Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Alaina had always been content with being alone in life. With past relationships that never lasted she made the decision to leave her previous life of luxury for a life of isolation. With her only companion being her sassy German Shepherd namer Milo, Alaina settled down in the small outlying town of Baycrest. She thought she had everything she’d ever want and need in life...until she met him. Being one of the few members of the lycan population, Cyrus was used to living life through the looking glass. He didn’t have many friends but the ones he did have were for life. Being the strong shifter he was, no one dared to bother him and when he was in town no one got in his way. He was known to be a strictly business type of man who feared nothing. He didn’t know fear...until he met her.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

She stood out on the wooded porch of her tiny cabin, watching as the rain slowly become more and more heavy. It had been raining just about the whole day but based off the angry dark clouds headed the way of her home was a telltale sign that it was about to get much worse.

Most people were fearful of these types of storms but she found peace in them. The pattering of drops on the windows, the long silence and the final rumble of the sky. It was the never changing pattern of thunderstorms brought her a sense of tranquility.

Her attention was pulled from the incoming weather by her German Shepherd pressing his head into her leg with a loud whine. He stared up at his owner as she looked down on him and whines out again.

Alaina bent down to his height to rub behind his ears. "What is it boy? What's wrong?"

The dog moved out of his owners arms and trotted back into the house, knowing his owner would be right on his heels. Alaina smiled as she followed Milo back inside. "You haven't developed a sudden fear of thunderstorms, have you boy?"

Once inside Alaina took note of how Milo sat near her rain boots. His tongue flopped out the side of his mouth as he watched her.

"You can't hold it for a few hours milo?" Alaina wasn't too comfortable with going out into the forest when it looked like the storm was about to get a whole lot worse. She looked over her shoulder towards the window then back at the dog. "That storm is coming in pretty hot."

Just because I like storms, doesn't mean I enjoy being caught in them. She thought to herself.

They were only therapeutic to the young woman from inside the protection of a sturdy building and by the looks of the worsening conditions of the storm, the last place she wanted to be was outside. As if on cue, a light rumble rang throughout the sky.

A mix of a grunt and bark from Milo caused Alaina to release a soft groan. "Fine Milo, but make it fast."

Alaina hurriedly pulled on her boots and bright raincoat, laughing as Milo ran in circles around her. Night was coming fast which meant cars were less likely to be able to see her, especially with the rowdy weather.

The last thing I needed was to get hit by a car because I 'blended in with the scenery'. Alaina muttered in her head as she pulled open the front door. The moment there was enough space to escape the warm cabin, Milo took off into the cold, wet climate of the outdoors.

"Milo! Wait up!" Alaina yelled out at her retreating dog as she locked her door before turning and chasing after the clinking of his collar. This wasn't the first time Milo had ran off to who knows where so as a safety precaution, Alina invested in a tiny jingle bell that attached to his collar. That way she wouldn't have to worry about losing him.

Much to Alaina's dismay the rain began to fall heavier, letting her no the worst of the storm was headed their way. She followed the sound of jingles as best she could before the sound of screeching of tires and a crashing sound echoed around the dense woods.

The pattering of rain drops and rumbling of thunder were the only noises she could register. Milo's bell was no where to be heard.

She could feel her heart drop to the bottom of her stomach as she called out for her only companion. "Milo! Milo come here boy!"

In her frenzied search for her dog, the hood of her jacket had slipped down until it no longer protected her from the storm above. Beads of rain flew from the tips of her hair as she frantically twisted her head around her now eerie surroundings.

"Milo!" She shouted in a panic, blood running cold when she heard that familiar jingle.

"Milo! Milo, where are you?" Tears began to puddle under her eyes when her sight landed on a flickering light in the distance. The light of...a car.

Alaina let her legs carry her to towards the light until she stepped into the scene of a horrid car wreck. From what she could see the car was a sleek, black, expensive looking thing that was now definitely destroyed. There were dents along the sides of the car along with scratched paint but the worst of it was the front of the car which was crashed into a thick tree. The hood of the car folded out of place as smoke began to seep from the opening.

Just as she finished assessing the scene her eyes trailed to the dark silhouette headed her way.

