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At Crenshaw High, when students hear the name Blake Wilder, they think of the scary, hot boy's soccer team captain. The girls all want him and the guys all wanna be him. Everyone fears him, knowing damn well that he's the kind of guy that won't hesitate to send you crying just for breathing in his direction. Well, everyone but Veronica Stone. Veronica Stone is the captain of the school's girls soccer team and everyone knows that's she's one of the best female player in the country. Unlike Blake, Veronica is known as the girl that's always seen with a smile on her face. She has guys after her, but she doesn't even know about it. Well, other than Blake Wilder. At first, the two can't stand each other, but what happens when they realize that they're basically forced to tolerate each other? What happens when the two learn that they have a lot more in common than they even thought possible? Blake and Veronica think they're polar opposites, little do they know, they're more a like than they even realized. I know I suck at descriptions but please consider giving this book a chance. I swear it's not as bad as I made it seem.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: What The Hell Just Happened?

Mondays! I fucking hate Mondays!

And it's the first day of school. On a fucking Monday!

And to top it all off, I wake up to the sounds of my 7 year old sister crying.

Pulling the covers back, I open my arms for her so she can climb into bed with me despite the fact that we need to be up and getting ready.

Fuck school! My sister will always be more important!

Emily crawls into bed beside me and immediately hides her face in my chest. Pulling the covers back over us, I wrap my arms around her, hugging her tightly to me. I hate seeing my little sister upset.

As a big brother, and the only guy in the house, I felt like it was my duty to make sure the girls of the house were safe and happy. So seeing them upset, made me feel like I'd failed them. Doesn't matter what the problem was, if they were upset, I immediately felt like it was my fault.

"What's wrong, Munchkin?" I ask, running my fingers through her soft curls.

Her arms tightened around me, a sob escaping, causing my chest to tighten. "I had a bad dream." She spoke softly, sounding so scared. "I miss daddy!" She whispers softly.

My jaw clenched, my hold on her tightening. It's been three fucking years and he still hasn't woken up yet.

And I hate it!

"I know, Munchkin. I do too" I sigh, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

"Will he ever wake up?" She asked, lifting her head so she could look me in the eyes. I stare back at my sister who's eyes are filled with hope, sadness and silently pleading me to say yes when in reality, I was starting to lose hope.

Forcing a smile, I kiss her forehead. "I know he will, Munchkin." I whisper against her forehead.

I heard her sighing before pressing a kiss to my cheek. "Come on, we don't wanna be late for school."

At that, she jumps out of bed and runs to my bathroom, giggling all the way to my en suit. This little shit!

I just sighed, kicked the covers off and got out my school uniform. It was hideous and I hated it. Green wasn't my favorite color. By the time I was dressed, Emily came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her tiny body.

"I smell like you now." She grins widely before running to her room. I shook my head, chuckling lightly. Trust my seven year old sister to make me feel better without even realizing it.

After freshening up, I shoved my phone and wallet into my pockets before grabbing my bag and making my way downstairs, where I found my sister sitting by the kitchen island already dressed and munching on her fruity loops while mom leaned against the counter, sipping on her coffee.

"Good morning, honey" Mom smiled up at me.

"Morning." I mumble and press a kiss to her cheek before grabbing a banana. "Let's go Munchkin. We'll be late if you don't hurry up." I chuckle as her eyes widened before she jumped off the stool and almost ran into my mom to kiss her bye.

"Enjoy your day!" Mom called as we headed to my car. "Love you"

"Love you too" Emi and I both shouted before closing the door. We still had time, but I still needed to get Zayn, my idiotic best friend.

We drove in silence, except for the soft humming coming from the radio. Emily loved shifting gears for me whenever we drove together which is why she always preferred me dropping her off in the mornings. Sometimes, if the roads were quiet, she'd sit on my lap and drive around while I held her hands.

My dad taught me to drive when I was ten years old, even though it was illegal, still is, but it was something we both enjoyed doing. He taught me everything I know about cars. We'd strip the cars apart before putting everything back again. I was able to rebuild a car on my own at the age of sixteen.

While my dad taught me everything I knew, I thought I'd teach my little sister. Especially since my dad hasn't woken up from the coma yet.

"Good morning, family!" Zayn beamed way too excitedly for a Monday morning. "How are we doing this fine morning?" He asked, a wide smile on his face.

