I Still Remember

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With Broken Dreams

I broke up with fear so I could marry my dreams

Yoongi sat in the classroom by himself. The teacher that spoke to him had already left. Yoongi stayed there numb after learning that although he passed the test, his score was not high enough to raise his GPA to the standard set by his scholarship. His last chance had come and gone. What would he do now?

His dream that was within his reach was being pulled away. The saddest thing would be saying goodbye to his friends. He would have to go back home a failure and finish school there. He was actually embarrassed to go to basketball practice, cause he would have to tell them he could no longer be on the team. So he just sat there alone and despondent.

When Yoongi didn’t show up, the guys got worried. Jimin kept looking at his watch. Yoongi never missed practice, no matter how busy or tired he was. He always seemed to have the energy for it. Jimin knew that Yoongi was worried about his grades and the math test he needed to pass. He quietly left the guys as they conversed about Yoongi and how they became friends. He went to check the math classroom and there he was slumped in his chair. When Jimin opened the door Yoongi looked up. The minute their eyes met Yoongi started to cry.

“What’s wrong!” Jimin cried rushing to him. Yoongi got up letting Jimin console him.

“That’s it. I lost the scholarship. They’re letting me stay till the end of this term but I have to leave if I can’t pay.”

“There must be something we can do. Let’s think about it.”

“No, Jimin. There’s no way.” Yoongi cried.

“Sure there is. Let’s talk to the coach. Maybe he can do something. I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose his best player.”

Jimin pulled Yoongi out of the class. “Go now,” Jimin said.

As they were walking towards the gym, they saw their friends. Yoongi tried to be cool but his pout betrayed him. Tears soon followed when they showed concern for him. The coach said he would try to get him another chance as Yoongi explained his situation. He was feeling a little better by the time they all took him to eat.

Jin took him aside and handed him some money. “Don’t lose hope. I’m going to help you. You have inspired me so much and made me part of your group of friends. I’ve always felt like an outsider, but now I’m so much happier thanks to you. Now it’s my turn to help you. I don’t want to lose you after I’ve just found you.”

“Jin you’re my friend. You don’t have to give me anything. I will still like you,” he said trying to give him back the money.

“No. Keep it. It makes me happy. There’s nothing I want more than to know I made you happy.”

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