The Fulani Bride

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Boddo is a Fulani girl, who will be married at young age of 13yrs to the man who she never knew or saw in her life who is also will a village girl like Boddo Survive..will she be able fight to reach her destination..? Is all about the Fulani's✍🏽

Romance / Other
Hafsat Mohd Arabi
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The Loving Boddo

My Fist English Story so as you all know...... no comments from me but I need it from you all👌 May Allah Subhanahu Wata'Ala Make It Easy On Us All Ameen👏 Bisimillah

I saw a beautiful 12yrs old girl with her hair decorated with cowrie shell, and is dress with black cotton material, embollished with blue, red and green thread embroidery work, dancing.

The other women and girls praising her dancing effort lavishly, some of them are even singing while some are also clapping hands for her.

When suddenly she was interrupted by her cousin sister, who suddenly grabbed her left hand calling her name.

" Boddo! Baddo! Come here!"

She grabbed her hand away from the crowd. She looked at her cousin angrily, becouse she hate it when ever somebody disrupted her dancing, she love dancing a lot.

" innawuro what was that? Why did you stop my dancing do....".

" the city baffa is he....." she didn't even finish listening to the sentence, and she left run very fast, and left innawuro standing there, looking at Baddo behavior she muter under her breath, and then she run behind her screaming her name all over. Baddo is running so fast that she could not turn to see her sister despite she can hear her, but all she care about is the city people.

From a long distance she spotted the beautiful black car parked near by her (Nyaako) father Mbororo where he usually relaxed and also see his visitors as he the (Ardo) head of the village.

" Boddo why do keep running very fast, (maduujo) mother said is wrong for a female child to run fast like that".

Boddo sigh heavenly as she keep reducing her running level to that slowly one, not becouse she is tired or she don't want to reach that beautiful car and see the city people but she is afraid of her father, knowing he will be with them.

" Hye look innawuro since your dearest mother told you not to, then why do you keep running after me?!". She said that gazing at innawuro sadly with her angry face.

" alright then since you don't want me to follow you then I will not tell you anything, from now onward!".

She was about to leave when Boddo grabbed her hands " please! Please! My friend I am sorry I won't do that again, and please I don't want go alone you know father will be very mad at me as I left home without telling anyone".

Innawuro sigh like she was still angry, with her face still looking very sad. Boddo is scared to death as she know innawuro will left and let her go alone, that is what she is afraid of.

" innawuro please! I say I am sorry" she said that with a smile in her beautiful face, which makes innawuro smile back at her and push her.

" no one can ever get mad at you as you know how to win people's heart with words lets go then" they hold each other hands and countinue walking like nothing ever happened.

" Ardo I can't seem to see my doughter anyway around, where is she?".

Ardo nod his head, as he does not know where Boddo went to, which always makes him angry. If there is anything he hated is for her not to go anywhere. Boddo is his only female child he love her a lot, he does not want to loose a sight of her even once and she is gifted, she knowledgeable, intelligent in many ways more than children of her age in Mangu.

" Ardo if you will permit me I will love to take her to the city as you have already known about the Marriage settings with Datti, who is about to complete his study in US and retur....." he suddenly keep mute looking how his elder brother reaction, who's reflection suddenly change to sad one.

" Impossible!"

Gidado is shocked by his brother words which is like a knife to his throat, he never even once forget there long agreement.

" why is't impossible? How can you utter such word brother?" Gidado said this by risen up from his chair.

The room is silent as all of them suddenly go mute.

" Boddo look at this car?"

" I spotted it since, which is why I was running to come and touch" they start giggling while looking and touching the car.

" innawuro come and see! I can see myself! This car has mirror!"

She screamed which announce her arrival to Ardo her father, who quickly left the room in hurry to see her.

" Boddo! Baddo! Come here!"

He shouted, while Boddo started shaking as she knew how angry he sound unlikely when he is in good mood.

" come here quickly! And tell me where you went to without taking permission from anyone in that house!".

As she start walking toward him shakinly. She start murmuring her lips shakinly.

" has a cat cut your tongue! I am asking you something! Where have you being?!" He saked again angryly than last time, and is about to hit her when gidado suddenly interrupt, by putting her by his left side which makes Ardo miss his target.

" please My brother I am begging you please and please don't hit her?" He put of his two hands together begging him.

" you should be grateful to your Baffah if it wasn't for him today only Allah will save you from my wrath". he went inside his mbororo and left them outside.

Suddenly she remember innawuro who is together with her, she look around but could not find innawuro anywhere. " she hypocrite she left me to be beaten Walh I will catch you!"

She said that angrily and confidently which makes her baffah gidado laugh loudly. Which makes her stare at him the way he laughing which is making her more furious about what innawuro did to her, she promise to definitely take revenge.

Fans! Fans! Calm me down did I hear Datti from US like Seriously....Anyway we will love to see who the groom will be!...,From Mrs.Isa❤️ your comment will make me countinue or stop!

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