I Still Remember

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My Blood Beats Faster

Heartstruck Jin tries to forget his encounter with the pink-haired boy but as much as he tries he just can’t get him off his mind. After all, how often does one find such an aesthetically pleasing human being? ‘Two lovely people like us should be together as friends if nothing else.’

Every time he spots the cute boy at school, his blood beats faster, his ears flush, and he forgets what he was doing.

‘I’ve never had a crush on a guy before. What is happening to me? I’d pay for your breakfast anytime if you’d be willing to be my friend. He is so compelling, so cool. I have to get to know him.’

‘What’s on your mind boy? Where do you go? What do you do? I should talk to him. I should ask him to come over. I’m too scared though. I’m too tongue-tied. Why does he not notice me? I stand by the spot where we met but he never comes. He probably doesn’t have money to buy the egg-bread. I wish I could buy it for him.’ He thinks all these jumbled thoughts effectively disconnecting him from his surroundings. It’s as if a love spell has been cast on him by a mischievous pink-haired fairy.

Not surprisingly, Jin thinks about him on his way home. Suddenly a blissful smile comes to his face. The object of his fascination just passed by on a scooter delivering pizzas. Jin quickly jots down the number on the scooter. “Gotcha!” He says to himself.

Jin rushes home and gets ready for his plan. The machinations in his mind coming up with varied scenarios where he ends up kissing the adorable boy on the scooter. Of course, he doesn’t really think that will happen. When he’s finally done getting ready, he nervously calls the number and orders 3 different pizzas. He figures this way he can give the delivery boy a bigger tip without looking suspicious. If nothing else, he might catch a glimpse of him by the egg-bread stand in the morning and possibly strike up a conversation.

As time ticks by, he keeps glancing at the clock. Suddenly, he realizes that they might not send the cute boy. He jumps to look out the window and is delighted when he spots him parking his scooter. As the pizza guy looks for the address, Jin’s hands shake with anticipation. Jin’s heart is pounding and his cheeks are flushed. He checks himself in the mirror to make sure he looks perfect. ‘I’m so stupid,’ he thinks.

Jin slowly opens the door finally fixing his gaze on his crush trying to look cool but feeling awkward instead. Pizza boy looks back at him recognizing him from school. His pretty eyes sparkle with mischief.

“Hi Egg-bread, nice house.” Yoongi greets.

Jin giggles at the nickname. “I’m Seok-jin” He clarifies. “Call me Jin.”

“Min Yoongi, call me Yoongi,” he mimics handing him the pizza boxes.

“Thank you.” Jin says receiving the pizzas making sure to touch Yoongi’s hand “accidentally,” as sparks and goose-bumps make their way up his arm. He hands him the money and somehow manages to say, “Hey, I ordered all this and now my family isn’t coming. Would you like to join me?”

Yoongi’s mouth hangs open at this guy’s open flirting. He has the urge to run but hates turning down free food. With a disappointed look, he declines the kind offer. “Sorry, Egg-bread you’ll have to try some other time. I’m still on the clock.”

Yoongi’s disappointed face encourages Jin to try harder, “Come back after work then. I’ll wait.”

“Are you always this persistent? .... Okay, I get off in an hour.” Yoongi agrees and walks off.

Jin bites his lip trying to hide his smile as his eyes follow the retreating boy. Once the door closes he does a little celebratory dance.

“I saw that coy little smirk. He knows I like him!” He says to himself.

And now to wait!


With a little frown, Yoongi looks down at his shirt full of bits of the cardboard boxes he was folding before it was finally time for his shift to end. He hopes he doesn’t smell like pizza but then again Jin likes pizza so it’s ok. His confidence is renewed when he remembers the ‘accidental touch,’ and he can’t wait to share a pizza with the awkward but handsome dude.

He is not disappointed when Jin looks amazed that he came back and offers him a drink.

“I’ll have a beer. Thanks.” Yoongi says looking around the elegant spacious place. “You must be rich,” he blurts out, “Do you live here on your own?”

“With my parents. Make yourself at home.”

Yoongi leaves his shoes by the door marveling at the beautiful soft carpet not wanting to ruin it.

Jin’s gaze follows him as Yoongi takes in the luxury Jin is accustomed to. He finally has a chance to know more about him and doesn’t hesitate to ask him questions.

“How about you? Do you live around here?” Jin says taking a bite of pizza.

“I don’t live in such a nice place but it’s pretty close to school. I share a room with my best friend, Jimin.”

“Thank you, but it’s kind of lonely here. Must be nice to live with your best friend. What do you guys do for fun?”

“I would say listening to music or just hanging out with friends. We play basketball too.”

“What is your dream?”

“Ever since I was little I wanted to do rap. I want to make music, I just have to do it. You could say it’s my dream to be a producer. I like to perform my music on the street and sometimes at open mic nights. I rap. You should come with me sometime. It’s fun.”

“Sure, I’d like that you’re so cool. ‘That’s why I wanted to know you.’

Yoongi looks around the room a little nervous being in this rich guy’s house. Everything in Jin’s house looks expensive. “Hey! You have a piano! I’d love to play it. Do you play?” Yoongi says excitedly.

“No, but I sing and play the guitar. I also love to cook.”

“Me too. My mom is a cook. She taught me.” Yoongi says expertly playing on the piano that Jin has never even opened.

“Maybe you can come over and we’ll cook together.” Jin offers enthralled by his long elegant fingers.

Yoongi agrees, “I like meat. Especially bar-b-q!”

“Is that a hint?” Jin thinks that’s cute. He smiles thinking he wants to bar-b-q meat for Yoongi. Poor thing probably never gets to eat it. “I’ll make you some.”

“Okay.” Yoongi leans back on the couch making himself at home. He feels comfortable here. This place is nice.

“You mentioned you rap. Can I hear some of your music?”

“Get ready to be mind-blown. Just kidding.” Yoongi says playing a recording on his phone. He is confident when he raps, but one on one he’s actually shy and hopes Jin likes it. Yoongi shyly looks up at Jin trying to see if he really likes it or is just pretending. He seems impressed making Yoongi smile and share his passion. “I recorded this on my phone yesterday.”

Jin nods understanding better what makes him tick increasing his strong attraction. “I have a passion too. I want to be an actor.”

“I can see that for you. I’m sure you’ll be very successful.” Yoongi encourages him.

After listening to the music and finishing the pizza, they decided to go out. Yoongi is so excited to share his interests with Jin that he doesn’t go home. Jin’s enthusiasm for his interest makes him want to show his new friend some of the places he goes to watch live artists and where he himself performs.

Jin was up for a fun time and he can’t believe how well the night is going. He really didn’t have many friends and he certainly wasn’t used to going out on a school night. This was more than he hoped for and he didn’t want it to end. The fast-paced night got rowdier and rowdier as they both drank and enjoyed themselves. Jin didn’t know it was possible to have this much fun with someone. They explored the city well into the night ending up in a mob of people at some underground club. Yoongi’s swag getting them into places they shouldn’t be at their age. Yoongi pulling him by the hand so he wouldn’t lose him, they finally step out of the noisy club into the street.

Jin sees his chance as they walk by a dark corner of an alley. He confidently pushes Yoongi against the wall giving Yoongi no choice but to look up at the taller boy. The younger’s lips are slightly parted surprised by the boy’s boldness. Jin seizes the moment and plants a kiss on his lips. Yoongi pushes him off and takes off running down the dark street towards the crowd. He is confident in most things but not this. Being ambiguous about his sexuality, Jin’s boldness surprises him and scares him a little.

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