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Healing 2

Chapter 50:

Lesly was still feeling groggy when she was woken up later that day by none other than Alec’s gentle caresses against her skin. Her back was pressed against his bare chest. He had one hand nestled against her bare breasts and his other hand was stroking the heat between her legs. She had no idea that she was moaning groggily until she heard him whisper against her ear and tell her how much he liked to hear her sweet voice. It was not the first that he had woken her up like that, and it certainly was not the first time that she was so consumed with need that she began begging him for release.

“Alec, please…” she pleaded in a half whisper half moan as his fingers went in and out of her.

“Say it again,” he demanded against her ear in a gruff voice.

“I need you,” she gasped when he began rubbing her sensitive spot, “Please…”

His fingers left her wet folds lazily. She could hear him as he licked and sucked on them one by one before he began nibbling gently on her neck. He pushed her so that she laid on her stomach and covered her with his feverish body. Then he nudged her thighs apart and entered her slowly. His thrusts began as gentle and measured. He wanted to savor the moment, to make up for the savage way that he had taken her earlier. However, the more he heard the way she responded to him, the more urgent his thrusts became. He thought he had gotten used to it, that he would be able to maintain control after all the times he had been with her, but she was so wonderfully tight, so tantalizingly wet that he could not keep the slow pace anymore. He poured his heat into her with a loud groan as she climaxed and collapsed on top of her.

With whatever that remained of his strength, he rolled to his side, held her waist, and pressed her back to his chest once more. For a while, he did not say anything. He was content with keeping her in his embrace and nuzzling against her hair. Her scent was intoxicating. Her warm skin felt so wonderfully soft against his that he could not stop caressing her.

Lesly was having a hard time keeping her breathing even with the way he was touching her. She could feel him tracing his fingers lightly over her arm and back. She could sense his lips brushing light kisses on her shoulder and neck every now and then. For a while, that was all he did until his phone began vibrating on the nightstand next to her. She was not ready to face him after the way she had begged him earlier, so she shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Alec tightened his hold over her waist and pressed her firmly to him as he reached for the phone on her nightstand. His arm slipped from around her when he reached it. She felt the mattress sink as he sat up and heard him speak in a low voice so as not to disturb her.

“What is it?” He asked.

Lesly could hear a masculine voice on the other end of the line. In the silence of the evening, she could clearly make out the words the other person spoke to Alec.

“He’s refusing to talk.”

“He’s been with you since yesterday. You couldn’t get a single word out?” Alec asked.

“You told me not to resort to force. What choice did I have?”

“So you’ve got nothing?”

“I wouldn’t say nothing. He asked for you. He said he’d only talk to you.”

“He asked for me by name?”

“Your real name actually. He knows who you are.”

Alec went silent for a moment before he spoke again, “I’m on my way.”

Lesly felt his presence as he left the bed and began picking something up, possibly his clothes. She heard his footsteps as they edged closer to her side of the bed. Intent on not letting him find out she was awake, she kept her eyes shut. His warm hand laid on top of her bare shoulder before he placed a kiss on her forehead and grabbed something from the nightstand next to her.

She remained in bed until she heard the soft sound of the apartment door being shut behind him. Her eyes darted towards the digital clock on her nightstand and noticed that it was almost eight in the evening. The moment she sat up, she felt the stickiness between her legs and remembered that for the second time today, they had not used any protection during sex. The thought made her anxious. She had never been the type to overlook something so crucial. Alec was definitely not the type either. The events of the night before must have completely thrown them off and made them incapable of thinking straight.

Lesly left her bed and walked towards the bathroom with the intention to get herself cleaned up. Once she was done with her quick shower, she slipped into a pair of grey shorts and a white tank top and tried to dry her hair with a blow dryer. The task did not take long since she only intended to get her wet locks to not drip all over clothes. When she finished, she marched towards the kitchen and tried to get herself something to eat. Nothing there caught her interest save for Alec’s bag of green apples. She grabbed one, washed it in the sink and brought it with her to the living room where her laptop was placed.

She was about to seat herself on the couch right in front of her laptop when some unfamiliar ringing sound caught her attention. Her eyes followed the direction of the sound and found what looked like a brand-new phone on the kitchen counter. When she picked it up, she recognized the number right away. It was Michaela’s. Without hesitating, she swiped the screen and attempted to answer the phone.


“Thank God you picked up. I was worried you wouldn’t.”

“I…just got up,” Lesly answered in confusion.

“I know. I called Alec earlier. He said you were asleep. He sent me this number and told me to try calling you.”