I would love to know what his parents are feeding him. Whatever it is, they need to cut back on it, because while it's making him too happy, it's also messing with his brain.

"Hi Zayn!" Emily grins widely at him.

Did I mention my sister loves Zayn? Yeah, she says his enthusiasm is contagious and he always puts her in a good mood.

And yes, my seven year old sister used the word 'enthusiasm'.

Ouch. I don't know if I should be offended, but ouch!

The rest of the drive is spent with my best friend and sister talking and teasing me, until we dropped Emily off. Then the rest of the drive was filled with Zayn planning out the rest of the year. How many parties he'll be throwing, who all he'll be sleeping with. All I did, was ignore him and drive to school.

Walking into school, I wasn't surprised to find the girls gawking at us. Girls were pulling up their already short skirts, fixing their hair, checking their makeup, pushing out their fake boobs, all just to get our attention.

The guys on the other hand would just greet us, too scared to do or say anything else. I kept my face void of any emotion while Zayn winked, smirked or waved at every girl we passed. Every girl at this school wanted our attention, some a bit more desperate than others.

Today was the first day back to school after a three week break and I'm already wishing it was graduation day. Can't Fucking wait to get out of this hell hole!

Zayn and I continued to walk to my locker, pushing past girls who would reach out to touch us or whatever. It was honestly so pathetic that I prayed my sister doesn't turn out this way. I would fucking give her a beating myself if she ever begged for male attention this way.

I reached my locker where I found my other best friend, River, leaning against the locker beside mine. A girl under his arm. I rolled my eyes not surprised. My friends are all players!

Talk last, boy! That voice in the back of my head chastised. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go back to sleep!

"Look who finally decided to show up." River teased, earning an eyeroll from me.

"And look who's already got a girl under his arm." Zayn shot back, with a stupid pout.

"Sister was upset this morning." I said, opening my locker. "Where's Matt?" I asked.

"Texted me saying he'll be here soon. Said something about being the last to leave the house because he overslept."

Matt, River and Zayn were my three best friends, though Matt doesn't sit with us during lunch. He sits with his other friends, one of them being River's crush since last year. Not gonna lie, the girl is hot, but she seems way too energetic for my liking.

Ditching the girl River was with, the three of us head to Zayn's locker, which is closer to my first period class anyway. "I'm thinking about throwing a back to school party this weekend." Zayn says, bouncing as he walks.

"We're already back at school, doofus!" I deadpan, earning an eyeroll from the doofus.

"Oh hush, Mr. Party Pooper!" Zayn rolls his eyes. "I want to have a party this weekend!"

"Then have a party." I raise a brow at him. "You do what you want any-" I was rudely cut off when something bumped into me.

Looking down, I find a girl sitting on the ground, looking crap confused. She's beautiful. Her black hair tied up in a messy bun at the top of her head with a lock of hair falling on either side of her face. Her lips are formed in a cute little pout as her brows knit together in confusion. What blows me away about her beauty is that she doesn't even have an ounce of makeup on her face.

Her eyes meet mine and they widen for a second before she recovers and annoyance coat her features, leaving me taken aback.

"Are you blind? Watch where you're walking, dumbass! There's people walking here!" I barked out.

I know I should probably be the one to apologize since I walked into her, but I was in a bad mood and everyone knew never to mess with me. That was probably the only thing I loved about this place, I wasn't messed with. Like, ever! These people were too scared to even look at me the wrong way here.

Myself along with my three best friends were the most feared guys at Crenshaw High, which is why I was expecting an apology from this girl, who I now notice to be Matt's best friend, Veronica Stone.

Instead, I watched as her eyes filled with fury and not gonna lie, the look in her eyes scared me a little. "You know, most kids were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown against the wall, judging from your stupidity! I was just standing here until you walked into me!" She snapped, glaring at me.

I had to stop my eyes from widening. The nerve of this girl!

"Excuse me?" I growled, glaring at her as I took a threatening step forward. I knew that as soon as anyone ever heard me growl, they immediately coward back, but this girl had other plans.

I watched her take a step forward, holding my glare. "You've been excused, Dipshit!" She spat, looking me right in the eyes. She grabbed her friend by the wrist and shoved her way past me. I was so in shock, that I actually stumbled back when her shoulder knocked me.

