A Forced Love-marriage (To Beast)

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We all think that one-sided love is painful...... but what if your life depends only on one person whom you love with all your heart. Love has no boundaries even if your beloved lives across seven oceans still your destiny will draw you near him. This is a story of a simple Indian girl Nalini and a dominating, powerful, ruthless CEO Jamarion Night whom all world is afraid of because of his beastly nature. He will get her at any cost, he promised to himself while wearing his suit. you're mine and always till eternity. From the moment he laid eyes on me I was his. He was going to claim me without my consent. Till what limit he will go to get her. let's dive into a story of deep and possessive love.

Romance / Fantasy
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People say opposite attracts...... Yes, it was true in her case.

A saga of a soul-mate bond. It’s not a simple love story but a story of two souls who are incomplete without each other as they are born with HALF FORMED HEARTS.

The whole world succumbs to his tall frame 6ft. 8in with broad muscle and heavy built body. He has dark brown hairs full luscious lips with golden and red-colored ringed eyes and a deep cut beside his right eye. He was deviously handsome with a perfect chiseled jaw with a Roman nose, he looked like a Greek God.

He was so ruthless and cruel that even most dangerous men of the world would tremble before him. People of New York named him as Pitiless Cyclone.

No girl has ever dated him before, even girls from brothels were afraid of sleeping with him. Once a harlot was forced to sleep with him, after hearing his name she decided to kill herself

People even said that he was not a man; he was a beast in the form of a man. Nobody knew about his personal life.

He didn’t even know what love was, there were no emotions like love, care, and respect in his life, all he knew was intimidating people. But the time he saw her he became so blind by his own thought that he forgot the difference between loving her or claiming her.

“How could a person be so kind and lenient as if she was an angel?” He said this to his dead heart who kept missing its beat.

She was hell scared of violence and dangerous people. She didn’t even kill a fly ever in her life.

She always wanted to live a happy and peaceful life.

But no...... God has written her destiny with a broken pen.

“I’m all yours and you’re mine only mine..... My family starts with you and your love Nalini my Angel ....... No male in the entire universe has any right to think, touch or even look at you. Your every part is mine and only mine I want to see you leaning against me every morning. You’ve come only and only for me in this world. Get this thing drilled in your brain.” He whispered dangerously into her ear and made her shiver run down her spine. He was so obsessed with her that, he crossed all his limits to get her. There was no escape for her from this forced love marriage. She was blackmailed and forced to tie with a beast till eternity in his personal hell.

I was no longer a free woman I belong to him my every breath was his. He has all the control over me as I was his other half.

But then she realized that in this entire universe only she could change him. Not with hate but with her love. She would show him all the emotions like love, care, and affection. If her destiny was Jamarion then she’ll change it with golden words of love.

This story is dedicated to all.....

Those who believe in" Love at first sight.”

Those who believe that “A demon can fall for an angel and he can change himself completely.”

Those who seek “Love in every aspect of life.”

Those who want to be “Loved unconditionally without any reason any demands.”

Those who can “Surrender themselves completely in love”

Those who want to dive in “A roller coaster ride of life.”

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