I Still Remember

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What Am I to You

“Where there is anger there is always pain underneath.”

Yoongi sits in the cab letting himself think about Jimin again. He feels that familiar pain in his chest and his anxiety increases. He checks his phone to see the time. No messages. He opens the message showing Jimin kissing a girl and he doesn’t notice his own tears rolling down his cheeks until the image gets blurry. Looking at it makes him not feel so bad about being with Jin but Jimin can’t find out. Not because he would be jealous, he thinks, but because Jimin has a bad temper. He doesn’t usually get mad but when he does he can’t control himself. The sweet boy that Yoongi fell in love with disappears. Everyone has a dark side they say but Yoongi does not want to see Jimin’s. Even the nicest people have their limits.

Yoongi puts the key in the lock carefully trying to not make any noise. He doesn’t want to disturb Jimin if he’s already home sleeping but his heart is hammering inside his chest with fear. The minute he opens the door Jimin is there slamming it shut. So much for no noise. “Jimin!” Yoongi gulps his eyes wide with fear.

“What are you doing home so late?” Jimin asks his mouth hard with anger.

“I...I watched a movie with Jin. It got late.”

“Why is your hair damp? Not waiting for him to answer he pulls him close to inspect him further. “Your lips are swollen! You’ve been kissing!”

Yoongi doesn’t know what to say. He is too flustered by Jimin’s anger that he knows will not turn out well for him.

“Strip,” Jimin demands.

Yoongi starts to pull off his tee. When Yoongi doesn’t move fast enough, Jimin pulls him closer inspecting the red marks on his neck and chest. Yoongi looks into his eyes looking for jealousy but all he sees is lust and hate. Jimin pushes him hard against the wall. “I told you to strip.”

Yoongi drops his jeans and then his boxers doing what he’s told. He stands naked in front of Jimin hiding nothing from him. Jimin lifts his hand to pull his head closer but gets angrier when Yoongi flinches as if he was going to get hit. He pulls him in for an angry kiss hungrily biting his lip. “Is this what you wanted from me? Have I been ignoring you too much? Well, I’m not ignoring you now you slut. I’m so disappointed in you.” He sneers.

Yoongi whimpers at how rough Jimin tugs his hair, tears forming in his eyes again. “Jimin please don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what? This?”

Jimin slaps his ass hard making Yoongi cry out in pain. Jimin is getting more turned on. His pants feeling tighter around his member. “Turn around,” Jimin says as he lowers himself to look at the red mark his hand left on his butt cheek. He plants a soft kiss on the mark and then sucks a love bite on his ass but he wants to punish Yoongi not show mercy. He turns him around roughly and digs his fingers into his plump ass. Yoongi yelps in pain. Jimin pulls his own pants down and thrusts himself cruelly into Yoongi thinking of satisfying his own desire. When Yoongi’s painful yelps start turning into moans of pleasure, Jimin pulls out to further torture the boy.

“Jimin, please don’t stop.” Yoongi pulls him close trying to kiss Jimin’s lips but Jimin slaps him hard in the face.

“What am I to you Jimin?” Yoongi cries. “Do you still love me or are you playing with me? Your own friends think what you do is messed up. One of them sent me a video of you kissing a girl. You hurt me all the time, but you don’t care. You just use me and kick me around. I can’t take it anymore.”

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