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Love under the stars at twilight

Romance / Adventure
Jerry Smith
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Twilight love story under the stars

It all started up in Montana Glacier National Park in the month of August It was a bit twisted

not knowing if she was telling the truth holding back, If She had a husband or engaged she was

Playing hard it get . She was being truthful with me just taking her time needed time to get to

know me. I belive she like me very much I ask her to be my partner in research on Sasquatches

Sasha was very good with a camera she help me with my research equipment and reports . I

told her we be making many trips different places around the world but mostly and there would

be tough times so places would be primitive maybe only a couple, the rest of them would be

modern. Fully furnish with furniture, appliances water . It was a start of a good thing, We only

had one 1 experience with a Sasquatch came into the camp before I.brought her in as a partner

The more we were together the more she got to liking me. I did all I could to treat her right and

be truthful to her. She was a very nice lady easy to talk to I shoe her the rope show to be a

Researcher use the equipment wasn't hard until you had to collect scat hair samples we just

to point in our life that Sasha and I were like two peas in a pod, When we find a cabin with

Cabin with only one bed. than we had to share it. That gave us more closeness start a better

relationship between the two of us. Sasha and I fell in love with each other. My love

life not twisted up any more we got engaged that fall beliveing we had a baby on the wat but

don't know for sure It came October Sasha started show her pregnancy, by may she was ready

to have the baby girl would name Rebecca Sasha Smith She would a look just like her mother.

Had twins girl & boy later the following year. The oldest girl will become a researcher like her

dad and the twins Sonya and Jesse Sonya became a R.I.N. Jesse a engineer in building dams.

Sasha and I got married before Rebecca was born but took a late honey moon to Sweden,

We were to late to get back home on time the twins were born in Sweden Stockholm. So they

became Swedish American. I finish my years of researching my daughter taking over . Maybe

Her mother will work with her till she finds a partner I retired from researching unless one of

them need my help I will help with reports they bring to me I might take in one more trip .

The End!

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