The look in her eyes held no fear. She didn't cry. She didn't even apologize like I thought she would. Instead, she actually stood up to me, not even bothered by who I am. I would have thought she was new and didn't know who I was, but her best friend was my best friend. She knew exactly who I was.

What the hell just happened? She called me a dipshit!

A low whistle brought me back to reality, and by the looks on everyone's faces that was surrounding us, I could tell they were just as shocked as I was.

"You were just told!" River says softly, sounding just as shocked.

"By a girl!" Zayn adds in before breaking out into a fit of laughter. Oh god, I am never going to live this down, am I?

Scowling, I stormed off to my first period. Already wishing for the end of this damn day.

Second period I was in for a beautiful surprise. Note my sarcasm.

In the second last desk by the widow, sat the girl from this morning. Our eyes meet for a brief second before she rolled her eyes and looked down at her desk. If I'm being completely honest, my ego took a huge blow earlier because of her.

Ignoring her, I walked right past her desk and sat down in the last desk by the window, which just so happens to be the desk behind hers. She had her earphones in, her music playing so loud that I could actually hear it from here, Let you down by NF blasting through her earphones.

She groans audibly before scratching in her bag, taking out all her necessary materials then slouching further in her seat. Wow, what have I ever done this girl?

A girl walks towards me with her long legs on full display, her skirt pulled up so high, it left nothing to the imagination. She lacked a lot in the chest area but I could see that she had stuffing in her bra, judging from the fact that the right boob looked a lot bigger than the left boob, which by the way, looks very much crooked. Her face was caked with make up.

She was desperate but I wasn't in the mood. Sure, she could heal my bruised ego, but I wasn't in the mood for clingy.

"Hey, handsome." She purred. I ignored her, leaning back in my seat and closing my eyes as I crossed my arms over my chest. "Can I sit with you?"

"No." I answered flatly, not bothering to open my eyes.

"Every where else is full." I could already hear the pout in her voice.

I opened my eyes, glaring at her. Half the class was empty, who did she think she was speaking to? A blind motherfucker?

"Bullshit!" I snapped. Her eyes widened as she glanced around the room, realizing her plan failed.

Keeping her eyes on me, she tapped on Veronica's shoulder. I watched as Veronica pulled her one earphone out and turned to face the girl. "Can I sit here?" She asked, her eyes still locked on me, causing me to raise a brow at her.

"No." Veronica answered flatly and I released the breath I didn't even know I was holding.

Before I could stop myself, I mumbled out a "thank you" but she ignored me. No surprise there.

By the time the bell rang for lunch, I had written three tests which only worsened my mood. I mean, it's the first day back! Why the hell are they giving us tests on the first day back?

I caught up with River and together the two of us made our way to the cafeteria. We literally just sat down when Serena and Stella sat down beside us. I sighed in annoyance. Serena wraps her manicured hands around my bicep, pressing a kiss to my cheek.

"Hey babe," She greets, turning to take her salad out. "I missed you this break. Wasn't as fun without you!" She pouted up at me before turning back to her salad.

Serena is the biggest pain in my ass. I slept with this girl once and I swear she hasn't been able to leave me the hell alone ever since. She's threatened every girl that spoke to me or even looked at me. She even went as far as spreading rumors that I proposed to her.

Serena, along with Scarlett and Stella, run this school, after me and my friends of course, but she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants, especially since her mother is the principal of the school. Little miss perfect gets away with everything, even the teachers are scared of her.

One thing though, she is so obsessed with me that if I smacked her now, she wouldn't even tell her mother. Not that I'd ever do that, but she doesn't have to know that.

What feels like hours later, Zayn drops his food tray down onto the table. Everyone at our table turns to face a confused looking Zayn, and by everyone, I mean the entire football team, the boys and girls soccer teams and the cheerleaders.

"What's with the face?" Grayson, Serena's twin brother asks from beside Zayn.

Zayn ignores him and looks straight at me. "Remember the girl from this morning?" He asks and I raise a brow at him.

"What girl?" The entire table asks at the same time.

"What about her?" River asks, ignoring the confused looks from everyone else.

"I just ran into her again and damn is she feisty!" Zayn shakes his head. He looks like he doesn't know how to feel about it. "She turned me down!" He pouts, causing the rest of the table to break out into laughter.

"You asked her out?" I asked, not finding this amusing. "What the hell, dude?"

