The Decisive Encounter

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When Snigdha Malhotra met Pranav Arora, after years of being spoken for each other and pestered by her mother to marry him as soon as possible, she wanted him to reject her but something changed after she met him. She still wanted to be rejected by him, or that's what she told herself. But in a twisted game of fate, she ends up convincing him to marry her. A humorous take on matchmaking.

Romance / Humor
Yagya Chowdary
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Let that Pranav Arora meet me today. If I do not make it crystal clear to him that his fantasies of marrying me will remain to be just fantasies, I will change my name,” proclaimed Snigdha as she stood in front of the mirror with a fuming face.

The reason for her fuming face?

Well, she was to meet Pranav Arora who happened to be her prospective groom even before she was even born. Why?

Because their parents, unfortunately for her, happened to be family friends. And her mother never left a chance to tell about the ‘greatness’ of the young Arora much to Snigdha’s irritation.

When Snigdha had learned that Pranav had completed his studies in the reputed Harvard University and was coming back to India, she let her heart admire his sheer brilliance for a second before pulling it right back to dislike him to the core for not letting her enjoy her love life as her mother always considered only Mr.Arora to be her son-in-law. And she had decided that she will tell to that Harvard’s topper, her mother’s darling, Pranav Arora that he can never have her no matter what.

The sacred day of judgement had finally arrived while Snigdha prepared herself as if she was preparing for a war.

"SNIGDHA! Aroras will be here any moment! Get ready soon and come down! You cannot be late! You are the one to welcome them, remember?” Snigdha lip-synced her mother’s words which were probably uttered for the 100th time that morning in an irritated manner as she gave herself a final look before leaving her room. Enemy or whatever, she could not afford to look anything less than breathtaking and she was keen on making the Arora realize what he was going to lose.

Call it perfect timing or a signal from destiny, the Aroras had arrived just as Snigdha came down from her room and Sushma nudged Snigdha to go and open the door, while Snigdha obliged as she rolled her eyes in irritation.

Her eyes which were previously being rolled were suddenly stuck to something or someone to be precise. A handsome young man with chiseled features had taken her breath away from her just as she wanted Pranav to lose his breath for her. Those caramel-orbs of his which mirrored her beauty seemed to enchant her beyond her imagination and his light stubble made her wonder if it would tickle her if she touches him.

But her romantic and poetic imaginations had to end as soon as Sushma called out Pranav’s name and she realized that the person at whom she was publicly gawking was none other than Pranav Arora himself. She was expecting the nerd whose photo she had seen a couple of years ago but not this sinfully handsome man who pushed her into a world of flattering imaginations.

" Snigdha...” Her mother’s almost shouting tone made Snigdha retreat back into the reality as she saw Pranav eyeing her with an amused expression and that brought back her dislike for him.

Snigdha mentally hit herself for feeling attracted towards the man in front of her who managed to irritate her from her childhood even without his physical presence. She slightly hpmhed before following her mother who was escorting the Aroras towards the living room.

Sushma and Pranav’s mother, Ratna exchanged glances and Sushma quickly nodded while Ratna gave her a naughty smile, wiping off the smile before either of their children could read those cunning expressions on their mother’s faces but both their children had managed to capture their expressions before their mothers concealed it under a barely concealed smile.

Snigdha cursed her mother’s matchmaking intensions and actions mentally while Pranav pondered over the reason which led to those cunning expressions on his affectionate mother’s face. Little did he know, unlike Snigdha, that this whole meeting was a plan to unite the children of two families. But little did they know that Snigdha had all plans ready to destroy this little meeting.

After exchanging some pleasantries and taking full undue advantages of Pranav looking around the house as he stepped into the house for the first time, Sushma began speaking on Ratna’s prompt,

" Snigdha, why don’t you show Pranav Bitua around? He looks bored.”

Snigdha was literally waiting for the moment since the time her mother escorted them to their seats because she knew that her mother would try to make her spend time with Pranav and she could use it to warn him.

" Sure.” Snigdha’s malicious smile gave Sushma all the wrong vibes but she chose against expressing it while Snigdha stood up and asked,

"Shall we, Pranav?”

Ratna and Sushma exchanged suspicious glances while thinking about Snigdha’s unusual behavior. The Snigdha who literally disliked Pranav Arora for being born into the same world as hers, was being all polite with him? Time to revise the wonders list.

Snigdha could literally feel his suspicious eyes on her back as she took the lead to guide him through her house but she chose to not acknowledge those eyes which burned through her before they reached a safe and private place where she could end this matchmaking for once and for all, at least with the Arora.

