Fantasy Island

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Welcome to a place of desire! Each chapter is a different journey. Are you ready for the ride?!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One- Sophia

Life can be so frustrating at times. My life especially, all work no play. I'm so busy with trying to get partner that I have no time for a love life. Not that I'm not interested in anyone, but I don't think I'm noticeable.

I do my best to make sure I'm always dressed to company standards. Every now and then I may show a little body. But hey whats wrong with that? TAP, TAP, TAP!

Startled out of my thoughts. "Hey! What are you doing in my office? I don't have time for your games. I'm on a deadline Jeffrey. "

"You know I have to make my daily round to you. Stop acting like you don't look forward to it."

"Pssh. Whatever, all im looking forward to is getting partner."

"OK. If you say so. I see the look in your eyes. You was just thinking about me. I can feel the heat coming from you and I'm not that close to you. " said Jeffery

"Anyway gotta go. I'll see you around Sophia."

That man is nothing but trouble. He makes me frustrated and wet all at the same time. Jeffery is very handsome. Tall dark and handsome as they say. I would love to pursue whatever we may have, but he's my competition. I don't need him messing up my chance to better his.

The work day goes by and it's time to go home. I need a warm bath and my favorite wine. As I'm walking to the elevator I feel someone grab my arm. A frowning me " What the hell."

"Jeffe.." his lips are on mines and I'm pushed against the wall beside the elevator. "Shssh" he says. "Don't fight me just enjoy it." Enjoy it he says, oh how I want to but I need to stop this. I lift my hands to his chest to push him away. But the way he feels just turns me on more.

We deepen the kiss, a soft moan escapes my lips and he pulls away. A smirk on his beautifully annoying face. "I told you I know that you want me. Now follow me." He turns and walk away from the elevator.

The direction he's going, I know we are heading to his office. Come on Sophia what are you doing. Stop following him. But I can't i need him, I want him. No matter how I protest. As soon as we reach his office he pulls me in and shuts the door.

At this point we are now what seems to be the only people on this floor of the building. He gives my body a full run down. You can see the lust in his eyes. "Take your shirt off." He says.

"OH demanding are we." I chuckle. I nervously start to unbutton my blouse. He sees my hand shaking and puts his hand on top of mines. I feel my panties getting moist again. I look him in his eyes and he rips my shirt off. Buttons flying everywhere. "I have a spare." Jeffery says as lips are against mines.

We are going at like two hungry people. He carries me to his desk and sits me on it. Knocking everything down I lay back and arch my back. Showing him I need more, I want more. I'm tired of the kisses why won't he just take me! He put a nipple in his mouth. Sucking on it, driving me more insane.

I wrap my legs around him. Feeling the bulge touching my heat I reach to release him. He pushes my hand away then i feel his finger enter my wetness. He knows just where to go. Another finger enters and Im almost at my peak. He says " cum for me Sophia. Let it go." I do as he says

Feeling weak in the legs I grab his shirt. "Now Jeffery. Fuck me please." I bite his lower lip. He chuckles. He lifts me off his desk and my back is now against the wall. I wrap my legs around him. I hear his belt hit the floor. He rubs his tip between my folds and then he enters me. I gasp at the thickness that fills me. He pushes deeper each time he goes in. My moans are getting louder and louder.

"Gosh baby. You're so wet. Why didn't you just tell me "

I can't respond for two reasons. One, I'm surprised he can hold me and fuck me at the same time. Two, he's hitting spots that I never even kne.. He just put a finger in my ass, stopping me from my thoughts.

"Oh my gosh" I yell as I feel myself creaming all over his thickness. He starts thrusting faster as he about to cum.

"I'm cuming. Oh fuck!" He groans and I feel him releasing into me. At this point I'll have any babies he want. I chuckle to myself.

As if reading my mind he says, "hope you're not against having kids." He laughs as he put me down. Our mixes of cream now falling down my legs. "Only for you Jeffery." I say as I start kissing him. I had to go another round. "That my friend is just too good." I say grabbing his member.

We both laugh and I feel him growing again.

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