I Still Remember

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I Want You

in wakes up to the hazy soft light from the window. With a languorous stretch, he thinks of his lover with a beautiful smile on his face. He sensually caresses the soft sheets of his bed that still smell of Yoongi’s fragrance. With a longing in his heart, he says, “I wish you were here my love.” He is frustrated that he can’t call him. I want to see you. I want to meet you for lunch at a nice place. I want to pamper you and tell you how you make me feel. He doesn’t know that the object of his heart still rests after crying himself to sleep nor the oppressive toxic relationship he is in.

Yoongi’s eyes flutter open. He groans as his tired muscles protest his every move.
The oppressive stillness of the air making it even harder to get up. Jimin stirs next to him wrapping his arms around Yoongi and pulling him closer. Yoongi thinks of the terrible fight they had last night. He doesn’t understand why Jimin is always so mad at him.

They didn’t makeup. Yet, here is Jimin in his bed possessively holding him and kissing his neck sweetly. Yoongi sighs not knowing what to do. When did it all go wrong? He can’t help himself. The tears come again. Being with Jin has given him the courage to fight back, or is it that he has finally reached the limit of what he can take. He had come to feel that love was always painful.

Jin’s loving gaze and sweet touch in contrast to what he was used to were exactly what he needed. He wanted to see Jin today, to bask in his love but he can’t let him see the bruises on his body. Jimin lost it yesterday. After Yoongi asked him if he still loved him, Jimin got scared that Yoongi wanted to leave him. He begged Yoongi not to go. The tables were turned, but Yoongi just wanted space to think. When he started to walk away toward his room, Jimin attacked him like he wanted to kill him. Afterward, Jimin cried telling him how much he loves him, kissing every bruise he had made. His mind made up, Yoongi would leave today even if he had to leave his belongings behind. It was a small price to pay for his freedom. What happened to the Chim-chim he loved?

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