Lesly lowered the phone in her hand so she could reexamine it. Then she pressed it back to her ear.

“I left the hospital a moment ago,” Michaela explained, “I’m on my way to your building.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I asked someone to cover the rest of my shift so I could check on you.”

“I’m fine, Michaela.”

“I know. I just need to see for myself that you are.”

Lesly wanted to say something to reassure her friend, but Michaela spoke before she got the chance. “Do you need me to get you anything on my way?”

The dark-haired woman bit her lip and contemplated voicing her request for the one thing that she needed so desperately right now. “How close are you to the building?”

“About ten minutes away. Why?”

“Can you drop by a drugstore and fetch something for me?”

“Sure. What do you need?”

Lesly hesitated for a minute before answering her friend, “…the morning after pill.”

Michaela went quite for a minute. Then she gave Lesly the confirmation she needed, “I’m on it.”

When Michaela hung up, Lesly examined the phone in her hand. The screen was not locked. If she wanted, she could explore the contents of the device. A small piece of paper with a short note written on it laid on the counter. When she picked it up, something that looked like a SIM card fell on the marble surface. Lesly eyed the tiny plastic piece with confusion before she read the note.

I retrieved your SIM card from your old phone. You can use it, or you can use the SIM card I got you.

Lesly realized then what was happening. Alec promised her earlier that he would make sure she had a phone before the end of the day. He must have gotten her the device as a replacement for the one that broke the night before. Lesly picked up the phone once more and examined it. It looked expensive. It also looked like it allowed for the insertion of another SIM card. As such, she did not waste time, and decided to use her old one and keep the new one in the device until Alec got back so she could return it to him.

True to her character, Michaela was right on time. Lesly opened the door for her and attempted to usher her in. However, before she got the task done, Michaela dropped her purse on the floor and took her friend in for a tight hug.


The redhead tightened her hold on her friend. Her hand smacked Lesly’s head as she began reprimanding her. “Do you have any idea how worried we were?”

Lesly pulled out of her friend’s embrace and attempted to apologize. “I know. I’m sorry.”

“Alec told me everything,” the redhead said as she laid a hand on Lesly’s face to examine the bruises. Just like Alec, the more she looked, the more intense her frown grew, “What were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry, Michaela,” Lesly apologized once more, but Michaela was far from done.

“He told you not to wander off. Why couldn’t you listen?”

“Michaela, please. I spent the entire day today trying to get Alec to stop asking the same questions.”

The redhead glared at her friend. Then she decided to drop the lecturing because it seemed like Alec had done more than enough of it.

“Fine,” she eventually muttered before she grabbed her purse and began walking through the living room and into the kitchen.

Lesly followed her. Then she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge for her friend and brought it to her.

“I’m thinking of ordering takeout,” Lesly announced. “Anything you have in mind?”

“I’m not hungry,” Michaela answered as she took the water bottle from her friend.

“Come on. I don’t want to eat alone.”

“I’m sorry hon. I was so worried that I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I’m exhausted. I just came to check on you and make sure you’re okay.”

“You can crash here if you want,” Lesly offered.

“As tempting as that offer sounds to my depleted self, I can only be comfortable in my own bed.”

Lesly watched Michaela as she dug through her purse for something. She seemed like she was looking for her car keys. This urged Lesly to ask, “Will you give me a call later?”

“Sure, hon,” Michaela answered before she took a small bag out of her purse and attempted to hand it to Lesly, “Here’s what you asked me for.”

Lesly was about to take the bag from Michaela, but the redhead immediately held it back with a concerned look on her face. When she noticed the puzzled expression in her friend’s eyes, she asked, hesitantly, “Did something happen at the venue last night, Lesly?”

The dark-haired woman immediately understood what Michaela was concerned about, so she rushed to assure her. “It’s not what you think.”


“I swear. It’s just that…,” Lesly felt her cheeks flush at the real cause behind her request and struggled to explain it to her friend, “Alec and I were caught in the moment. That’s all there is to it.”

It was totally uncharacteristic of Michaela to let an answer like that slip by without some intensive interrogation or a dirty comment. The only thing she did was nod in acknowledgement, hand the bag to her friend, and hoist her purse over her shoulder in preparation to leave. She walked all the way to the door with Lesly following behind her. Once she had her hand on the knob, she turned to Lesly and asked her a question.

“Have you considered going on the pill?”

“I’ll be honest. I haven’t thought about it before today.”

“Just let me know once you decide,” the redhead offered. “I’ll set you up.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Lesly stood by the door and watched Michaela as she waited for the elevator. Once it arrived, she waved goodbye and locked the door.

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