Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Chapter Three

"These are the only clothes big enough to fit you." Alaina walked back into the living room holding up a large shirt and a pair of sweatpants. "My brother left them here and never came back for them."

Once the phone call ended their attention had shifted to his clothing from the previous day. He wore a pair of dark slacks and a white button down but it was undone revealing his white wife beater. It was a mystery to her how he'd managed to sleep in such uncomfortable looking clothing.

"I can wash those while you wash up. Do you need help getting up?" She watched the man shift on the couch.

"I don't think so. Which way is the bathroom?" As he began to push himself up the thought of his mates hands on him became too tempting. He feigned a pained look before falling back to the couch cushion. He looked up at her defeated. "Does that offer still stand?"

A small smile graced her lips but she bit it back. She moved to stand in front of the man and held out her hands. "I don't know how helpful I'll be but I can try."

He silently wondered if her hands were as soft as they looked so as pushed himself up, Cyrus pretended to strain for a moment before reaching out to grab her opened hand. The moment their hands connected, a burst of tingles seemed to spread from the area of contact.

Alaina lightly gasped but covered it with a cough. It was probably just static electricity or something.

Alaina could feel her face warm when he stood to his full height and gazed down at her with dark eyes. She took the moment to study his full frame which seemed to take up a majority of the space in her tiny living room. She was very taken aback by his overbearing height, her eyes barely passing his wide chest. She didn't recall him being this tall the night before but he was also slouched down to lean on her.

Once again there eyes met and the pulling effect of the mate bond began to grown even stronger. Alaina became lost in his forest eyes, too entranced by their beauty to realize how close the two had become. The second she felt her chest press against his she pulled away, letting go of his warm hand.

"Bathroom." She lowly muttered to the man in front of her while taking a small step back, but it was mostly a verbal reminder to herself. "Follow me."

In all the relationships she'd ever been in, she'd never felt something so...intensely. Maybe she was losing her mind due to the isolation. Perhaps even suffering from touch deprivation.

She made sure to stay close enough in case he lost his balance but far enough to not be entrapped by that strange pull again. She guided him into the hall to her bathroom and began to dig through the cabinets to find a washcloth and a large dry off towel. She placed the clean set on the counter before grabbing a laundry basket.

"Just place your dirty clothes in here and set it outside the door before you hop in. There should already be a regular bar of soap in there so you don't have to worry about smelling too feminine." She set the basket on the toilet and turned to face Cyrus. "Is there anything else you'll need?"

He thought about requesting her help undressing but felt like that'd be going too far. He would eventually have to tell her of his horrid curse which meant she would try to make sense of things that had happened in the past. He could feel his stress levels rise as he thought about revealing his secret, having no clue how to go about it.

How does one go about breaking the news that you aren't a human, to a human stranger, without sounding like you belong in an insane asylum?

Alaina cleared her throat, effectively pulling him from his thoughts. "I think I'll be good. Thank you."

Alaina gave him a shy smile before hightailing out of the bathroom. She waited a for a few minutes until the door cracked open and the basket with the mans dirty clothing slid out. She wordlessly grabbed the clothes and placed them in the washer, once that was done she moved to the living room to take a quick news break.

As expected the main story was about the current storm, which was expected to last for 3 days with high water warnings. A small smile formed on Alaina's lips at the thought of the man staying longer.

While she enjoyed being alone, she was slowly beginning to enjoy his presence even more. They had only just met yet she was already feeling so attached. Any time she could feel his eyes on her her palms would begin to sweat and her heart would start to race. That was her favorite thing about him, his eyes. Their soothing warm, honey brown tone could either calm any anxieties she had or cause her cause her mind to go into a frenzy. Just like those tingles she got any time their skin made contact.

I sound like a love-sick puppy. She thought to herself before shaking her head.

About 20 minutes had passed by when the sound of running water finally ceased. Milo's head propped up from her lap when he heard a slight commotion in the bathroom before plopping his head back down on his owners lap. She subconsciously stopped breathing when she hear the door open and his footsteps pattering against the floor. She kept her eyes glued to the running television but payed little attention to it, too distracted by the feeling of the mans eyes on her.

