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A lady named Sienna fell in love and got hurt. She left the man for good and began a new chapter of her life. But how will she live her new chapter of life if that man insists to stay?

Romance / Mystery
♡Psychd Kate♡
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Chapter 1

“I’ll give you the space you need. But I’ll never let you go. Even if you decide to leave me, I shall always find you.”

My mind was awakened by the bell when I heard it rang. “Sienna, I’ve been asking you for the third time now. ARE. YOU. ALRIGHT?!” Leslie asked while grabbing her books off the table. “Oh, I’m fine!” I replied and smiled. I lied. I’m definitely not okay. The words never got out of my mind. I don’t know him, but his words struck through me.

While walking to the cafeteria with Leslie and Jenna, Leslie looked at me and raised her left eyebrow. “So, Sienna, you’re going to come, RIGHT?” She emphasized the word, ‘RIGHT’. But wait. What? Where? “Huh? What are you talking about? Going where?” Jenna rolled her eyes. “Sienna Raynier Michens! How dare you ignore the invite of a beautiful young prince?!” Jenna then danced—as if she’s a ballet dancer— on the hallways. *EYEROLL* “Eww Jenna, you’re calling him ‘young prince’ but it doesn’t really suit him. Haha!” Leslie is being mean again. “I don’t care what you think about Jack, but he really is my charming prince.” Leslie is right. Jenna got really weird tastes in men. There was one time, she fell in love with a nerd in our class and cried when he transferred to another school. Poor Jenna. “Wrong. He’s your NOT-CHARMING-PRINCE!” Leslie laughed hard. Yes. HARD. Hard enough for people to stare at us. “Les, stop laughing. The most laughable joke in the world is not your joke. It’s you. Because your whole life’s a joke.” I told Leslie. And guess what? We spent the whole lunch time listening to this girl’s laugh. I haven’t even had the chance to ask about Jack’s ‘invitation’. Unbelievable.

“Students, I have to go to the faculty and meet a new student who’ll be transferring here tomorrow, okay? So there won’t be any class for all of you now. Class dismissed.”

The teacher left and the class yelled ‘YES!’ in excitement and started to plan where they should hang for the rest of their spare time.

“Miss Michens?” A HANDSOME man called me by my surname with a ‘miss’. The whole class laughed and silenced as soon as they saw the face of the guy who called me. I know, right? He’s handsome indeed! I stood up. “Yes?” I asked, walking towards him. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked me while constantly checking my back. Idk, he’s kinda nervous? He’s cute. He’s handsome. He got tantalizing smokey brown eyes and brown curly hair. Omg. Wait. Why is he constantly checking my back? “Hey. Do you mind if I ask? D-do you have a turret syndrome? Or is that a habit of yours?” He was stunned. Speechless. I can tell he’s surprised with my sudden question. “I-I’m sorry, but you look kinda unwell right now. It’s okay, just ignore my question. I definitely understand that you’re going through something that is really difficult for you. If there’s anything you need, please tell me.” He stared at me. Still speechless. But this time, he’s smiling. Wait, is he a retard? He glanced again at my back. “You keep looking at my back, what is it--” He grabbed me by my hand and I failed to look back. He asked me while staring at me in the eyes… “Do you have a boyfriend?”

To be continued.

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