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The Aftermath

Chapter 15:

He did not know how long it had been since he called and heard her chilling cries for help. He should be able to know. He could if he wanted to, but his mind was so focused on finding someone who was hopefully close enough to where she lived so they could check to see if she was okay. It was useless to call the police. It was useless to even report an emergency. There were better chances of him getting there sooner than the ineffectual law enforcement system of the city that prioritized certain areas over others. He knew that Woodfield was not high on their list, and he knew that any emergency call pertaining to that area would be overlooked at this hour when the attention of law enforcement was already engaged to its limit. There was only one thing he could. He could call the one police officer he had tasked with monitoring Woodfield and hope that she would be able to get to Lesly sooner than he could.

When Alec arrived to the building, he found a police car parked outside and knew that the officer he called managed to get there before him. He opened the glove compartment, grabbed the gun that was stashed there and made his way into the building. He already knew which floor she was on and what her apartment number was. Hannah James, the officer he had tasked with monitoring Woodfield, had already supplied him with the address.

Alec took the old slow elevator to the fifth floor and marched quickly towards Lesly’s apartment. When he got there, he found Hannah standing in the hallway outside the apartment along with her partner David.

“What happened?” He asked hastily.

“We don’t know. We just got here,” Hannah answered.

He tried to push the door open, but Hannah stopped him, “Sir, please stand back. We’ll go in first.”

“Now’s not the time, Hannah,” he warned.

“Sir, I’ll never hear the end of it if something happens to you. Please stand back,” Hannah reasoned.

Alec complied reluctantly when he saw how determined she was and allowed her and her partner to go in first. They pushed the door which was not even closed as quietly as possible so as not to alert the culprit who might still be inside. Then they walked in slowly while carefully examining their surroundings.

Alec remained by the entrance. His grip on the weapon in his hand tightened as his mind concocted one scenario after another that could explain what happened. His eyes frantically searched the scene in front of him while he impatiently waited for the two officers to signal him to come inside. However, his attempts yielded nothing conclusive for he saw nothing beyond the hallway and the kitchen from where he was standing.

David eventually motioned for Alec to join him and Hannah when he deemed the living room safe enough. Alec immediately complied and walked inside. His eager march quickly came to a halt, however, when he saw the alarming state of chaos the living room was in. His eyes scanned the surroundings hoping to find one reassuring sign, but the shattered glass, the drops of blood and the concerned look on the two officers’ faces made him more anxious than before.

Alec frantically looked at the open kitchen next, and found signs of struggle over there as well. He saw faint traces of something that had been dragged from the kitchen floor to the carpeted hallway that led to the bedroom. Concern overwhelmed him as he attempted to follow those traces, but David shook his head to discourage him. He placed a hand on Alec’s shoulder to silently instruct him to stay there as he and Hannah led the way to the bedroom which was located on the opposite direction from the living room. Alec walked behind them slowly as he examined the signs of struggle every step of the way. He found her smashed smartphone on the floor and managed to piece together what might have possibly happened when he called her earlier.

Hannah reached the bathroom to their left next. She opened the door slowly before she carefully examined the area to make sure no one was hiding there. Then she walked towards the bedroom after silently instructing David to remain stationed in the hallway so he could protect their backs if anything happened. David nodded in acknowledgement and tried to get Alec to stay where he was as well, but Alec refused to heed his signals and insisted on following Hannah who paused for some reason and would not walk any further.

Hannah looked back at Alec with a concerned look on her face that made Alec immediately realize that something was wrong. He peered into the bedroom from behind her and saw Lesly tied to the radiator. His first instinct was to run towards her, but Hannah held him and placed a finger on her lips to silently ask him to be quite in case the culprit was inside. She went into the dark bedroom and attempted to inspect their dimly illuminated surroundings carefully. Alec kept his eyes on Lesly the entire time. He could not tell if she was alive, unconscious or dead and he was anxious to get to her and see for himself. From whatever light that peered into the room from the hallways he could see that the side of her forehead was bleeding. It soaked through the blindfold and had trickled down to the side of her chest. Her nightdress was torn to a point where it hardly covered her and her bare legs were scared with cuts and bruises. He silently hoped that that was the extent of her injuries and that nothing worse had happened, but judging by the scars and the torn nightdress, it seemed that he was hoping for the impossible.

