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A beautiful love story

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

That march night when a aurora appeared , that shadow of that tall man standing on that rock.The man who seemed cryptic for just ten minutes . But when he got down i could see his alluring,angelic,appealing,bewitching,handsome face.It struck my heart when i saw his integral,grand,intact,plenary form.Nearly as i finished drooling over him he came towards me , as i tried to avoid his nearing he held me in his arms and lifted me up into the air and asked me ‘what’s your name senorita ?’ with an Spanish romantic accent.He tightened his arms around my waist as i shouted at him to let me down on the ground.I closed my eyes as i shouted at him but, then he suddenly stopped and let me down and i opened my eyes as to see the starry sky.I was amazed as i saw that aurora characterized by the appearance of streamers of the reddish and greenish light in the sky.I was mesmerized by that aurora which appeared in the starry,dark sky.I had never seen something so beautiful since i was born.I became so observant while looking at the reddish and green streamers that had appeared in the dark,starry sky.As i was observing i could see that the spanish man was also into the sky i took this chance to escape from the cryptic,creepy fellow.

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