Hot Summer Nights

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Paige Sommers, captain of the rugby team, is surprisingly a quiet teenager, who leads a fairly normal life. Her parents are rarely ever home, so she has taught herself to be independent and strong. When her mother and father are forced to go on an emergency business trip just weeks before her eighteenth birthday, she is forced to move in with her best friends. It won't be too bad will it? Ashton Parker, captain of the football team, is a popular teenager with a normal life. He loves his three friends, RJ, Callie (his twin), and Paige. He was once an outgoing and explosive teen but, a year before their senior year, something happened to him, causing him to shut everyone out and leave his old, 'partying' days behind him. He hasn't told anyone about that night, except for his family and his therapist. How will living together impact their lives?

Romance / Humor
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