I Still Remember

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I Miss This

They sat around in Jin’s comfortable living room enjoying each other’s company. Jin couldn’t help smiling every time he met Yoongi’s eyes as they talked. Like a shy girl on a first date, he felt the butterflies all over again. He knew his cheeks were a little flushed and he hoped Yoongi wouldn’t notice.

“Are you hungry?” Jin asked hoping he would stick around longer.

“Yes, a bit,” Yoongi answered.

“Want to cook something together?”

Yoongi stared at him for a moment before finding the words, “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

They both got up and walked into Jin’s spacious kitchen. Yoongi waited for Jin to tell him what he could help him cook.

“Let’s each make a different dish and we’ll share it. Take whatever you need from the fridge,” Jin said.

Yoongi thought about it and decided it was best to see what there was so he could make up a dish. He was pretty good at cooking for himself and Jimin so he knew a few dishes by heart that he could impress Jin with. He started dicing some onions and garlic to put in his dish occasionally bumping into Jin to reach for this or that. Yoongi could tell Jin wasn’t used to sharing his kitchen but if the smile and flush on his face were any indications, he could be persuaded to share the space.

Jin was so cute and animated in his element he soon had Yoongi laughing at his cute expressions. It made Yoongi happy to share in his love of cooking. Jin reached over with a spoonful of broth for him to taste. As the spoon got closer to Yoongi’s lips, Jin couldn’t help staring and wondering what his lips taste like.

“Hmm, delicious.” Yoongi approved. His face showing how happy he felt hanging out with his old friend.

Just then, Yoongi got a call from Jimin. “Hi Jimin,” Yoongi said in a happy voice.

“Hi, Yoongi. Are you home?” Jimin asked.

“No. I came to visit Jin. Remember I told you.”

“Oh yeah. Well, I’m going out with friends don’t wait up for me,” Jimin said.

“Jimin wait! Where are you going?” Yoongi felt left out again, the familiar loneliness and jealousy rising in his gut.

“I don’t really know yet we are deciding.”

“Well, Can I go too?”

Jimin didn’t answer.

“Jimin,” Yoongi said with a quiver to his voice feeling ignored.

“What?” Jimin distractedly answered.

“I said, can I go with you?” His voice as small as he felt.

“No, just stay with Jin. You’ll have more fun.”

“Okay,” Yoongi said and hung up the phone before Jimin could hear him sob.

Jin couldn’t help overhearing the conversation. He wanted to hit Jimin for making Yoongi cry. Yoongi loves him so much how could he do that to him.

“Are you alright?” He asks Yoongi tentatively.

Yoongi wipes his eyes and sighs. “Yes, I guess so. He doesn’t want me to hang out with him and his friends and I don’t know why.”

“I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want you there. I would love it if you were always with me.”

Yoongi looks up at Jin with sad eyes. “Really?”

Jin pulls him closer and stares into his eyes. Yoongi’s expression changes from sad to surprised. Jin’s gaze drops to Yoongi’s parted pink lips. He can’t help himself and kisses Yoongi. Jin feels all his senses tingle. The warmth of Yoongi’s lips on his feels so good. Yes, that familiar feeling is back. The one that only Yoongi can make him feel.

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