As soon as they reached the topmost floor which had her room and a library, Snigdha turned around and pinned Pranav to wall as she held on the lapels of his fine linen ensemble. A shocked gasp escaped Pranav’s lips as he looked at her with a fiery mixture of suspicion, surprise and irritation.

" Look Mr.Arora, I will be telling this for once and you are obliging to this even if you don’t like it. I don’t care what you are going to do and how but I don’t want my mother pestering me about your greatness and how I should quite literally be marrying you the next moment, because you are a treasure which I cannot afford to lose according to her. I am fed up with hearing these praises and the so-called teasing of us getting married in future. So I would be grateful if you free me from this and allow me to lead my life as I want.”

Do you really want to be freed from him?

Her inner voice questioned her while Snigdha mentally rolled her eyes though the prospective of being that close to the wickedly handsome Arora was troubling her senses greatly and Snigdha had to accept that through the years of teasing where he was her husband, she had fantasized being that close to him. But the reality proved to be much enticing and enchanting than her innocent fantasies.

Pranav, on the other hand, took a few moments to digest that new piece of information. He knew that the main reason for them to arrive at the Malhotra Mansion was to make him and Snigdha meet and he had ignorantly dismissed many of his mother’s hints about his marriage with Snigdha but Snigdha explaining, rather throwing the truth at his face as she held him close to her, was something quite unexpected for the Harvard brain.

A wave of another realization licked the back of his mind.

She was rejecting him?

Girls always threw themselves at him and the girl who was supposed to be spoken for him from childhood was rejecting him as she stood so close to him that air wouldn’t be able pass through them?

And that was a huge blow to the bloated ego of Arora!

Without wasting a moment, Pranav decided to exchange their positions and now it was Snigdha who was pinned against the wall as Pranav towered over her.

"WHAT? Behave, Mr.Arora!” Snigdha’s warning whisper had absolutely no effect on the person to whom it was addressed as Pranav’s jaws remained clenched.

"No one rejects me, Ms.Malhotra. And I take orders from none. I was all in for refusing to marry you, before you ordered me around, if at all Mumma ever asked me, BUT now I am not going to do that. I will give my approval as soon as Mumma asks me.” An arrogant smirk adorned Pranav’s lips while Snigdha sent daggers through her eyes as she retorted,

"Who knew that behind the facade of being the Harvard topper there was a man who had no logic or common sense at all! Just because a girl refuses to marry you and asks or ‘orders’ as you may want to put it, you will marry her? Have you lost it?”

Pranav leaned towards her and allowed his minty breath to wash over her swan-like neck as he began answering her questions,

"Oh please! Don’t tell me that you are stupid enough to assume that I took the decision just like that? If yes, then I am really sorry to disappoint you, my lady, but it isn’t so. This is just one of the factors which made me look into the matter seriously and guess what I found. That you are beautiful, frank, brilliant enough to know when to speak and how, and feisty. Technically every single characteristic I wanted to have in my life partner. So you fit the bill and I take my revenge too. Two birds with a stone, you see.”

An adorable hue of crimson splayed on her slightly warm cheeks while she hoped that he wouldn’t notice her flustered self but unfortunately for her, destiny had decided to betray her side completely, allowing him to see and his smirk just widened as he acknowledged the effect he had on her.

"I am NOT your lady! You will not marry me, no matter what because I will never accept this proposal. It was foolish of me to expect something from you anyways.” Snigdha couldn’t move without his permission as he had completely blocked her way and hence she crossed her arms against her bosom unknown to the fact that it brought his attention to her heaving chest and his determination just boosted from that.

"Whatever you like, my lady. As much as I hate saying this and love spending some more time with my wonderful fiance, I think we should be leaving downstairs or I dare say they would have planned our complete life by the time we reach there. So till the time we catch up on each other in perfect solitude, here’s something which will remind you of me.” Pranav smacked his lips over her still warm cheeks and planted a long, lingering and lusty kiss over her cheekbone while Snigdha’s eyes turned into saucers as the realization struck her.

Pranav left a dazed Snigdha and began walking only to realize that she was still in daze of what had happened. Mentally chuckling at her adorableness, Pranav spoke flirtatiously to clear her reverie,

"Do you want me to stay back here, my love?
" Shut the hell up, Arora! I am not your love and I will never marry you!” Snigdha stomped her foot and took long strides to reach the stairs before him but not leaving the fiery eye-contact with him.

"Guess that will be seen, darling.”

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