"She even spoke back to Scarlett." he says, looking very much amused. I open my mouth to question what exactly happened, but his eyes widen. "Just watch!" He says, nodding his head towards the entrance.

We all turn to look what he's talking about when we all see a very angry looking Scarlett walking in and instead of coming to our table like she usually does, she walks off to a different table. I furrow my brows in confusion and follow her glare until my eyes land on a table off to the side of the room.

Matt's table where he sits with Veronica and Andrea.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that?!" Scarlett yells, catching the entire cafeteria's attention. The room is so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

"Veronica Stone." Veronica answers, causing the room to erupt into laughter. She casually takes a sip of her soda. "And I wasn't talking to you, I was talking about you. There's a difference." She finishes, her tone laced with boredom. I watch as she takes a bite of her sandwich like she doesn't have a care in the world.

Scarlett's face turns red with anger as she stomps her foot, her arms crossed over her chest. Well this is a first for her. No one but Serena spoke to her like that way before. Well no one but Serena, River, Zayn, Matt and I.

"No one speaks to me like that!" She shrieks so loud, my ears feel like they're about start bleeding soon.

"I just did." Veronica shrugs. She tilts her head to the side as she scans the room, her eyes widen as she takes in all the attention she's gotten on herself before she quickly turns her head to the opposite direction.

Serena and Stella pushes themselves up and joins their friend who is currently making a fool of herself. "Lets got Scar, bitches like her don't deserve our attention." Serena says, glaring at the back of Veronica's head.

I'm shocked when Veronica starts laughing as she turns to face the three girls behind her, a smirk on her lips. "You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing?" She questions and her two best friends burst out laughing.

"Watch your back, Stone!" Serena warns, her eyes narrowing in on Veronica who stands up.

I don't know why I expected her to throw a punch at Serena, even though she doesn't even look the least bit bothered by the three girls.

Instead, she smiles at them "No need to. Girls like you are more worried about their perfect nails and which bed they'll end up in. I'm the least of your worries." She answers back, slinging her bag over her shoulders, just as the bell rings.

She pushes past the three girls, her two best friends following behind her, both her friends looking like proud parents.

I can see why Zayn looked the way he did when he arrived at the table. I always thought that girl didn't have a mean bone in her body. She was always smiling, greeting everyone she passes. I've only ever seen her laughing or smiling. Today was the first time I've seen this side of her.

Zayn and River both jumps up from their seats, River pulling me with him as the follow Matt and his two friends out the cafeteria. We spot the trio at Matt's locker and the two idiots speed up, rushing to them.

"That was hot!" River whistles as we come to a standstill and I notice Veronica's body visibly stiffen.

As we greet Matt, Veronica turns to face us before letting out a groan. Wordlessly, she turns on her heel and heads off to class. Scowling at the world as Andrea follows after her.

"What's her deal?" I ask, nodding my head in the direction the two girls left in.

Matt raises an amused brow at me. "I should ask what you did to my best friend?" He says, and I raise my brow questioningly. "From what I've heard from Andy, you bumped into Ve." He says, laughing.

"Then why ask what I did if they already told you?" I roll my eyes at him and he laughs again.

"Because Veronica doesn't snap at people. Like, ever! Andy and I are fucking shocked at what just happened!" He says and my eyes widened. That did not look like it was her first time. "She hates conflict and tends to steer clear from it." Matt says and the look in his eyes makes me want to question what happened, but I decide against it.

That girl isn't fond of me and neither am I of her. So I don't give two shits about what happened.

After greeting Zayn and River, Matt and I head off to our fourth period.

Matt and I walk into our Physics class and I sigh inwardly when I see Andrea and Veronica sitting in the second last desks, both of them resting their heads on the desk. Great, now I'm stuck with these two.

I take the seat behind Veronica and beside Zayn while Matt takes the seat in front of her, beside River.

"Why'd you guys run?" Matt asks, turning so he can face the two girls.

Veronica's head raises first and I, once again, notice her body visibly tensing. Slowly, she turns her head to look over her shoulder and when her eyes meet mine, she groans.

"Great! Just. Fucking. Great!" She mumbles, causing me to raise a brow at her even though she can't see me.

"Please, like I want anything to do with you." I grumbled in annoyance, crossing my arms over my chest. Our friends on the other hand are just watching us in amusement.

Glad we amuse you, assholes!

