Patience (Antisepticeye x female reader)

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Humans are an interesting species, I’ve always been curious about there behaviors, mannerisms, and their lifestyle. The humans I’ve mainly like are the ones willing to mingle around, why would they put themselves in such a disgusting situation just to feel closer to their partners? Don’t get me wrong I do the same but it’s never for the expectation of making the other love me how come you keep coming back to me? I’ve tried hurting you yet you keep you post. What’s wrong with this human?

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The morning

It’s another day here on this filthy, poor excuse, broken planet that’s infested with creatures of all kind. The main dominat species are the homosapiens, or simpler, the humans.

Stretching as I get out of bed I look out the window, the sun blinds me with it’s radiant light as I look down into the street filled with people. All minding to each owns, all dressed in different styles of clothing. I scrunch my face in disgust as I made eye contact with a naked one.

Someone knocks at my door, “Proceed.” I allow entry to whoever knocked at my door.

“Oh, you’re awake. Good to see, do you want any breakfast dear?” I turn to see my caretaker, which I call Mrs. Rogers.

I smile, faking it of course. “I’d be delighted to Mrs. Rogers.”

The small wrinkly woman chuckles, “How many times must I tell you, you can call me ‘mother’ sweetie. You’ve been calling me by my widow name for years now.”

“Sorry, I’m still not used to the name.” I apologize.

“It’s fine dear. Put on some clothes, I’ll see you in the kitchen.” Mother pats my facial cheek as she leaves, I open the door for her she says thank you.

I go over to my closet, there I get all the necessary items of clothing I need. Odd that Mrs. Rogers for years now has told me to call her “Mother” when she has in fact not birthed me, along with a enemy of mine Darkiplier. She tells us we were left in an alleyway by our birth mother’s, unwanted by them. When she found us we were nearly died, at the touch of death. Since then, me and my “Brother” have lived with our “Mother”, she never explained to us where her previous husband had gone she only tells us “he’s in a better and safer place now” I just assume he’s in a hospital or something.

Waking out of my room dressed, I sit at the table and wait for breakfast. Darkiplier sits next to me, waiting as well. Mother hands us plates with a chicken fetus scrambled, pig skin grilled, and some baked bread. “Enjoy, you two.” Mother says with a smile.

“Thank you Mother.” Me and Darkiplier say as we eat our unnecessary sustenance, but out of kindness eat anyways.

“You boys better hurry on now, don’t wanna be late for work now do we?” Mother says seating down.

“No, Mother.” Me and Darkiplier say as we rise from our seats to clean our plates.

“Mother, have you seen my keys anywhere by chance.” Darkiplier asks Mother.

“There on the key rack, dear.” Mother says, pointing in the direction of the key rack.

“Thank you, Mother.” Darkiplier acknowledges.

I grad my jacket that’s by the front door. “I’m leaving now, farewell Mother.” I say as I’m halfway out the door.

“Goodbye, my little sweet boy. I’ll see you later, I love you.” She waves, I wave back.

As I walk down the apartment steps I think to myself, ‘Strange. Mother must be going blind, I’m not little I’m an average size for my age. I must heal her tonight of this disease.’

With that I’m walking to my job at a flower shop with a little bakery in it, very odd mix of the two.

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