Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Chapter Two

The first thing he heard was the sound of rain harshly pattering against a surface behind him. He slowly opened his eyes to see a burning fireplace, bombarded by the scent of his mate. Sitting up with a low groan as the previous nights events came to his mind.

"Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?" She looked down at the reclined man as he pushed himself up. She frowned at the action. The accident was only hours ago and it was pretty bad...so how is he moving so freely.

He felt her confused stare and subtly slacked his form as he sat up, his back to the armrest and legs recliner out. He quickly came up with a suitable lie and cover. "Just a bit achy and sore. Do you happen to have pain medication?"

Alaina nodded at the man on her couch and rushed to the kitchen to fetch him the meds and water. When she arrived with the bottled water and pills she found Milo cuddling up to the reluctant stranger. She frowned at the dog as the image of the dog worsening the mans injuries appeared in her head.

"Milo, get down!" She softly glared at the dog until he jumped down, instead occupying the space beside the couch. She shook her head and approached the man on her couch. "Sorry about that, he's usually not this...friendly with strangers."

The man shook his head with a small smile. "He's fine, just a bit curious."

Alaina held out the medication and water for the man to take before reaching for her back pocket. "I'd say take two of those pills. I would've taken you to the local clinic but the storms got much worse. It's definitely not drivable out there."

Just as the words left her mouth, thunder began to harshly rumble from outside. "So I'm guessing it'll be a while before this blows over?"

Alaina gave the man a sympathetic smile. "I hope you weren't in a rush to get anywhere."

While the pills would have no real effect on him since he wasn't in any real pain, he still took them. He placed the pills in his mouth and took a swig if the water before speaking. "With this weather, I'm not anymore. I never got your name..."

"Alaina, I'm Alaina and this..." She crouched down with open arms and Milo moved to her embrace. "...is Milo. What's yours?"

"Cyrus." He watched the domesticated mutt snuggle into his mates arms. A foreign feeling burned in his chest as he watched the interaction go down. Jealousy. "Thank you Alaina, for saving me from the crash. I probably wouldn't have made it out without you."

That was another lie. Given about 10 minutes after hitting that tree, he would've fully gained awareness and gotten out of that car before anything could happen. Not to mention his wounds would've been healed by the time his head hit his pillow. Due to the woman in front of him being human, she wouldn't be able to comprehend his advanced healing so he managed to slow it down.

She looked up at the attractive man from her crouched position to find him already giving her an intense look. Alaina could feel the warmth spreading across her cheeks as slowly rose to her feet again. "It wasn't a problem Cyrus. I made breakfast if you'd like some?"

He slightly shifted his body to look out the window beside him. The sound of his name rolling off of her tongue sent his nerves into a frenzy. "I'm ok but thank you, you've already done so much. How long was I asleep?"

Alaina looked out the window to see the still angry storm. "Close to ten hours. It's a little over six in the morning."

He frowned at the answer before following her gaze to the fierce storm. "Do you happen to have a phone I could borrow? I need to make a call to someone at home."

He didn't know why he felt the need to explain himself to the tiny woman but he didn't question it. He simply blamed it on the forming mate bond.

He watched curiously as the woman patted her behind in confusion, her plucked eyebrows pulled down into a cute little frown. She asked for a moment before strutting out of the living room, the little mutt she referred to as 'Milo' plopped down on the rug in front of him with attentive eyes.

He ignored the dog, trailing his eyes down the woman's retreating form to her hips that naturally swayed with each step. He could feel the pants become much tighter so he instead distracted himself with his surroundings.

The area was a bit too small and stuffy for his taste, but it seemed well-suited for his mate. Just as he began to eye the small fireplace the woman walked back in with a phone in one hand and a plate in the other.

Alaina knew the man declined her request and only intended to bring him the phone but the thought of Cyrus starving had her fixing a full plate for the stranger on her couch. She had yet to comprehend where the urge to nurture the man was stemming from.

She handed the man her phone and set the plate on the stand beside him. "I know you said no but just in case you change your mind, here's this. It's just pancakes with a side of eggs and sausage. You aren't allergic to anything right?"

He mentally smiled at his mates thoughtfulness. "I'm not, thank you."

She pushed her hands into the back of her jean pockets and shyly took a step back. She kept her eyes on her dog as she spoke, unable to meet the intimidating mans eyes. "Well I'll leave you to it, if you need anything just call out my name. I'll be in the kitchen."

She whistled at Milo and gently patted her thigh. "Come on Milo."

The dog obediently followed her directions and followed her into the kitchen. In order to distract herself from listening in on the mans conversation she began to clean up the slight mess she made from cooking breakfast. She had really only made enough for one since she thought the man would be asleep longer but she clearly thought wrong.

After washing all the dishes and clearing off the counters she stopped moving for a moment, unable to fight the curiosity any longer. She held onto Milo's bag of dog food as he did numerous circles around her impatiently.

All she heard was the repeated phrases 'yes', 'no' and 'I don't know' from the man. She jumped when she heard her name called.

With the dog food in hand she entered the living room, pretending to be focused on feeding Milo. "What's up?"

"What's the name of this town?"

She kept her gaze on the dog bowl she was filling. "Baycrest. It's close to the eastern state border."

"Did you get that?"

She set Milo's dog food to the side and looked back to find the previously filled plate completely empty. She bit back the smile that was fighting to grace her face. So he liked it.

As she walked closer to grab the plate she could slightly hear the muffled voice of the person on the other side of the conversation. As they continued to converse she began to pick up on the other persons tone much better. It sounded...feminine.

“I will. I love you too.”

She rushed out of the room and frowned when she felt a pang in her chest. She had only just met the man yet she was feeling jealous of his lover. In her mind she knew she had no right to feel this way, his life wasn’t any of her business and any feelings she held for the man were irrational. She couldn’t even form the thought of a explanation but that’s what the mate bond did.

It had people deserting any sense of rationale, and this was only the beginning.

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