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Chapter 49:

The guy with the cigarette watched with interest as another individual he knew inspected her injuries. She was in so much pain that she could not move or say anything. Her face was swollen, her arm was broken, and her side had a stabbing pain that made her wince every time she tried to move.

“Well?” Asked the guy with the cigarette as he blew a puff of smoke into the air in a clear sign of boredom.

“You’ll get her killed at this rate.”

The guy with the cigarette shrugged, “Not a big deal.”

“She’s only been here for three days. Your habits are getting much worse.”


“You’ve killed two already.”

The guy with the cigarette did not care one bit. He put his jacket on and proceeded to leave the room. “Don’t drug her like you did with the rest. It won’t be fun.”

The sound of the door being shut was the only thing she heard afterwards. The other individual remained in the room with her. His cold gaze examined her before he went digging into a bag he brought with him for something. She realized what it was when he pulled it out. It was a syringe! He removed the plastic cap off the needle with his teeth and had the syringe filled with a drug. Her breathing got shallower when she realized that he wanted to inject her with it. The moment he approached her, she began moaning in pain and tried to get away from him. However, her body was too weak to resist him. He immediately pinned her arm and inserted the needle into her vein.

“Hold still. I’m trying to save your life.”

The moment he got the contents of the syringe into her system, he released her arm and explained himself to her.

“The more you struggle, the more violent he’s gonna get. I told you that already, but you wouldn’t listen. If you’re too drugged to struggle, he’ll grow bored and leave you alone…hopefully.”

She watched him helplessly as he began packing the contents of his bag. Her eyelids grew heavy as the drug began to take effect. Her sense of vigilance tried to resist the need to drift into slumber, but the drug was more powerful than she could handle. Her senses grew duller as she watched him walking towards her. Her eyes opened every time the drug tried to force them shut. She could see him every time she opened her eyes leaning closer over her as he examined her face.

Strange! He did not have a mask on before, but now he was wearing one.

“Do you remember me, Collins?”

Her surroundings changed. She was no longer in that secluded town house, but in a dimly lit place that was oddly familiar. The masked man began to choke her instantly. She struggled to catch her breath to no avail. Helpless muffled cries began escaping her lips. They made it more difficult for her to breath. She wanted to scream, to ask for help, but nothing came out except a moan of despair.

“Lesly, wake up!”

A violent gasp escaped her lips as she opened her eyes. Panting heavily, she sat up and tried to fill her lungs with air as her eyes frantically scanned her blurry surroundings. It took her mind a moment to register the comforting familiarity of her environment and the reassuring presence of Alec sitting next to her. He cupped the sides of her face and tried to get her to see that there was nothing threatening around her at all.

“Hey,” he spoke to her in a soothing voice, “It’s just a nightmare.”

She stared at him as she tried to register the veracity of his statement. Then she shakily took his hands off her face as her eyes examined the floor where her bloodied clothes were discarded the night before. They were not there anymore.

Her hands were still holding Alec’s when he squeezed them to get her attention. She stared back at him again and found a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

She did not respond. Her mind was still trying to process how much of what had occurred was a nightmare and how much of it was real. She shut her eyes, held her head in her hands and buried her fingers into her hair.

“What time is it?” She asked in a shaky voice.

“Almost two thirty.”

Hearing his answer helped put some order into her distorted perception of what was happening. She recalled waking up earlier this morning, once at eight and once again at around eleven. He was there both times telling her over and again that the haunting visions that plagued her sleep were nothing but nightmares. He tried to get her to leave her bed, to have something to eat and to allow herself the chance to talk it out, if not with him, then at least with Michaela. However, facing the reality of everything that happened was an ordeal she was not ready to endure, so she chose to surrender to sleep instead.

Lesly felt Alec’s hand on her bare shoulder and lifted her head to see what he wanted to say to her.

“You okay?” He asked her again.

She nodded slowly and watched him as he grabbed a mug that was resting on the nightstand next to her bed and handed it to her.

“It’s herbal tea and honey,” Alec began to explain when he saw the puzzled expression on her face. “You wouldn’t eat anything so I thought you might at least drink this.”

She wanted to tell him that she did not have much of an appetite, but then she decided to take the warm mug and get a few sips at least. Alec got up and went in the direction of her closet. She could not see what he was trying to do, but she heard him talk to her.

“I called your office and told them you won’t be able to show up today.”

“I see,” she answered in a raspy voice.

He emerged a minute later with an oversized cream colored chunky knit cardigan and draped it over her bare shoulders.

“You look cold,” he commented before he sat down on her side of the bed.

“Just a bit,” Lesly responded before she adjusted the cardigan around her shoulders.