Alec impatiently looked at Hannah again to see if she was done inspecting the area, but his eyes were immediately drawn back to Lesly when he noticed that she flinched.

She was alive and possibly conscious!

Hannah placed the gun back into its holster and announced in a low voice that the area was clear. This made Lesly gasp in fear and curl up into a ball against the wall. Alec immediately walked towards her, but the sound of his quick and loud footsteps made her even more scared. She began crying loudly and it seemed like she was trying to say something, but he could not understand what it was because of the gag. He sat in front of her and tried to calm her down.

“Lesly, it’s me. It’s me,” He said gently as he attempted to remove the blindfold.

The moment he had it removed and she was able to see who he was, relief filled her eyes. She was still crying, but she no longer tried to pull away from him. He removed her gag next and cupped the sides of her face as his thumps gently wiped her tears away.

“It’s okay,” he whispered as he held her sad gaze.

He looked at the handcuffs that were keeping her tied to the radiator. Then he looked at Hannah and said pleadingly, “Please…”

Hannah sat down next to him and tried to pick the lock on the handcuffs so she could get the poor woman out of them. David came in with a flashlight and sat to the other side of Lesly so he could help Hannah get to her task in a better light. It did not take Hannah too long to get Lesly released. Alec gently removed the handcuffs after that and pulled Lesly to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her cold shaking form and held her tight. She began sobbing instantly as she buried her head into his chest. He tried to calm her and it seemed that the reassuring words he whispered helped a little, but she did not stop shaking. He pulled back and cupped the sides of her face once more as he tried to examine her in the dim light.

“Are you hurt?” he asked gently.

“I’m cold,” she whispered in response.

Alec took off his coat and wrapped it around her before he picked her up and carried her outside to take a better look at her injuries. He walked towards the kitchen, sat her down over the small table that was placed there, and took another thorough look at her. Hannah brought over a towel and tried to wipe the dried blood covering the side of Lesly’s forehead while Alec continued to examine her. He noticed her swollen arm and gently held it to see if it was broken. Lesly winced in pain.

“How badly does it hurt?” he asked with concern.

“I think it’s broken,” she answered in a shaky voice.

“Sir, we need to take her to a hospital. Woodfield General is the closest,” announced David from behind Alec.

“No,” interjected Lesly. “Not there.”

“Lesly, we need to get that gash stitched and that arm looked at,” Alec reasoned as he gently held the side of her face.

“I know, but not there,” she said shakily. “Take me to Heartstone. My friend works there, Dr. Weaver, Michaela Weaver. She’s my emergency contact.”

“Can you walk?” asked Alec softly.

“Yes,” she whispered as she attempted to stand up. The moment she did, however, pain shot through her ankle. It would have caused her to fall if Alec hadn’t held her by the waist and lifted her back up over the table again. She winced in pain as she gripped his shoulder for balance and he knew instantly that there was an injury he missed.

“Hold on,” Alec instructed before he examined her ankle. He noticed that it was swollen as well and that there was no way she could walk in that condition.

He stood straight, looked at the two officers standing next to him, then instructed, “Please keep this discreet. I’ll send someone to investigate the scene later. For now, I need someone to remain here and see what clues can be gathered and I’ll need the other one to follow me to the hospital.”

“I’ll stay here,” announced David.

“I’ll follow you, sir,” said Hannah “but if it’s okay with you, I’ll follow you after I see what I can gather from the scene with David.”

“Fine. Please let me know if you find anything.”

“Of course,” answered David

Alec looked back at Lesly and inquired, “Shall we?”

She nodded silently in response and he immediately picked her up and went down the elevator to his car. Hannah followed him and helped him put the injured woman in his car. Then she shut the door, took Alec aside and spoke to him for a minute or two. Lesly could not hear what the two were talking about, but every time she recalled the way Hannah addressed him and spoke to him at that moment, she felt that there was something about Alec that she could not quite figure out.

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