The Secret Affair

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1 ~ a dash of glitter

Stumbling after one another, Onna giggled drunkenly as her partner groaned in pain when his back met the hard cold doorknob.

He lightly growls at her laughter, secretly relishing in the sweet voice that captured his lips once again.

It was like they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Finally making it to the bed, he switched their roles swiftly pushing her on her back as he crawls on top of her.

Biting her lips in anticipation, Onna moved her neck back in an attempt to let her hair move freely, like a lioness tempting the lion.

Trailing his hands from her calf to the end of her dress, he slowly pulls the barrier between them off. Onna’s eyes took in the gaze in front of her. All man, bare and beautiful, with a wild look of passion as he took in her purest form.

“No panties?” He gruffly asks, his voice already filled with anticipation.

Arching her back, her breasts meets his chest only for a fraction before she pulls away. “They slow things down.”

And that was when he pounced.


Biting her lips to hold in her moans, she held tighter onto the headboard as he thrust harder, deeper than she could ever imagine. She felt a rough spank on her left cheek before he pulled away and roughly thrust back in.

“I want to hear you.” His hands found her clit, and begin rubbing furiously in an attempt to hear her.

He needed her to be heard.

Unable to stand the pleasure, her arms and thighs began to shake, and she screamed his name when he brought her to the brink of her orgasm only to slow down.

Twisting her head, she turned to face him, eyes full of daggers as she warned him not to be a tease. He only smirked before continuing his assault. I’ll just do this myself. Onna thought to herself as she brought her own hand to her clit, the need to finish increasing tenfold when he began to thrust slower and deeper.

But he only took hold of her hand before placing them on her back, now leaving Onna with just one arm to support her weight.

“Bad bad girl.” He teased as he leaned into her ear before his posture tensed and his groans became louder.

His thrusts were sloppier and faster, and his other hand found her clit again, furiously rubbing his fingers side to side before both screamed out their voices out.


The light buzzing woke Onna up from her deep slumber, her deep satisfied slumber. She felt the absence of a body beside her, and she smiled as she reeled in the feeling of having a large bed to herself.

That is until she heard a quiet chuckle. And managed to blink her eyes open to find the man putting on his tie as he watches her from the mirror.

“Morning handsome.” She croaks out, her voice dried out from last night.

He responded a morning back before taking his coat and placing them on. Biting her lips, she couldn’t help but pushed her legs together as she admired the specimen in front of her.

He was probably in his early 40s, a hard cold and calculating look on his face, and always with a ghost of a smirk when he locks eyes into something that he likes.

“I never really got your real name.” He said as he walked towards her. He had a full suit on, all black and dangerous. He seemed unreal.

And delicious.

Clenching her legs together, she curved a smile before sitting up as he took a seat beside her.

“It’s Onna. And that’s all you get from me.”

Alexander only chuckled lightly before he scooted closer and pulled her chin roughly towards him. She felt her breath hitched when he leaned in, brushing their lips together, before placing a ghost of a kiss on her nose and leaning away.

“Well then Onna, it was definitely nice getting to know you.” He said huskily before standing up to his full six feet height and walked to the door.

Not before making sure he studied the beautiful blonde mess on the bed, smirking at him as she waved him goodbye.

And I you.

She thought to herself before making herself comfortable and nuzzling back onto the soft comfy bed.


this idea came from a dream. idek but we’ll see where it goes.


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