Sun & Moon

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A simple girl, live simply but change his life by roller coastal, the girl is me.... My life changed when he knock the door his warmth melt me and lightning me...

Romance / Drama
Priyanka Pramanik
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I was moving towards the sun, a warmth heat touched my

feet.....I just flying.....

“Marina! Marina!“ Mom’s calling

Suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and

saw that I was lay down on my little bed, which was at a

west corner in my room... the warmth sun rays touched my

feet via the east side window. The birds were chirping in my

window... It was too sweet as my dream...

“Marina , dear u getting late.” Mom called again.

I came out from my room with rubbing my eyes. My brother

was walking at our corridor , while he reading his book.

“Good Morning Sis” He said

“Good Morning Little” I replied him with a smile

I came down by the stairs mom just stand near the kitchen,

She was little bit fat with straight hair in a brown colour

dress. On her one hand she hold a roller and in other hand

hold a Tiffin box . I was still unknown what happening.

“U getting late sweetie” Mom said

“Mom why was I late? And for what?” I asked her

“You forget again! From today you will go to job”

Mom said

My eyes became large after listening this. I totally forgot

from today I would start my professional journey

“yes mom! Just 10 minutes, I am coming” I replied


I ran to my room ware my formal clothes and going to

bathroom and wash my face. Again ran into the down floor

, pushing a bread into my mouth, pick a bottle of water .

“slowly slowly” Mom said

“Bye Bye Mom! See you” I said her, and ran out from

my home to the bus stand. Thankfully the bus stand nearby

my home and I got a bus also and luckily sit too.

I looked at my hand watch, it’s shown 8:30. I had 30

minutes more , now I can calm down my self and take a

breath .

Oh! Sorry let me introduced my self while I am travelling ..”

My self Marina Gurel, I am 5’6”, light in colour, my hair

colour is brown with brown hair. I am elder child of my

family, I have a brother, his name Jim, my father is stock

business man, normally he used to stay outside of city, my

cute mom was a homemaker but she also stitches clothes, we

lived in the outside of the city, near the bus stand, in a two

floor flat, we are not too high class but not too low, I just

completed my graduation, Now going to work in a

designing company. Ooo lalaaa..

I love this job not only for I liked to draw but also its not

need too much hard work... I love in it”

My bus reached my destination. I mountain down from it..

From here 5 minutes walk to reach the office building and

now it was 8:50 so I walking with enjoying the road side

view, a dog lay down near roadside electric pole, it look

pale and thin , like it don’t had any food I gave him

biscuit e from my bag , the dog feed it happily . I reached

me office ground floor in front the lift...

According to the instruction Oval Design in 5th floor, I went

inside the lift, two more lady and a man also came inside.

The lift door closed they also push 5th floor’s button in the

lift. I understood I was going to work with them , the two

lady ware staring me and whispering between them it’s

look like I came from the other planet...who care I feel I like

a moon who is don’t care the world just like to smile and

make smile for others...

The other man little bit tens and continue watched the


“Jorge, r you ok?” One of the lady asked him

“No! Mr Oval fired me today? If I don’t reached the

meeting at sharp 10:00” Jorge replied with bubbling

(“who is Mr Oval?” I asked my self)

“yes he is horrible” another of the lady said in reply

We all reached the 5th floor. We came out from the lift, the

office dived two side east and west direction from the lift

and in straight the reception, where a aged woman like my

mom stand and welcome every one with lovely smile.

Jorge ran in the west direction and vanished in few

second, the other two lady also walking towards the west

corridor. I went to the reception and handover my

appointment letter to the receptionist.

“So you are a interns! Sweetie” The lady mention

“Yes Mam!” I replied her

“well go to the east corridor, at the last room Mrs Oval

was there” She replied

I was too tens in my life I was going to meet my dream

person, the butterfly chirping in my stomach, my mind not

in placed. I knock the woody door.

“come in” a Voice came out

Narrowly I opened the door, went inside, A well gauges rich

looking woman sat on the west side of the room behind a

huge lobby table, which contain a laptop, well maintain

some office accessories, and high precious showpiece, The

lady well dressed and well maintain attire,

“Come in sweetie” she told me

“Mam, I am Marina, I join here as an intern” I replied with tens

“Don’t be frighten my dear we going to work together,

from now I am taught you, you can be a good designer” She

mention gracefully

I was just surprised according to her behaviour, How sweet

She is...

She guide me in a room which just outside of her cabin it

was so huge she introduced me to everyone,

“Hello my children look at your new friend, From

today Marina work with us” she pointed me

“Dear! Go to your place and start your work” She told


She showed me my place where I was going to sit and

work, after this she went back to her place. I took place on

my table arrange my thing and wait for the work, which

would given by them...

“Hey Marina right!” a lady called me over the window

in front of me, actually the window just a partition between

two staff’s table

The lady look little dark in tone, green eyes, educated well

dressed at least from me she is well fine, right here I just

think without my innocent face I am just a ant right here,

“I am Lila” She replied

“Hi, My self Marina, I am graduated” I replied but

shied, Why am I give her my introduction like she is my

interviewer, I was mad...

“Hey! Don’t need to be tense I am also a interns, I just

four months senior to you, That’s it” Lila told me

“ Oval mam is too good and kind” I told him

“yes, She is, I also like her,” Lila replied

I took a glance to everything in the room in a corner a

group of people work too intensely like they going to give an

exam, among them a boy, most of 26 yrs old curly black

here well maintain, look like macho, catch my heart.

“ Why are the look too intense?” I asked Lila

“Well today they will going to be turns interns to

worker, May be”, Lila replied

I look Lila with confusion, and asked her___ “ who is the

man” Pointing to the macho man,

Lila understood my mentality, She was laughing and

starting elaboration, I was in shy

“Well look Marina, He is Mr. Kerin Oval small son of

our lady boss, You can say him our third boss, after three

years of internship everyone who want to work in this

company need to pass an interview round, which will be

taken by Our second boss, end the elder son of Lady boss The

Hansom, The Smart Mr. Alvin, so they are getting ready for the interview which is today, and Mr. Kerin taught him”

She replied..

“Mr. Alvin! Is he too tough?” I asked

“yes, he is, but don’t worry he never come in the interns

area” She replied and take a breath of relief...

“Is Mr. Alvin that tough”----- my in conscious asked me

After spending 5 hours now time to leave from work to free

as I thought it’s my type work,

I started working towards the corridor and reached lift,

suddenly my curiosity suggested me to take a look in east

corridor’s room.No one in reception so I took a silent step

towards the east reach infront of a door which had a small

glass cabinet by which I took a look in side.It’s as huge as

the interns area where I was working, But it had a

professional look.. every one wear office dress, every one

well organized.... I was dizzy, clumsy, ugly in front of


Those person whose took preparation, they gave exam now,

just beside the door there was a desk and behind it a huge

screen was hanging on the wall.... a person ask question

and every one frighten during answering, it’s also look the

person was scolding them ... the person seems as Lila

described as good as cold as hansom his green eyes had the

power to make fall any one....

“ what am I thinking”—I murmured myself ,

Suddenly I saw Kelvin sat between the interns and smiled,

he saw me....

“Oh no He saw me”

And now he came to the door, forget everything I ran to the

lift but it’s taking time, so I ran by the elevator, ran as fast

as I can, reached out side now I was free...

“Hey! Sweet lady” someone calling, I was in my way

“Hey! Brown hair pink dress” someone was calling again, I

saw myself and I took a look behind It was Kelvin...

“OMG” I spelled out...

“Why are you scooping in the room sweetie” He asked me

To be continue..........

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