"Your clothes are in the washer still but I..." Her words became trapped in her throat at the sight of Cyrus. "...think it'll be done soon..."

The clothing she provided him proved to be a bit too small for the mans large frame but she wasn't complaining. The tight fitted clothes gave her a perfect view of everything and it didn't seem like he was trying to hide it.

His arms folding across his wide chest pulled her back to reality. Amusement bubbled in his chest as he watched her gather herself. He didn't mind the fact that the woman was openly fawning over him, he actually found it...refreshing. Mostly because she was his destined.

The majority of his shower consisted of the overwhelming thoughts of his mate not being attracted to him and if she wasn't even attracted to him, then she probably wouldn't accept him for what he truly was. A beast.

"Your clothes should be completely done in about 30 or so more minutes. I can go look for a larger pair of clothes if you'd like?"

Her face warmed when his eyes met hers again. "These are fine."

"And your wounds? Do they hurt at all?" She remembered when he'd first gotten to her home there was a large gash on his forehead but when she looked again it seemed to be completely gone, not even a scar or scab in place.

How was that even humanly possible?

"I'm feeling much better actually. I think the warm shower really helped." He ran a hand through his damp hair, allowing pieces to fall over the spot she was looking at. He knew she'd already seen it but she thankfully neglected to speak on it.

Alaina could feel her heart begin to race as the man moved to the other side of the couch, the only obstacle between them being her dog. A slight shiver ran down her spine when less distance was put between them. She could now physically feel the heat Cyrus' body emitted, the urge to move in closer to growing stronger. The thunder rumbling pulled her mind from its blank space while also causing the house to shake a little.

"So is you girlfriend going to be able to come get you?" The words came out of her mouth before she could put much thought to them causing her to mentally cringed our how the sentence came out. It sounded like she was in a hurry to put him out and that was literally the opposite of what she wanted, so she quickly clarified. "The news says the storm is about to get pretty bad and might flood the roads."

His dark brows dipped down as confusion flooded his facial features. "Girlfriend?"

"Sorry I just assumed from the phone call that you had a girlfriend..." Alaina tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and shifted her view to the dog on her lap. "...but that's none of my business. I just wanted to know if you had someone coming soon. If not I understand if you'd need to stay for a few more nights or at least until everything passes."

That burning feeling in his chest to explain himself mate made a reappearance, forcing an explanation from Cyrus' lips. "That was just a close friend of mine and no, she won't be able to make it down here for about a week or so."

Once again, he lied. He had contacts that could've easily had him out of here before nightfall but he opted to spend more time with his mate.

Alaina shifted in her position to face him more. "Well I don't mind you staying here if you need to. I have and extra bedroom in the attic, it needs a bit of cleaning but I can have it prepared for you before the end of the day."

"I'd greatly appreciate that. Thank you Alaina."

The sound her her name smoothly slipping from his lips had butterflies erupting from her lower belly. The deep baritone of his voice seemed to her second favorite thing about him. Alaina could feel herself grow flustered at the simple thought of him saying her name again but in a different context, her fertile scent beginning to flood his senses.

She quickly rose to her feet to calm her nerves. "I'll get to that now. Is there anything else I could get for you?"

The familiar sting of his claws breaking the skin of his palms slightly calmed his raging beast who fought to be released. "May I borrow you phone again? I need to make another call."

While she was slowly starting to become his top priority, he still had other duties. He first needed to make contact with Deacon who's the current Alpha of the pack lands he on and inform him that he was still on the lands. Cyrus and the fairly young alpha were good acquaintances with a mutual respect for each other so the last thing he wanted was to step on the toes of an over eager pup like Deacon.

Staying here for a little while longer would also give him the advantage of having a foot in both worlds. This way he'd have time to find out more about her and figure out whether that crash was piss poor luck, or foul play.

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