He said nothing afterwards and watched her with concern as she took small sips out of the steaming drink in her hands. She knew he was impatiently waiting for answers, and she wanted to give them to him, but she needed time to gather her thoughts first.

“Did Michaela call?” Lesly asked as she glanced at the nightstand in search of her phone, but then she recalled that it broke the night before.

“She was here this morning. She dropped by to check on you before she left for her shift. You were asleep.”

“I need to call her, but my phone…”

“I know,” Alec rushed to reassure her. “I already took care of it. You’ll have it later today. I promise.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about it.”

She cast her gaze down at the mug in her hands once more. Alec held her hand. His thumb began stroking her soft skin lazily as he examined her hand to see whether the tremor had indeed gone away. A moment of silence passed before Lesly spoke with a hint of uncertainty.

“I assume you want to know what happened.”

“If you’re ready to talk,” Alec clarified.

“I am,” she said to him hesitantly before she placed the mug on the nightstand. She shut her eyes and whispered an apology, “I’m sorry.”

Alec squeezed her hand gently in an attempt to reassure her. He waited for her to look back at him before he asked, “What made you go there without telling me?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I would finally get some answers.”

Alec narrowed his eyes in confusion. “What answers?”

“The informant…he’s the one who contacted me and told me to meet him there, or at least I thought it was him.”

“Lesly,” Alec spoke gently, “walk me through it from the beginning.”

“I told you before. I don’t know why he chose to contact me. I don’t know how he knows what he knows. I don’t know why it’s always me he seeks. It’s driving me crazy. I might have acted like it hadn’t been bothering me, but it does. It does bother me. I wrote to him time and again, but he never, not even once, thought of explaining himself to me. For him to finally ask to see me, I thought that he was finally ready to talk to me.”

Alec went quiet as he tried to put the fragments she revealed together. Then he sought to have her confirm what he understood.

“You emailed and asked to see him?”


“And he finally responded and asked you to meet him there?”


“What happened when you got there?”

“I found out that it wasn’t him who contacted me.”

Alec’s frown intensified. “How so?”

“His account was hacked. He called and asked me to leave, but it was too late.”

“He called you?” Alec tried to confirm.


“How did he find out you were there?”

“I don’t know.”

Alec took a moment to consider what Lesly just said. Then he asked, “Did he ever call you before?”

She shook her head, “Never.”

“What happened then?”

“The assailant showed up. He heard me talking to the informant on the phone and told me to wait until he came for me. I waited for a chance to escape, and when I finally saw it, I stabbed him. It was then that he tried to kill me. I lost consciousness afterwards. That’s as far as I remember.”

“I see,” Alec sighed. His frown never left his face as he continued talking to her. “If you had let me know about the email the moment you received it, we could have figured out a way for you to meet him without having to put yourself in danger like that.”

“I was worried he would not show himself to me if you came. I thought you’d keep…”

“You gave me your word,” Alec interrupted. His anger was beginning to show again.

“I know,” she answered hastily to keep him from becoming even more mad, but Alec was not done. He struggled to keep his tone neutral, but his eyes betrayed how furious he was.

“You told me you’d stick to the safety precautions I proposed.”

“I know.”

“You insisted that nothing bad was going to happen because you wouldn’t disappear on me no matter what.”

“I know, Alec.”

“He almost killed you. Do you realize that?” Alec was almost shouting now. His control over his temper had fully faded away.


“You could have died!”

Lesly said nothing in response. She simply bit her lip as Alec stared at her with so much rage in his eyes. He seemed to have realized how loud he was just now, so he shut his eyes and began rubbing his brows in an effort to regain some control over his temper. A moment had passed before he felt her soft hand caressing his arm. Unable to look at her and see the reminders of how he failed on her face and neck, he stood up and attempted to excuse himself. His tone was cold as he spoke to her.

“I have work to attend to. There’s food in the kitchen. Please eat something. If you need me, I’ll be in my room.”

And with that he walked out of her room and left her there. He did not want to leave her alone after everything she endured. However, there was no guarantee that he could stick around without screaming some sense into her. The anger he was feeling had to be brought under control before he could allow himself to talk to her again.

Alec walked into his room and tried to resume working on the office issue he was focused on before he went to check on her. Unfortunately, as much as he needed the distraction, he could not focus. There was so much on his mind that he could not comprehend a single word he was reading. Thinking that the peace and quiet of the study would help a little, he decided to carry his papers and go there. However, before he managed to act on the idea, Lesly walked in.

His cold gaze darted into her direction momentarily before it went back to the scattered papers he was collecting.


“Yes,” he answered without looking at her.

“Are you mad?”

Hearing her ask him this question in that raspy voice took his anger to a whole new level. He knew he would not be able to keep it in if he opened his mouth, so he chose silence.