Milo. She sighed in her head as she fell to her knees to embrace her previously lost dog. "Milo! Don't ever do that again!"

Milo let out a whine before pulling away and racing back to the crashed car. Alaina trailed after her dog. He must be insane. "Milo! What-"

Inside the car was the outline of a man who seemed to be unconscious. Unbeknownst to a now panicking Alaina, the man in the car had already begun to heal.

Alaina jumped into action and yanked on the door knob but found it to be locked. Her line of vision shifted to the increasing smoke which lead her to aggressively slap on the slightly tinted window.

"Hey! Hey wake up!" She shouted as she continued her assault on his window. Please don't be dead.

With a deep breath she backed away and looked around the muddy ground before a decent sized rock cane into view. She rushed to grab the rock before moving to the passenger window knowing the risk of glass hitting the man if she broke it from his side.

"I'm going to break the windo...he can't hear you idiot." She scolded herself before reeling her arm back and taking a violent swing at the window with the large rock in hand. She continued the process until the window finally shattered.

Just as she reached in to unlock the doors the unidentified man released a low groan. Her eyes widened as she watched the man slowly regain consciousness, already beginning to feel the pull of the mate bond.

"Hey! Hey you're awake!"

The man winced as he sat up and began to look around confused, a small gash on his forehead dribbling out crimson blood. He could feel the cuts and other injuries but none of it was bothersome for him, he knew he'd be fully healed in an hour or two. His mind was in a frenzy which intensified the headache he felt. Her scent was flooding his senses, stirring his beast.

Alaina jumped into action by running back to the driver side and yanking the door open. She jumped when a particularly loud crack of thunder tumbled through the skies.

"What the fuck..." He eyed his surroundings before squinting up at the woman, his destined mate.

"Hey, I don't know you but you got in a wreck. You need to get out." Alaina tried to explain as quickly and calmly as possible but the knowledge of the oncoming storm had her feeling uneasy. She had to take a deep breath to calm her haywire nerves. "I'm going to help you with the seatbelt. Ok?"

"I...I'm fine." He grunted in response with that same confused look. The last thing he remembered was seeing a dog in the middle of the road, swerving and that was it.

When she felt the rain come down more harshly she decided to take charge of the situation. He watched as she reached in over his lap and click the seatbelt. She could feel his eyes burning into her head but he stayed completely still, not uttering a word. Deep down he wanted to reach out for her but her potent human scent kept those urges at bay. He didn't want his mate to think he was crazy.

"Can you move?" She tried to keep her mind on the task at hand because if she let it wander, her thoughts would be consumed by the mans impressive features. She watched him shuffle a bit before he let out a pained groan and reaching for his side. While he wasn't in any real pain she didn't have to know that. To him, this may have been the only chance to get close to the tiny human.

She quickly put out her hand to stop his movement. "Ok ok, I'm going to lean in and I want you to try to wrap an arm over me. I'll help you out."

He gave her a curt nod and watched her tiny hand reach for his arm. How is she so small?

The second their skin made contact, any tense muscle in that part of his body immediately relaxed. The slight tingles shared between their skin was electrifying. He had to fight the healing process that was itching to occur.

Although Alaina could feel it, the tingles were much less intense but it still gave her a momentary surprise. Shaking off the strange feeling, she lifted the mans bulky arm over her shoulder and wrapped her own around his waist. She could feel his toned arms through his thick long sleeve.

He watched the women slightly tremble under his weight so he slightly eased off of her. The thought of hurting her, even if it was accidentally, had him mentally berating himself. The last thing he's want is for her to be hurt and to him it didn't matter if they had just met.

As Alaina helped the injured man to her home she began to rationally think about what she was about to do. This man was a total stranger who could easily hurt or kill her if he wanted to and no one would know it. She looked back at the damaged car knowing it was way to late to leave him and deep down, she didn't want to.

Although she couldn't understand it, the mate bond they shared was already beginning to form. The thunder continued to rumble and usually shed be fearful but his presence brought her a strange sense of comfort.

A few steps ahead was Milo who confidently led them home and she finally thought to herself. I mean if Milo trusted the man then so could I, right?

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