few years ago

*Whistle blows*

“No. no, no. You want to have high hands! If you don’t, the opposite team will read every move you make. Serenity show them!” I walk myself to the setters position and get ready for the ball going exactly where I want it...

*Door shuts*

I look at the last girl walking into the locker room, her volleyball bag purposely slung into my shoulder.

“Do you have to be such a try hard? We’re your teammates but you treat us like chess pieces.” I look at her while putting my volleyball shoes into my locker, I’m not going to get into it. If I do, the coach will walk in and see the both of us arguing, she’ll bench us and I can’t have that- the college coaches are coming next month and I need all the game play on my hands I can get. I shut my locker and shuffle my lock so they can’t open it. I turn my back and grab my bag. As I walk out of the locker room and into the gym coach grabs my attention. I walk up to her,

“I hope they weren't to hard in there,”

“No, I know where they’re coming from, I can take it.”

“I know you can, listen. We have that scrimmage game coming up on Sunday with New York and I want you to play libero. Is that alright?” I nod my head.
“Of course coach.”

“Awesome.” I usually play middle blocker or setter just because of my height. I’m not that tall, but I am the tallest on my team. At a whopping 5′4. So I am constantly moving around the court. Our school is ranked #4 out of the entire high school volleyball. We have this season won 7 of 8 games, which always makes coach really happy. The reason coach wants me to play libero is because a new 5′8 girl might join the team and coach wants to see her reaction to blocking.

I turn my head to the left of me looking down the hall, no one should be here except for the students in clubs, so why are there teenage girls staring at the window of the office? I walk in the direction of the office when a smell hits my nose.

“Is that, cologne?” I whisper. It’s musky- disgusting. This person is about to get an earful from an animal rights activist. I clench on my volleyball bag and notice three men standing in the office. There backs turned to me. I tap on the tallest mans shoulder.

“Excuse me!” I can feel the fiery rage in my face. He turns around and smiles.

“how may I help-”

“Is that a musky scent cologne?” He looks at the others,

“Uh, I’m not really sure, why?”

“You know those come from a deer anus? Men like you are wearing the smell of a deer anus, how would you like it if someone sedated you and stuck a needle in your butt hole? Just to attract a smell that other female deer love?” They all looked startled. That’s right. I know about the musky scent. A lot of people think it’s an attractive scent, but if they knew where it came from they wouldn’t. The one that looks the youngest from the others erupts, he looks angry.

“Listen here, we can’t help the way we smell. So why don’t you take your blonde hair and get out of here- before I make you.” Oh that just lit a fire in me. But I was pulled away, quickly by the principle. I growled, what a jack ass. The principle brings me into his office and closes the door, quickly.

“Do you know who you were talking to just now?” I shake my head,

“No, and I don’t care.Mrs. Jacobson, your an animal activist, don’t you know what cologne they’re wearing.” She looks confused,
“No, I didn’t smell anything. But you can’t be picking fights. After you leave the office go straight to your brothers truck he is waiting for you outside.”

“But-” She points out the door. I have to remain calm. I breathe in, then out. I open the door and ignore them, hard. I open the double doors and see my brother in his red 1990 f-150 XLT. I smile and run to the pickup, I look inside and he has a truck part where I usually sit.
“Sorry sis, your in the back today.” I roll my eyes and throw my bag in the back, I jump in the back as he begins to drive. I lean myself against the window and close my eyes letting the wind hit against my skin.

“Siren, can you help me carry this part over to the shop?” I look at him with a ‘stink eye’.

“Ryan, how many times must I tell you not to call me Siren. But sure.” I grab the part and shuffle my feet along with him. We get to the shop and carry it over to a metal tray. I turn and look over at the very rare and original Chevrolet Blazer Chalet, my brother has been trying to get it running for the past two years, he has been polishing it and removing rust, so I’m guessing he’s about finished since he got this old rusty part. There is a long history between this car and my brother that I’d rather not get into. He immediately gets a solution ready to begin removing the rust off this part and renewing it back to life. Cars aren’t my thing but I know my way around them, I know how to fix an engine when it’s busted but nothing like my brother can. I grab my bag from the back of the car and begin to head inside, but first I need to say hi to Rhonda and sunshine, my pigs. I grab the two plates of sweet corn and set them down in front of their pins.

“Rhonda, sunshine! Come get dinner.” I say, they look up and quickly react to the smell of sweet corn. I give them some good scratches behind the ears as they eat. I smile and finally head inside.

I open the door to my parents screaming at each other. My smile immediately disappearing. They’re drunk. This is why I need my scholarship so I can get away from here, they are both too drunk to take care of themselves. I set my volleyball bag down at the door and remove my shoes.

“It’s all your fault! You’re the reason we’re here and have no job! If only you could have kept your filth-” My dad screams,

“DAD, MOM! ENOUGH! You’re both filthy, don’t blame Mom. Will you two please go take a shower before your too drunk to stand.” I shake my head and begin to clean up the living room, they both look ashamed that I’m doing this for them. I grab the beer bottles and vodka off the floor and begin throwing them away.

Last night was a long night, I was making sure my parents didn’t choke on there own throw up- like I always do. On average per week I get about an hour of sleep, but I’m determined to get my scholarship so I don’t have to do that anymore. I open my locker and grab my text books for my next class placing my last classes books back on the top shelf. I close it and am startled by the face awaiting me to close it, why does this always happen? that’s when I notice the face, it’s the tallest man from yesterday, the one I accused of wearing deer anus.

“hello.” I said. He crosses his arms and leans against the locker. I turned around and looked at my watch,

“I have 1 minute and 14 seconds before the bell rings. I can’t talk.” He walks over to me and looks into my eyes, wow. His eyes are Amber colors, but not the kind that look brown, these ones glow like a fiery sun.

“Don’t worry about the time, I’d like to talk to you for a minute.” he grabs my wrist, but all I want to do is stare into his eyes. They’re pulling me into whatever realm he is in. He pulls me away but I don’t break eye contact. He smiles,

“What is your name?”

“Serenity Donetta white.”

“Nice to meet you serenity, my name is Alan. The two others that were with me yesterday are my brothers. The quiet one is stetson and the rude one is Carter. We’re looking for something we think you have and this would go a lot easier if you told me where it was so we can get out of your hair. Have you seen this?” He holds up a picture of a dark black ring with golden wolves around it. I’ve never seen it in my life, it doesn’t look the slightest bit familiar. Why is he asking me? I shake my head and he reassures me to look again. but I give him the same answer.

“For now, I want you to become friends with us, we want to get to know you. But you won’t remember this. Understand?” I nod my head, but I don’t remember why. I look at my watch, shoot! I have 23 seconds left! I run to my class and get past the threshold as soon as the bell rings. I take my seat and wright the entry task in my notebook.

I wonder if those three boys were transfer students, I should ask student body at our meeting during lunch.

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