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A Love that Keeps Me Waiting

Yoongi felt bad for his friend that got mugged but to be honest he wasn’t feeling well either. He threw up a couple of times along the way. Jimin felt bad for him but he hoped it would teach him not to overdo it. When they finally finished the job, they went back home relieved that they could go back to sleep. Yoongi’s arms ached. Exhaustion showing on his face that is extra pale even for him.

Under his skin, Jimin felt uncomfortable with a nervousness in the pit of his stomach like when you’re waiting for bad news. Jimin wanted to know what happened last night. It wasn’t like Yoongi not to ask him to tag along. That’s one of the things he really liked about him. He never felt lonely anymore since Yoongi became his friend. If he was honest with himself, Jimin knew the feeling he had was jealousy. In truth, he had been obsessed with Yoongi even before they became friends. He was afraid that handsome guy was also becoming obsessed with his charming roommate and he wasn’t going to let Yoongi go so easily. The problem was Yoongi treated him like a friend. He wasn’t aware how much Jimin liked him or if he was, he pretended not to know.

Finally, Jimin asked Yoongi why he wouldn’t answer his calls yesterday.

“You kept me waiting.” He says with a pain in his heart.

Yoongi didn’t answer him straight away. Jimin had to shake him a little. “I couldn’t pay the bill Jimin.” He said in an annoyed voice like how do you not know this.

“But you had money for beer.” Jimin scolded.

“I didn’t buy them. It was my friend Jin.

“Who is that?” Jimin asked.

“The Egg-bread guy.”

“Oh, so he took you out?” Jimin’s nagging fear making him angry.

“No, I delivered a pizza to him and he invited me to have some. You know me. I don’t turn down free food.”

“Or beer, I see!”

“You should see his house. Wow, a refrigerator full of food and beer and he has a piano!”

“Amazing!” Jimin says sarcastically.

You were right.” Yoongi said coyly.


“He likes me.”


“He kissed me.” Yoongi smiled when he said this laughing a little.

“Did you like it?”

“No! I wanted to punch him, ... but I suddenly remembered all the beer he bought me. Seemed like a small price to pay.”

Jimin was exasperated. He frowned thinking how jealous that made him feel. Yoongi owed him for saving his life when he found him freezing in the park. Too weak to move, he had to carry him and warm him up while he violently shook yet Yoongi forgets him and leaves him to starve. He even shared his home and made him food too and he just keeps him waiting. Jimin hadn’t noticed how much he really cared about Yoongi till he felt this jealous and used.

“Hey Jimin, are you alright?” Yoongi asked noticing the change in his mood.

“You should have come home. I was starving waiting for you. You suck!”

“I know.” He says wearily. “You look really tired. Let’s go to bed.” Yoongi said giving him a soft hug.

Normally this would make Jimin happy but not today. Yoongi and he were just friends. He needed to stop acting like they are more than that.

“I’m sorry. I really am.” Yoongi apologized.

On the other side of town, handsome Jin made his way back home, fluctuating between happiness for the blast he had with Yoongi and despair cause he may have ruined everything with that kiss. Jin didn’t understand what made him do it. He normally wasn’t so spontaneous or courageous. In fact he was the opposite but, on the other hand, it made him feel cool that he made the first move. This was a day of firsts for him and he was proud of himself. He desperately wanted to call him but he hadn’t asked for his phone number. Seeing Yoongi’s reaction to him would have to wait till Monday. He could also blame his rashness on the beer and still be friends. The more he thought about it the less scared he was, that is, until he remembered how Yoongi ran away.

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