Unexpectedly Broken

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Two High school students who believe to have the perfect relationship, realize they both are going through pain.

Romance / Humor
Broken Season
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When They Met

It started out freshmen year. Holy met Jamie online through social media. They started out with small talks. It was winter break so it was impossible to be able to meet up. They both find out they were both born on the same exact day. May 5, xxxx. It was pretty odd to be exact so they decided to stay in contact.

Winter break was finally over and they decided to meet up with each other after school. Jamie was waiting for holy at a cafe and he orderedtwo vanilla milkshakes. In less then 10 mins Holy arrived. They were both excited but had the different intentions. Jamie found Holy cute, so he wanted to get to know her more and see if they can build a relationship. Holy on the other hand just wanted to meet a new friend, she recently lost her childhood best friend so she has been feeling a bit lonely.

Jamie: ‘Stares intensely’

Holy: ‘freaks out but finds it funny so she starts laughing..’

Jamie: Why are you laughing am I that ugly..

Jamie has a buzz cut, that he can afford to do every two weeks. Wears the same tacky grey hoodie, and absolutely no sense of style. Goes to the lamest school, tech high school. He is Known to be a player that gets bored easily. But has a good sense of humor.

Holy: Lol I never said anything about you being ugly... you just keep staring at me without saying a word.

Holy always straightens her hair to look pretty. Carries a purse around, and loves to wear lots of lip gloss. She always has her nails done and one of the most known person at prep high school.

Jamie: ok I’ll be straight forward with you.. I think your really cute and I already like your personality. Do you maybe want to start talking? ‘Puts hand behind his head and does that little head rub’

Holy: huh? ‘Blushes and looks away.’ T_T

(For someone who has never done this in my entire life, I am sure extremely nervous about this..)

What do you exactly find interesting about me?

Jamie: well I heard a lot about you from your friends, of course. I thought maybe we should get to know each other some... more. Well of course that’s if you want-

Holy; ‘stands up and slaps table’ OF COURSE THAT IS WHAT I WANT (definitely what holy did not have in mind) ! ‘Remembers where she is so starts to sit down slowly’ (great I embarrassed my self what a good first impression T_T)

Jamie: ‘looked scared the whole time’ haha.. ok so do you want to start with a kiss?

Holy; ‘Turns away quickly while blushing’ (HOLY SHIT, WE ARE GOING TO KISS ALREADY. IM WAY TOO UNEXPERIENCED FOR THIS WTF DO I DO.) ok I’ll do it. Let’s go outside of the cafe.

Jamie: ‘proud of how far this has gotten. Celebrating FB at it’s finest’

-outside the cafe-

Jamie’s grabs her waist and goes for the kiss. Holy has experienced before with girls (kissing only) so, she does have experience although she thinks it doesn’t count.

Jamie: WOW your actually a great kisser. How many guys have you dated???

Holy: um don’t laugh. It was only one and we didn’t even do anything at all together T_T. Anyways sorry for wasting your time. You were probably expecting some girl that can make you happy. It’s definitely not me. I-

Jamie: no.. ( Jamie grabs holy arm) like I said, I want to get to know you more. Your an interesting person. Besides your my twin remember ( because we were born on the same day. You see what I did there.) it’s almost like we had a purpose to meet. Don’t you think?

Holy: haha I guess your right. Well it’s getting kind of late, then I’ll be going now. ‘Gives Jamie a smile and starts walking away’


Holy: that’s if I remember!

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