She turns to face me. "Then do us all a favor and sit some place else! I'm sure the girls would be thrilled!" She gives me the biggest fake smile I've ever seen.

One would swear we slept together and I hurt her by not calling her back or some shit by the way she's acting towards me.

I couldn't help myself as I leaned in, resting my forearms on the desk as I smirk at her, our faces only inches apart, but she seems completely unaffected which is something new for me. Her breath didn't quicken and her eyes didn't widen. "They would, wouldn't they?" My smirk grew as I took in her annoyance. "But my friends are here." I shrug before leaning back in my seat.

"Then take them with you! God, you act like it's rocket science to switch desks!" She groans.

"So you wouldn't mind if I took Matt with me and sat all the way over there?" I ask, pointing to the empty desks across the room.

She glares at me. Folding her arms across her chest. "Get your own friends, Dipshit! Matt's mine!"

I couldn't help but laugh as I lean back in my seat. "Looks like I'm staying, Firefly." I wink and she growls. I must say, it's amusing to annoy a girl this much. Usually girls are all over me and do whatever it is I tell them to, but this one has a fire in her that apparently I started.

Our Physics teacher, Mr. Jonas, walks in, silencing the class as he tells us about a test we'd be writing and I had to fight back a laugh as Veronica groans out in annoyance. I'm pretty sure what she said was heard by the sir, but he just chose to ignore it.

The test was based on everything we were taught before our break, which I found extremely easy. I was just about to push out my seat, when the person in front of me pushed out her seat. She's finish? And here I thought I was the first one done.

I pushed my seat out, causing her to look back over her shoulder. Her jaw clenched when she saw me getting up. The two of us reached the front desk at the same time, earning a suspicious look from Mr. Jonas.

"If the answers are the same I'm-" Mr. Jonas started but was cut off by Veronica.

"Please, like I'd copy him" She scoffs as she turns on her heel and heads back to her seat.

The feeling's mutual, Firefly.

Last period, Maths, wasn't much of a surprise. I had it with all three my friends, as well as with Veronica and Andrea, and once again, Veronica and I were the first two finished with the tests. The last few minutes of the period were spent with them talking while I just sat back and listened.

I wasn't a very social person. Hell, the only time I'd speak to anyone one who wasn't Matt, River or Zayn was on the field during practice or during a game. I hated speaking. I hated people in general.

"Why'd you decline our date earlier?" Zayn pouts childishly.

"Date?!" River and I exclaim together. That was suppose to be in my head, but oh what the hell, at least River asked the same thing as I did.

Our loudness caught the whole class' attention, causing Veronica to hide her face behind her hands. I watched her, noticing how her neck and the tips of her ears turned red. It was actually kinda cute.

Not like I'd ever admit that out loud.

She waits a while before slowly removing her hands from her face, eyes scanning the class to make sure they're all occupied before removing her hands fully and turning to face Zayn again. "Because I didn't even know about this 'date' until a few hours ago!" She shrugged. "Besides, up until today, we've never spoken to each other before." She points out.

I studied her, noticing how this wasn't the first time she hid from the attention she had gotten.

"You don't like attention on you, do you?" I ask and her eyes widened slightly before she shakes her head side to side, biting down on her bottom lip. "Well you caused a huge scene in the cafeteria." I chuckled.

"Correction, Scarlett caused a huge scene in the cafeteria. I just didn't feed into her crap. The three of you need to keep your rats on a tighter leash!" She rolls her eyes and before I can even comment on that last part, Zayn beats me to it.

"God no! Chick is obsessed!" Zayn shudders, causing Veronica to chuckle.

The rest of the period I sat back and listened to the five of them talk and laugh together. It honestly bothered me how easily River and Zayn befriended these two girls. It was annoying how easy it was for them to fit in and joke around like they've been best friends for years.

Matt was understandable. Not only does he live with one of the girls, but she's also been his best friend all his life. They've had each other since day one and that isn't a friendship one could easily break. I would know since Zayn and River has been my best friends since we were kids.

I was slightly jealous of the relationship Matt and Veronica had. They looked so comfortable with each other, that even I thought they were dating at some point in life. From what I've noticed in this last period, is that Veronica is one friendly person. She laughs a lot and hardly ever stops smiling.

Almost like her life is as perfect as a princess movie. And that alone is what annoys me about her. She seems spoon fed.

Like she's never had to work for something a day in her life.

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