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18+ ------ Ariel had been in this community for a couple of years now by herself. She hadn't found the right master in the scene yet. She went to the parties, went through friends trying to find the right one. It hasn't happened. And on top of that, she has to hide it from her parents. They had shamed her for getting into it. She couldn't wait to move out and have her place where she could be a submissive freely. She wanted to find the right guy to help her figure out what exactly she enjoyed doing. She'd find the right guy. She knew she would.

Romance / Erotica
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Ariel’s P.O.V

The way that whip hit her skin was beautiful. The sound it made when it connected with the skin. It had me drooling as I watched the scene playing out in front of me. The way the girl squirmed against her binds as her dominant walked around her body looking her over. You could tell that she was enjoying herself by the sounds she kept making.

*buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

Ariel jolted awake from a dead sleep and a very sexual dream. She threw back the covers and placed her feet on the cold, hardwood floors. ”God, that was a good dream.” She said as she stood to make her way towards the bathroom to get a shower and head to work. She worked in a law firm as the secretary to the CEO of the company, and god was he good looking. She’d love to end up over his desk, but his ex-wife comes in every day at noon. It never fails that there is always weird noises coming from his office during that time. Ariel didn’t quite understand why his ex-wife kept coming in even though they were broke up. Well, she found out one day. She didn’t know that his ex-wife was there so she just walked right in like she usually did. Big mistake. He had his ex-wife bent over his desk pulling on a leash that was connected to a collar around her neck.

Ariel squeaked and quickly apologized to him and she then walked out of the room closing the door behind her. She sat back down at her desk, she could feel the heat rising to her face as she smoothed out her skirt. That was a very hot scene that had played out in front of her eyes. Now she knew why his ex-wife came in every day. She was his submissive, she had to. She couldn’t blame her tho. Her ex-husband was definitely built in all the right ways from what she had seen. Ariel stayed at her desk for the rest of that day. She didn’t want to embarrass herself even more.

Once Ariel finished up her shower, she put on a black short skirt, a white flowy long sleeve shirt, tights, and her heels and off to work she went. Ariel always got there before anyone else did, she had to be there to get everything ready in her boss’s office before he got there. She had to make sure his coffee was there, his papers, and any calls that had come in overnight for him. Once Ariel was done with all that, it was about 9 o’clock when her boss was coming in. “Hello, sir.” Ariel greeted her boss as she took her seat behind her desk. “Good morning, Ariel.” He said, his voice coming out gruff but smooth. “You aren’t walking in unannounced today, are you? I don’t wanna have to punish you.” He stated with a smirk before he walked away into his office. Ariel looked down at her desk after his comment trying to figure out if he was being serious or if he was just joking.

Ariel decided not to dwell on it and went back to her work. She had to type up notes from a conference, transfer calls to wherever they had to go. She had a hectic day every day trying to keep up with everything. Once she finally was able to take her lunch break, Ariel decided she would check her phone to see if she had any text messages from some people she had been talking to. None. Not a single text. She sighed and put her phone back down on her desk and put her head in her hands. Was she doing something wrong? She was doing what she had learned from her friends but her friends didn’t know that she still hadn’t had a partner that was into this. All of the partners she had thought she was nutty because she enjoyed being dominated by another person.

She didn’t see anything wrong with it and neither did her friends. She did get tired of playing by herself because it got boring very quickly. Maybe she just needed to give up and go back to a vanilla lifestyle. But she did really enjoy being in the community. She loved how everyone took care of everyone. Ariel knew that she’d find someone eventually, she just didn’t wanna be 30 when it happened. She wanted it to happen now, while she was 22. While she still had time to experience what was going to happen. She wanted to experience the true lifestyle while she was young, maybe find someone to spend the rest of her life with. Yeah, she knew she was probably still too young to worry about that but she didn’t care. She wanted to find true love and marry someone in the community.

She wanted to be with someone who understood what was going on, someone who knew what to do and how things needed to work. Ariel sighed and looked at her computer. Maybe she just needed to focus on work right now, that would probably be the best thing right now. After a while, Ariel started filing out forms that were needed for the next shipment of trailers to go out. Her boss had developed a trailer that was nearly indestructible and people were buying them like hotcakes. Everyone seemed to want one. She tried to focus on her work but her mind kept drifting back to what her boss had said. Was he being serious when he said he was going to punish her? Ariel hesitated a minute before she stood from her desk and walked over to his office door. She raises her hand to knock on the door but walked in without knocking.

“Sir, were you being serious about what you said?” Ariel asked as she looked at her boss behind his desk. He had his suit jacket off, his tie undone and his shirt partially undone. She bit her lip to keep from drooling as she looked him over. He was so sexy sitting in his chair. “Well, I wasn’t but I mean you did disobey an order and walked into my office without knocking, knowing that my ex-wife is going to be here any moment.” He said as he looked up at Ariel. “But I think I’ll let it slide this time.” He added after a few moments with a wink. Ariel looked at him confused for a moment before she walked back to her desk and sat down. She could feel a pool of wetness forming in her panties by what he had said. He was serious? Ariel shook her head once she saw his ex-wife walk in the office. Did Ariel really just get turned on from a few simple words?

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