He could sense her taking a few steps towards him, but he still ignored her. If hearing her raspy voice made him this mad, he did not know what seeing the marks of last night’s assault on her would do to him. Eventually, she cupped the sides of his face and urged him to look at her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered when his eyes finally met hers.

He still refused to say a word, even after she began kissing him. Her lips brushed against his gently at first before she wrapped her arms around his neck and stated kissing the side of his face. He did nothing to acknowledge what was happening. However, when her lips finally settled on his neck, he could not ignore her anymore. He held her hands and pulled her away a little, thinking that he could finally tell her why she should not provoke him right now. Still, the moment he stared into her eyes, he found himself lost. His mind went blank, and he could only obey silently as she sat him down on the bed and straddled him.

A loud groan escaped his lips when he felt her bare backside against his knees before she made herself comfortable on top of him. It immediately reminded him of the fact that she was completely naked under that thin cotton nightdress he helped her slip into the night before. Before he could object to what she was doing, she resumed kissing him. He lost his train of thoughts instantly and began kissing her back. His hands held her waist as she shifted her weight on top of him so that she was sitting more intimately against his arousal. He groaned and pulled back. His hands left her waist and grabbed her wrists to keep her from kissing him and driving him insane.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” He asked in a gruff whisper.

“I do,” she answered him innocently. She broke free from his weakened hold on her wrists and resumed kissing him.

Alec tried his hardest to keep the erotic thoughts in his head from taking a darker turn. He knew that if she kept on pushing him like that, he would not be able to take it slow. Lesly could feel his erratic deep breathes against her neck as she began trailing kisses to his ear. When she began tugging on his earlobe with her teeth, he almost lost it. His voice sounded harsh as he spoke to her.

“Lesly, you need to stop.”

“Why?” She asked as she trailed kisses against the side of his face.

“I’m not myself right now,” he explained even though his hands were beginning to caress her backside under her nightdress. “I won’t be able to hold back,” he whispered shakily.

“Why should you?” She placed a palm on one side of his face. Her fingers traced his jawline as she kept her gaze fixed on his. Then she held her nightdress by the hem, pulled it over head and threw it aside. Alec found it difficult to keep on convincing himself to not engage her when she sat fully naked on top of him.

“Lesly…,” he pleaded one more time.

She bit his lip playfully. “I’m not as fragile as you think.”

“You have no idea what I’m thinking right now. If you did, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.”

“Show me,” were the only words she whispered.

Good God the woman had no sense. He held her hands and pulled her away a little.

“Hear me out…,” he tried to reason with her once more, but she quickly interrupted him in a low voice that barely rose above a whisper.

“I need this…. We both need this.”

The way she looked at him. The way she spoke those words to him. The way she felt as she sat on top of him…only a saint would be able to walk away from all that.

Almost in an instant, Alec had her pinned to the bed. His body covered hers entirely and her legs were held so that he rested between them. She barely had a chance to respond before his mouth savagely claimed hers. His kisses were aggressive, demanding, ravenous. They never gave her any chance to take over. She knew then that his anger had fueled his passion to a point where he could not be gentle anymore and she was fine with that. She needed it to be this way. She did not know why, but she needed him to be rough with her, to ignite her desire to a point that left her oblivious to everything that had happened.

Her legs wrapped securely around him. Her teeth bit his lips as he continued to savagely devour her mouth. Her palms slipped under his shirt and ran up and down his muscular chest before she pulled his shirt over his head. His hands found her breasts and began kneading them before his thumb began to roughly stroke her nipples. Her moans against his aggressive kisses told him how badly she wanted him to keep on going and he did not disappoint.

Against her protests, Alec tore his mouth from hers and directed his attention to her neck. His rough wet kisses made her tremble as they traced a trail down to her chest before settling on one of her breasts. Her cries of pleasure were loud as he began to suck on a nipple while his other hand continued to coarsely rub the other. His teeth nibbled on her sensitive skin as his hand traveled further down to rest between her legs. Another cry of pleasure escaped her lips when his fingers entered her soaked folds. Her hands gripped his short hair with force as his strokes grew less gentle and more arousing. His fingers went in and out of her with an urgent rhythm that made her grow more wet with need. Her moans grew louder as his strokes grew more coarse, more insistent, more demanding, more fierce until the violent tremors of pleasure consumed her before they sent her shaking into state of bless.

When he had noticed her state of fulfillment, he stopped, pulled back and stared down at her with eyes still filled with rage and lust. His fingers left her folds slowly as he kept his gaze locked with hers. She shut her eyes and began whimpering in protest. He did not stop, though. He brought his fingers to his mouth, licked them slowly as she watched him, and then got out of bed and left her there alone.

