I Still Remember

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Would Go With You Anywhere

Yoongi finally stumbles in after a long night of drinking and partying. His body is about to give out as he fumbles for the doorknob too drunk to realize how much noise he is making. He falls on the floor not even making it to his intended target, the bed. From this spot he looks around for Jimin. In the dim light, Yoongi finds him laying on the couch with his feet hanging over the side awkwardly. When he takes a closer look, he notices the bruises on Jimin’s face and his torn bloody shirt. Yoongi picks up his small frame and carries him to the bed.

He cuddles next to him and whispers. “I’m sorry Chim-chim. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” Even in his stupor, he feels guilty for all the times Jimin has helped him, but the boy can’t even count on him to bring a pizza.

When he didn’t come home, Jimin had gone out looking for him worried about his friend that hangs out in a rough neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was little Jimin that got mugged. When the muggers saw he had nothing, they beat him up.

Yoongi passes out from exhaustion as Jimin’s eyes flutter open. He sees his Yoongi next to him and smiles through his tears. Relief flooding him and the sweet release of sleep overtakes him.

The next morning Yoongi wakes with a huge headache. He looks for little Jimin to help him but then sees the sorry state of his roommate. Pity, anger and self-loathing engulf him all at once. Jimin let’s out a whimper when Yoongi stirs. Although he’s trying not to disturb him he sees it hurts and it’s too much for the elder. He looks him up and down lifting his torn shirt only to see the nasty bruises on his ribs he did not notice last night.

“Jimin who did this to you. I will kill them!” Yoongi yells.

“It’s not so bad Yoongi,” Jimin whispers pulling on Yoongi to quite him.

“It is! Tell me! I will beat them to a pulp for daring to hurt you!”

Yoongi bends down to get his shoes and the room spins. He nearly falls on Jimin. His complexion a little green.

“Look at you hyung. You can’t even stand. I won’t let you go.” Jimin pleads.

“I’m fine. I just got up too quick. Tell me Jimin!”

“No hyung, if they hurt you it will hurt me more than these bruises!”

That statement is too much for Yoongi and he starts to cry feeling powerless. He pulls his legs up to his chest and buries his face in his hands as he is wracked by sobs. Jimin slowly gets up for his delivery job. He frowns hearing Yoongi’s cries is breaking his heart.”

“No, you’re not going. I’ll do it for you.” Yoongi commands determined to help him. He roughly wipes the tears from his face and gets up.

“But you don’t know the route or the customers.” Jimin thinks he’s not thinking straight.

“Well, I’ll go with you and carry the papers.”

“Okay hyung, if you want.” Jimin gave him a little smile of gratitude. He figures Yoongi will feel better if he lets him help.

“I do and I’ll buy you breakfast. I have some money.”

Jimin smiles. He’s not happy about what happened but he’s happy Yoongi cares so much for him and in that sorry state the two friends head out.

I would go with you anywhere.
- Bloc Party

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