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We're Good

Chapter 34:

It was nighttime when they made it back home. Greg walked the two of them all the way up to Alec’s apartment before he bid them farewell and left. Lesly grabbed the keys from Alec’s coat pocket and opened the door. She followed Alec to his room and tried to make sure that everything was okay with him before she retired to hers.

First, she helped him take his coat off. The task was easy enough considering the fact that it was draped over him rather than worn. Removing the shirt that Greg loaned him at the hospital was going to be a bit painful for him since his arm was in a sling. Lesly carefully took off the sling first before she began to unbutton the shirt. Then she slowly helped him slip out of it. He groaned in pain when she got to his injured shoulder, but it did not take her long before she got the shirt off.

Lesly took the shirt and placed it in the laundry basket. Then she asked him if he wanted to put another clean shirt on. He shook his head. This caused her to place the sling back on. Her hands hesitantly reached for his belt next, not knowing exactly whether he needed help or not, but he stopped her before she unbuckled it.

“I can take it from here,” he said to her in that deep voice of his.

“Are you sure you can manage?”

“Yes, you should go change before you catch a cold,” he instructed when he noticed that her clothes had not completely dried.

“I’m fine.”


Lesly looked at him for a moment before she nodded and left his room to find hers. She was determined to go back and check on him once she slipped into something comfortable. Although the heating system kept the place warm, she still felt cold, possibly because her clothes were not completely dry yet. Lesly first found a clean and dry cotton tank top to put on and paired it with some shorts. Then she marched into the bathroom to wash up and slip out of her wet shirt and pants. She was surprised when she caught her reflection in the mirror and was utterly mortified at the sorry state she was. Her hair was dry, but still maintained quite a messy appearance. Her usual light dab of mascara had left a faint stain underneath her eyes. Her face looked as pale as a ghost’s because of how cold she was.

How many people had she met in that terrible state of hers? There was her ex, Henry. Greg was another person she must have left quite an impression on, and then there was Alec. It was no wonder that he asked her to go change. She looked terrible!

Lesly followed her nightly routine. She washed her face, applied moisturizer to it, brushed her teeth and slipped into her clean nightwear. Then she went back to check on Alec. She found him sitting on his bed with his head bent and his eyes forcefully shut in pain. He must have heard her footsteps approaching him because he raised his head and looked at her.

“Are you in pain?” She asked gently.

“A little bit,” he whispered.

“Didn’t the doctor prescribe any pain killers?”

“He did, but I don’t wanna take them.”

“Why not?”

“I….” he hesitated for a minute. Then he carried on cryptically, “I can manage without them.”

She wanted to try to talk him into taking them, but he spoke before she could say anything.

“Can you distract me until I fall asleep?”

She nodded before asking, “What do you have in mind?”

“Talk to me,” he explained simply before he laid down.

Lesly walked towards him and sat down on the bed next to him. She intended to stay there until he had fallen asleep and was trying to search her mind for a story to share with him. He did not give her time to think. He pulled her down next to him and wrapped an arm around her to bring her closer to him. Her head was tucked under his chin and her back was pressed against his bare chest. Lesly froze for a moment and did not know what to do. She could have easily wiggled out of his hold, but the question he asked next reminded her that she only had to stay like that until he fell asleep.

“Who brought you to the hospital?” He asked in a low raspy voice that made her shiver.

“Michael did.”



“How did he agree to that?” He seemed genuinely surprised for some reason.

“There was nothing to it. I told him to drive me there and he did.”

“How come? Michael is not the kind of person to take orders from anyone.”

He was amused. Lesly could hear it in his voice. She did not know what the big deal was because Michael did not give her a lot of trouble.

Alec felt her shrug against him in response and chuckled, “Walk me through it, Lesly. What did you do exactly?”

“I told you. I got into his car, fastened the seatbelt and told him to drive. He was a bit dumbfounded, so I said it again. Drive.”

Alec chuckled again. His chest vibrated against her back. She felt his hand slide from her waist to her head. He ruffled her hair affectionately before he said, “You’re bossy.”

She did not contradict him, but simply snuggled closer to him. They stayed like that for a moment. He did not say anything and neither did she. His hand went back to holding her waist. Hers was gently caressing his. He fell asleep a moment later. She could tell from his deep even breathing that he did. It was possible for her to leave now. That was her intention. However, it felt so wonderfully warm in his embrace that she decided to stay for a bit longer, at least until she did not feel so cold anymore.

She fell asleep moments later.