Alec summoned every ounce of willpower to bring himself to stop and walk away. He knew that she must be confused by his behavior, but he firmly believed that if he stayed there any longer, he would do something he regretted. He was still mad, so mad in fact that he did not know if he could control himself and hold back. He did not want to hurt her, to take her so roughly, especially after what she endured the night before. As such, he felt it necessary to keep his distance until he had calmed down.

Alec walked into his study with the burning desire to just turn around and finish what he started, but he could not allow himself to do it. What he needed right now was a cold shower and some time to cool off. He sat on his desk chair and began searching his mind for something to distract him. Still, he could only think of how hot her mouth felt against his, how sweet her moans sounded against his ears, how soft her skin felt to his touch, how arousing her cries were as he pleasured her, and how wet her folds were when he stroked her. His mind visualized sinking inside her. It lingered on the thought of being enveloped by her tightness, of being consumed by her wetness and warmth. He wanted her so badly that he could not shake those thoughts.

It took Lesly a while to recover from the intense orgasm that enveloped her a mere a moment ago and to comprehend what just happened. Alec was still mad. She could tell. Otherwise, he would not have left her and walked away. She needed him. She really did, but seeing how he kept on distancing himself from her, it was perhaps better to give him the time he needed to sort things out. She could tell that he blamed himself for what happened, and as much as she wanted to show him that she was fine, it was impossible to reach him when he was this mad.

Lesly swung her legs over the bed and prayed that they would not give out when she stood up. Her intimate moments with Alec had always been fueled by intense passion, but this was the first time it consumed her so much that it took her a while to recover. She could still feel a faint tremor as she struggled to stand up. Still, she was determined to leave his room as soon as possible because she did not want it to seem that she was pressing him to talk when he did not feel ready yet. God knows she was confused too, and although she desperately needed his reassuring presence, she needed to deal with this matter alone.

Lesly walked into her room and examined the mess. Everything was pretty much the same as she had left it the night before. The only thing missing was the blood-soaked dress she had taken off in her distressed state when she came back from the event. Alec must have taken it away so as not to upset her. Where he had taken it, she did not know, but she was sure that she was still not ready to sit in the deafening silence of her room and relive the harrowing events of the night before.

With a loud sigh of frustration, Lesly marched into the bathroom with the decision to take a warm shower so she could calm down. It had barely been a couple of minutes under the soothing water when she heard the glass door to her shower slide slowly. She turned around and found Alec standing there with pure lust burning in his eyes. Before she had time to respond, Alec stepped in, pushed her against the tiles and kissed her so savagely that she could only moan in response. She allowed him to have his way with her, to touch her to caress her until her climax consumed her. She tried to take care of his need the same way he had taken care of hers, but he would not let her. He guided her out of the shower and made sure they dried each other with a towel before he got her back into her room.

Alec gently sat her down on the side of her bed. His eyes hungrily swept over her as he took his cotton shorts and boxers off. The sight of her with her wet hair dripping over her breasts and making them glisten was too much for him. He sat down on his knees in front of her, pushed her thighs apart and lifted the soles of her feet over the edge of her bed. Her face turned crimson as she sat there exposed to his hungry gaze. His eyes eventually sought hers as his thumb began to gently caress her sensitive spot. Her bosom heaved as the sensation caused her breathing to quicken. She eventually shut her eyes and gave in to the sweet assault. Not too long afterwards, she felt his hot breath against her before his warm mouth began making love to her.

She instantly buried her fingers into his hair. Her breathing got shallower as his mouth continued its rough play on her intimate spot. His teeth grazed her. His tongue stroked her. The loud cries of pleasure she could no longer keep from escaping drove him mad until he could not take it anymore. He stood up, pushed her on her back and lifted her legs over his shoulder before he entered her, and not so gently. His thrusts were erratic and demanding. He tried his hardest to slow things down, but the more she screamed his name, the more consumed he became with the need to sink into her. He felt himself getting close every time she moaned or gasped. He wanted her to climax so he could finally allow himself to find release. His hand went between their joined bodies to stroke her. His voice was gruff with need as he spoke to her.

“Let go…,” he panted. “Let go, Lesly.”

She climaxed mere moments after he began stroking her. The violent tremors of pleasure drained her as she moaned softly against him. He followed her a few seconds later. His heat poured into her as she wrapped her legs securely around him. With whatever ounce of strength that remained, he lifted his weight off her and rolled onto his back. Exhaustion claimed the two of them and they both drifted to sleep wrapped in each other’s embrace.

Author's Notes:
I've noticed that chapters that include intimate moments are considerably longer than others. Again, I've debated with myself a lot before posting this chapter. If it's too much, I'll cut it short.
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