I Still Remember

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Love goes beyond a beautiful exterior. When the prettiest boy he's ever seen literally falls at his feet, Jin learns the true meaning of life. The chance encounter leads to a friendship that ultimately encourages his talent and sets him on a path to make his dreams come true. The me before you was nothing. "I still remember you and I want more." ***This story features pictures of BTS members and an angsty relationship between Jimin and Yoongi.*** Enjoy! (✿◠‿◠) None of these pictures belong to me. Please leave your thoughts and comments. (╯3╰) I will give you a happy face! ★~(◡ω◡✿)

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Can’t wait to find out how fictional Yoongi and Jin met? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this book, the boys are high school students that dream of becoming idols. This is fiction and in no way does it mimic the real people and their personal struggles. Before you begin to read please note the following.




This book contains mature themes such as:

⚠ Possessive love

⚠ Abusive relationship

⚠ Alcohol use

⚠ Sexual situations for mature readers

These things are not condoned by me nor are they glorified in the book. Real people have flaws and so do characters. This does not mean you should behave like this.

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Jin, the beautiful outcast that longs for friendship and love. He is generous with his time and money and believes taking care of others is the best way to show love.

Yoongi, the confident and giving soul that will seek out his dreams no matter the odds. He wants to raise those around him and supports all of their dreams without putting pressure.

Jimin, the sweet shy boy that just wants to be loved. His tender heart is easily bruised but he is also forgiving of other’s faults.

Jungkook, a kind reserved boy willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. He is ambitious and talented but not boastful.

JHope focused, giving, and motivated a beacon of love and energy to his friends.

Namjoon, a kind, and open-hearted guy, concerned for others and society.

Taehyung, a creative and sensitive boy with a heart of gold. He can sense other’s emotions better than the rest.

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