The bright sun light shining through the windows woke her up to the realization that she was not in her room. She was still nestled next to Alec. She was not as close to him as she was the night before; neither was she sleeping on the edge of the bed. He must have woken up at some point and drew her further in so she would be more comfortable. She could see his face now. It was more visible to her than the night before. He seemed to be in deep slumber.

She could have left the bed at that moment, but she wanted to watch him sleep for a few more minutes. Her mind wandered to the times he spent the night at Michaela’s with her before she woke him up in the morning. Of course, she wasn’t sleeping next to him then, so it was not completely the same. Still, it reminded her of how much he cared.

Lesly’s eyes were drawn to the scars on his chest. They were more noticeable up close. She wished she could ask him about them, but she did not know how to broach the subject. Most of those scars were small and barely noticeable from a distance. They seemed painful, nonetheless. Two scars in particular stood out. One extended from his left shoulder to his chest. The other was on the left side of his abdomen. Something happened there, something big.

He refused to take painkillers the night before. This was not the first time. He had refused them in the past and was pretty adamant, perhaps even agitated about not resorting to them. Could it be because he developed an addiction to them at some point? Her father was like that. He developed an addiction to Vicodin after a painful accident and was not able to overcome that addiction up until the moment he died. Alec’s scars looked really painful. It seemed likely. His injuries must have taken a long time to heal.

Lesly did not realize that she was tracing those scars with her fingertips until she felt Alec’s hand holding hers and keeping it from wandering any further.

“What are you doing?” He asked in a raspy voice. His eyes were still shut.

“Did I wake you?” Lesly asked.


“I’m sorry.”

Alec did not say anything. He simply drew her to him and wrapped his good arm around her. She tried to wiggle out, but he tucked her head under his chin like he did the night before.

“Hold still,” he instructed.

“It’s morning,” she reminded him.

“I know,” he chuckled before he tightened his hold around her. “I could get used to being woken up like that.”

“Don’t count on it.”

“We’ll see about that,” he said as he ruffled her hair.

Lesly eventually relaxed in his hold. She felt his hand caressing her bare arm and she hoped he did not notice the goosebumps his gentle touch was eliciting. A moment passed in silence, but then Alec spoke.



“Are we good?”

She knew what he meant. He was asking about the argument they had had for the last couple of days and wanted to know if she had finally come around. She did not know how to answer him. Her insecurities were still not completely resolved. Was she still scared? Yes. Her resolve was weakening, however. It was precisely because of that that she wanted to stay with Michaela. Being asked this question while she was still in his embrace certainly did not help. It was unfair how much of a hold he had over her. She loved him, and she so desperately wanted to believe that he indeed loved her, too, but there was no way she could be certain that neither of them would get hurt.


“Yes, Alec, we’re good,” she whispered. Her mind was unaware of the words that escaped her lips until she said them.

She felt him tightening his hold on her and kiss the top of her head. He pulled back a little and kissed her forehead next before he finally stared into her eyes. Lesly edged closer to him and brushed her lips gently against his. This was not enough for Alec, so he rolled on his back and brought her on top of him, causing her to gasp at the sudden risky position she found herself in.

One of her legs was trapped between his. His hand which was securely wrapped around her waist was lying dangerously close to a somewhat exposed butt cheek. The straps of her tank top had slid down her arms, giving him a nice view of her cleavage. She hoped he had not noticed, but she knew when she looked into his eyes that they were focused someplace else before they met her eyes again.

Alec gently brushed her hair away from her face before he rubbed his thumb against her slightly parted lips. Without thinking, she took it into her mouth and nibbled on it. Her gaze was fixed on his the entire time she bit and sucked on his thumb.

Alec watched her in silence, unable to say a word. That simple act of her nibbling on his thumb aroused him in ways he never thought possible. His breathing became ragged as he struggled to hold back. He hoped she would not know the amount of will power he had to summon to keep himself from pushing her on her back and having his way with her right then, right there.

He eventually pulled his thumb out of her mouth and trailed it to her lower lip. His chest rose and fell as he struggled to keep his breathing even so as not to alert her to how affected he was. Before he knew it, he found himself voicing a thought that gave it all away.

“Kiss me.”

It was not a request. It was a demand. His eyes had turned darker with need. His voice had turned gruff with desire. Her breathing became ragged as she stared into his eyes. His thumb was still rubbing against her lower lip.

Lesly slowly lowered her head and brushed her lips against his. Her kisses were gentle at first, but they soon grew more intense and carnal. Her hands cupped the sides of his face and stroked the dark stubble on his cheeks. His good arm wrapped around her waist and kept her secured on top of him. She had missed their intimacy terribly in the last couple of days and she made it known to him. He made it known to her too between their passionate kisses.

“I’ve missed you. God I’ve missed you,” he whispered before his mouth slanted over hers time and again.

They were both lost in the moment and would have kept going if Alec’s need to bring her closer to him had not completely blinded him to the fact that he was injured. He tried to move his right arm but ended up groaning in pain against her lips. Lesly pulled back instantly.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he said in a loud groan.

“You’re in pain.”

“I’m okay, sweetheart.”

She stared at him, not knowing what else to do as she gently laid a hand over the one that was massaging his right shoulder. Her attention was momentarily drawn away by the frantic ringing of her alarm blasting away in her room. Alec tried to pull her so she laid back on top of him, but she apologetically tried to extricate herself from his hold.

“Alec, I need to…”

“Ignore it,” his voice interrupted in a gruff whisper.

“I’ll be back in a minuet,” she finally managed to say to him before he released her.

Lesly wiggled out of his hold carefully so as not to aggravate his injured shoulder and walked out of his room. She turned her alarm off and went back to him with her phone in her hand. She sat on the side of his bed and began checking the messages she received the night before. His hand immediately went to stroking her forearm from behind her.

“Do you have to go to your office early today?”

“No, why are you asking?” She responded. Her eyes were focused on her phone.

“I should drive you.”

“You’re injured, remember?”

“I can manage. You can’t go alone.”

“I’m not going today or tomorrow,” she clarified.

“How so?”

“I took two days off so I can look after you. If there’s some important paperwork, Stacey will bring it here or forward it to me.”

Lesly felt the bed sinking behind her. He was probably trying to get up. Her suspicions were confirmed a few seconds later when she felt his hot breath on her neck before he slid one strap down her shoulder. It was difficult to keep herself from shivering as he started placing light wet kisses on her neck and shoulder.

“Greg texted me. He said he found your phone and that he’s gonna bring it on his way to work,” she tried to say casually even though the break in her voice gave it all away.

“Is that so?” He asked in a raspy voice before he resumed the task of tormenting her.

“Yes,” she gasped when his teeth began grazing her skin. “He should be here any minuet.”

“I swear that guy has the worst timing ever,” Alec whispered against her ear before he turned her face towards him so he could devour her lips again.

She allowed him to steal a few kisses before she extricated herself from his hold.

“Go get dressed. I’ll see if I can whip something up before he drops by,” Lesly said before she stood up and walked out of his room.

“You’re not thinking of feeding him now, are you?” He called from behind her. “If you feed him, he’ll show up more often.”

“Behave yourself,” she yelled from her room.

“Yes ma’am,” he responded with a laugh.

Alec got up and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When he left the bathroom, he was greeted by the sweet scent of coffee and toasted bread. He was halfway through getting dressed when Lesly knocked on his door. She was already dressed in a short skirt and a sleeveless button-down shirt. She immediately walked in and helped him disinfect his wound and change the bandage. Then she helped him slip into the lose cotton t-shirt he picked and carefully placed his sling back on before she quickly marched back into the kitchen. The doorbell rang a minute later, and Alec went to open the door for Greg.

The devious man immediately recognized the expression on his friend’s face. He grinned mischievously, “Let me guess. I’m dead to you.”

“I was told to behave myself,” Alec muttered before he motioned for Greg to get in.

“Did I interrupt something again?” Greg asked with a chuckle.

“Yes,” Alec said menacingly. “What did I ever do to you to deserve that?”

“Serves you right for all the times you popped up unannounced.”

“When have I ever done that?”

“Do you really want me to go into our scandalous college experience in front of Lesly?” Greg asked mischievously.

Alec was prepared for a response, but he decided not to drag the conversation on when Lesly walked towards them.

“Greg, breakfast should be ready in a minute,” Lesly announced. “Care to join us?”

“Thank you, but I’m really in a hurry. Maybe some other time.”

“Stay for coffee at least,” suggested Alec.

“I really can’t,” said Greg as he fished Alec’s phone out of his pocket. He handed the phone to Alec and instructed firmly, “Pick up when we call.”

“Sure,” said Alec dismissively. He knew what Greg meant. His father was most probably going to call to check on him.

Greg nodded in acknowledgement and said goodbye to the duo before he left the apartment.

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